Business Opportunities in DAFZA

by Zaara 04, Dec 2019

Business Opportunities in DAFZA

The Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the most popular free zones in Dubai. Established in 1996, the free zone is known for providing customised warehouses and offices along with business setup and other operational services. DAFZA is, without doubt, one of the fastest-growing free zones in the UAE and contributes 4.7 per cent of Dubai's GDP. Situated very close to the Dubai  International Airport, it is one of the best places in the UAE to start a business.

DAFZA allows for setting up of an FZCO (Free Zone Company) and a Branch Office. An FZCO is very similar to an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Licenses offered by DAFZA

All enterprises are offered the following licensing options.

  • Service License
  • Industrial License
  • General Trading License
  • Trade License

What are the Different Businesses That Can Be Set Up in DAFZA

DAFZA is a free zone with endless business opportunities. A few of the businesses that can be set up are           

  • Import Export Business- DAFZA has the most important factor when it comes to an import-export business, Connectivity. With the free zone being located so close to the Dubai International Airport as well as the famous Port Rashid.  An import-export business, however, requires an import/export code, and the same can be obtained at DAFZA. Unlike the mainland, the Free Zone Authority provides for registration of the business. This will ensure hassle-free set up the import/export company.
  • Manufacturing Units – DAFZA being one of the largest free zones, issues industrial licenses. This allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the strategic location, especially when it comes to transporting the products from the units. With various options available for warehousing and storage, thereby making it the perfect place to start a manufacturing company in the UAE.
  • Transportation Company- DAFZA is the most appropriate place to start a transportation business within the UAE. With the potential being immense because of the various types of businesses already established. These would include manufacturing units, warehousing business, import/export businesses. This would only increase in the coming years, thereby helping you build your transport business.
  • Warehousing Business – A warehousing business is one that involves the storage and safekeeping of goods. With the multi-sector activities taking place in DAFZA, there is a significant need for different kinds of storage. This is why specialised storage systems in the Dubai Airport Free Zone will benefit the business in various ways. This could include cold storage, general storage, protected storage etc.
  • Recruitment Agencies- Dubai being one of the best employers of the UAE, there are a lot of employment opportunities available in the city and establishing a recruitment agency in DAFZA would be a great choice of business. This would include on-boarding, filtering, background checking, verification etc.
  • General Trade - DAFZA would be an ideal place to start a trade business and Dubai is home to a lot of companies who have peaked within a few years. DAFZA’s hassle free set up and additional operational services provided would further serve as an advantage for anyone trying to set up a trading company in Dubai
  • Construction Company-  Dubai is known for its world class infrastructure and for the numerous skyscrapers. Home to one of the tallest buildings in the world, there is no doubt that construction is a growing business in Dubai. In addition, manufacturing of raw materials for construction will have immense demand as Dubai is continuing to grow outward and there is only going to be an increasing demand for these materials. Transportation of these materials as well as importation would be easy with the help of DAFZA’s clientele.
  • Energy Business - The immense dependence on technology is a boon to those looking to start an energy company in Dubai. The energy business is no doubt a safe option and the locational advantage DAFZA offers will serve as an additional incentive to start the business within no time. Since there are always high volume transactions with respect to the energy business,  the tax is always high but due to the tax free benefits as well as the repatriation benefits offered by DAFZA, profitisation can be maximised.
  • Security Services-  The advantage of security services is that every business requires security, be it warehousing, be in corporations, logistics, transportation. All these companies require security and high level security is always in demand and therefore it is always a good option to start a security service company in Dubai.

DAFZA is one of the most sought after free zones, and many big companies have already made a mark in their respective sectors. The tax and repatriation benefits clubbed with  full ownership gives complete autonomy to the entrepreneur starting the business. There is ample decentralisation and complete decision making in the hands of the business owner.

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