Global Brand's eyes on new UAE Entertainment Hub

by Zaara 29, May 2020

UAE is placed in the Middle East with Suitable access to not only major Eastern and European markets but also to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other Asian Countries as well. It is magnificently developed with ports and has access to major sea routes.

Emirates has started to make significant platforms for attracting investors. The concept of innovation has been welcomed and implemented by every business sector.

On the other hand, when it concerns freelancers, they have a place to project out their talent and skills.

When it comes to UAE, it is seen that oil is the dominating player, but with time, the other sector also seems to be blooming.

One such sector turns out to be entertainment industry, as Abu Dhabi's new social dining and entertainment destination are all set to open by the end of 2020 and also attracting the interest from the scale of local and international brands.

The framework

Over the past few months, the team Al Qana have organized more than fifty F&W chains and outlets, which includes fifteen that are new to the UAE market.

Al Qana, which spans over 2.4 km and will provide waterside eateries, cinema and the largest aquarium in the Middle East, a wellness hub and outdoor stake park is being expanded as part of a public-private partnership between Abu Dhabi Municipality and BII.

 Al Qana is situated on the historic natural Khor Al Maqta, the waterway bordering the mainland which is near to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Al Qana has brought on board a significant partner, Abu Dhabi's National Aquarium, which is the biggest in its field in the Middle East. As the project focuses towards its target of unfastening, Al Qana said it had signed over fifty-two percent of the leasable spaces to entertainment and anchor attractions.

David Cassidy is the senior leasing manager at the Landmark group, stated that Al Qana is taking shape rapidly and is an intriguing project. The hugely impressive National Aquarium and several F&B or leisure elements should visit national attraction for both tourists and residents.

Al Qana is the first ever build-operate-transfer model executed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and is jointly expanded by Al Barakah International Investment.

ICCC (International Construction Company) is the lead contractor who is handling the development of the project.

Stuart Gissing’s View

Stuart Gissing is the general manager of Al Qana stated that “We are making strong progress to delivering the Al Qana project by the end of next year. One of the most important aspects is to provide a variety of spaces that cater to the community and those visiting the destination.”

Fouad Mashal, the CEO of Al Barakah International Investment mentioned that Al Qana plans to allures more than one hundred and fifty must see concepts across eleven blocks with a total leasable area of approximately sixty thousand square metres. They are aiming to start a vibrant ecosystem for businesses, whether they are F&B providers, recreational outlets or wellness hubs.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in the UAE

If you want to set up business in UAE, these are the benefits through which you can reap of profit. 

  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • No personal tax to paid
  • Presence of niche market and modest competitors
  • Availability of various domains in the same sector
  • Can easily outreach the neighbouring countries
  • Convenient setup process in the respective zones
  • Magnificent infrastructure
  • Easy availability of work visas
  • A stable local authority, uncomplicated processes, suitable hassle-free legal procedures for licensing and registration
  • A vast range of license types and business activities are permitted
  • Attractive mainland Dubai market open to for doing business globally
  • No corporate tax

Procedure for Business Setup in UAE

  1. Submit the company name and registration application to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  2. Documented proof of the Company's Memorandum of Association and it's articles duly notarized
  3. File documents of the company with the DED to acquire trade license from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4. Present the application at the Ministry of Labour for Establishment Card
  5. Get the local workers registered with the Ministry of Labour and General Authority for pension and social security.

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1. Where is Al Qana located?

Al Qana is located on the historic natural Khor Al Maqta, the waterway bordering the mainland close to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

2. How much has Al Qana accounted for the entertainment and anchor attractions?

Over 52%.

3. What is the objective of building Al Qana?

To create an eco-system for the business entities, whether F&B providers, recreational outlets or wellness hubs.

4. What is the area of Al Qana?

There are more than 150 must-see concepts across 11 blocks with a total gross leasable area of approximately 60,000 square metres.

5. What is Al Qana known for?

Abu Dhabi’s new social dining and entertainment destination.