Dubai Company Formation Cost – A Complete Analysis

by Vidhya Sethuraman 17, Jul 2023

The bustling city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has made a name for itself as a worldwide business centre. It draws businesspeople and investors from all over the world. The city is a prime site for company setup due to its location, robust infrastructure, welcoming business climate, and the broad market. 

There are several chances for entrepreneurs and companies wishing to create a presence in the area. However, it's essential to understand Dubai company formation cost before starting your entrepreneurial adventure. This article offers a thorough summary of the associated cost parameters, assisting you in making decisions and budgeting appropriately.

Cost of Opening a Company in Dubai

Cost of opening a company in Dubai cost depends on several factors. It depends on your business type, the license required, the number of visas required, additional services required and most importantly, the location. So, talking about each parameter will confuse you. It is better that you contact us so our executives can provide you with a customized cost plan for your business setup in Dubai. However, we will focus on the critical part – the location. 

Dubai offers multiple business setup options and the two important locations are

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Cost

Mainland company setup in Dubai cost, depends on several factors like the size, license, visa and many things. However, it starts from AED 18,000 and includes business license, Investor Visa, Memorandum of Association, Name & Initial Approval, Local Service Agent.

Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Cost 

Dubai free zone company setup cost also depends on several factors like the license type, additional services and, most importantly, the free zone location. However, it starts from AED 13,600 and includes Incorporation Certificate, Company Stamp, Bank Introduction, Lease Agreement, Trade Name Reservation.

Cost of opening a company in Some of Dubai free zones

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre company set up cost – AED 35,100

  • Includes - Trade License, Share Certificate, Flexi Desk, Professional Fee

JAFZA company formation cost - AED 18,000

  • Includes - Incorporation Certificate, Company Stamp, Bank Introduction, Lease Agreement, Trade Name Reservation

IFZA Business Setup Cost – AED 12,900

  • Includes - Incorporation Certificate, Lease Agreement, Share Certificate, Professional Fee

Want More Details on Dubai Company Formation Cost? Reach Out to Commitbiz

Dubai provides great chances for business growth and expansion. However, it's essential to thoroughly evaluate the associated expenditures and organize your budget appropriately. Understanding the complete range of expenditures, from office space rental and recurring expenses to company licenses and registration fees, can help you. A business setup consultant or expert assistant can offer insightful information and direction tailored to your company's needs. Commitbiz Management Consultants with their 15+ years of experience can give you an accurate estimate. Come start your business through us.


What are the costs involved in Dubai company formation?

Some common costs include company registration fees, trade license fees, visa fees, office rent, sponsor fees, and legal fees. It is advisable to consult with business setup professionals to get an accurate estimate of the costs specific to your business.

Are there any additional costs to consider when setting up a company in Dubai?

These may include office rent, visa fees for shareholders and employees, insurance costs, bank account opening fees, and ongoing maintenance costs such as annual audit and renewal fees.

Can the costs of company formation in Dubai be financed?

Yes, there are options available to finance the costs of company formation in Dubai. Some companies offer financing solutions specifically designed for business setup.

Are there any ongoing costs for maintaining a company in Dubai?

Yes, there are ongoing costs for maintaining a company in Dubai. These include annual license renewal fees, office rent, employee salaries and benefits, visa renewal fees, accounting and auditing fees, and other operational expenses.