How to Get a License for an Air Cargo Company in Dubai?

by Zaara 20, Jul 2022

Air cargo services provide air freight and airmail delivery from one location to another via special cargo or passenger aircraft. It varies from ship cargo in that it carries goods in a much shorter time than ships or land transport.

Also, air freight is commonly used to transport mail and small goods. Comparatively, heavy materials like cars or buses are transported through ship cargo.

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Services of the Air Cargo Dubai

An air cargo company in Dubai includes firms specializing in air transport of exported goods. Such firms can receive goods from different parties and handle all related services such as Air Freight warehousing, crating, unloading, and sorting.

They coordinate with freight forwarders and air-cargo agents to reserve aircraft spaces and arrange insurance formalities. It includes foreign airline cargo agents who are allowed to reserve space for products that are being imported, exported, or re-exported.

Customers can book air freight shipping services to support a reliable Air freight Dubai business according to their cargo requirements. Even though air freight costs are higher than sea freight, a competent freight forwarding partner will help you keep expenses to a minimum while shipping your goods by air.

Unique Benefits of Air Cargo

There are many business opportunities in DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority) if you want to start an air cargo business because of the unique benefits of air cargo.

Fastest Delivery

As previously mentioned, air cargo is the quickest shipping route that ensures customers receive their cargo on time. Air cargo is much faster than sea freight, making it an excellent option for consumers worried about their shipment arriving on time.

Global Exposure

Customers can deliver their cargo to almost every country in the world, so the sky is the limit for air freight. In most parts of the world, air freight is the preferred route for cargo transport since it allows consumers to ship their products to any global destination without encountering any obstacles.

Reliable Service

Regarding air freight, reliability is not an issue because commercial flights adhere to strict schedules to ensure that cargo is delivered on time from the UAE to destinations worldwide. The entire supply chain is closely monitored, and all requirements are carefully managed to provide the highest air freight transportation reliability standard.

Safe Transportation

Since airport safety personnel handle and monitor the cargo’s security, the safety standard is arguably the highest in air shipping. It significantly decreases the chance of cargo theft.

Minimal Warehousing Requirements

Another notable advantage of air freight services is that the need for warehousing for cargo handling is significantly reduced with air cargo shipping. Air shipping guarantees faster delivery times, reducing the need for warehousing and keeping shipping goods in stock for extended periods.

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License Types for Dubai Air Cargo Services Company Formation

DAFZA offers three types of licenses, depending on the kind of company it supports:

  • Service
  • Trade
  • Industrial.

Air Cargo Companies in DAFZA

Forming an air cargo company is possible because FZCOs are similar to LLCs working within specific free zones. A separate company may have between 1 and 50 shareholders, with a minimum share capital of AED 1000 per shareholder.

Another option is to create a DAFZA branch of a business with its parent company. This branch is obtained solely from the parent company; it is free to follow and can have the same aims as the parent company.

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How to Obtain a License for Air Cargo Services in the UAE?

A company that provides air cargo services can begin operations on the Dubai mainland. However, if anyone is interested in starting an air cargo service business, DAFZA is the best place.

Let us go through the procedure for obtaining the license.

1. Get a Billboard License

The applicant must first obtain a billboard license. Transport permits will be issued for three months and must be extended within 30 days of the expiration date.

2. Get a Transport License

The Roads and Transport Authority will grant a transport license. The transport vehicle is fitted with safety equipment, and all technical requirements are met.

3. Pay the Fees

Passenger vehicles must pay AED 100 plus AED 5 per passenger seat to obtain a license.

4. Apply for Approval

You will submit documents after deciding on the type of business you want to start and the license type you'll need. Following this, you should apply for initial review and approval.

5. Sign the Contract

After receiving approval from the appropriate authority, you can sign the contract given to the company's approved manager.

6. Get the Keys

After obtaining confirmation of the payment receipt, the final move is to get the keys to your office.

If you are a large or small business looking to start an air cargo business in Dubai, Commitbiz will assist you in establishing an air cargo company.

We have many satisfied clients in Dubai and other UAE emirates who are linked to the same business. For further information, kindly contact us.

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What are the three types of licenses offered by DAFZA?

The license types are as follows:

  • Service
  • Trade
  • Industrial.

What are the unique benefits of air cargo?

The unique benefits are as follows:

  • Fastest Delivery
  • Global Exposure
  • Reliable Service
  • Safe transportation
  • Minimal Warehousing Requirements.

What is the duration of a transport permit in Dubai?

Transport permits will be issued for three months and must be extended within 30 days of the expiration date.

Which authority grants the transport license in Dubai?

The Roads and Transport Authority.

What services are provided by a Dubai air cargo company?

A Dubai air cargo company includes firms specializing in air transport of exported goods. Such firms can receive goods from different parties and handle all related services such as air freight warehousing, crating, unloading, and sorting.