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The United Arab Emirates is an ideal global model for residency and employment, attracting ambitious individuals to a country whose wise leadership, government, and people are open to all cultures, creating an ideal atmosphere for family stability.

The nation attracts people from around the globe for jobs or business setup in the UAE. This has raised the need for making the UAE family Visa simpler. Nonetheless, according to the UAE Cabinet’s General Secretariat, the policy revision is in line with recent international trends and best practices.

Family Sponsorship in UAE

Millions of foreign nationals benefit from the UAE's progressive market climate, which offers jobs and investment opportunities. The nation's ex-pat population has been gradually growing, with gas an industrial hub and a well-known tourist destination. One of the facilities it has provided is Family Sponsorship in UAE allows the employee/investor’s dependents to migrate to UAE and live like residents. Dubai offers several visa services for spouse, parent, children, and infant visas.

UAE Family Visa Requirements

There are certain requirements that you need to consider to get a UAE family Visa

  • The two most popular forms of permits issued to expatriates in the UAE are the Investor visa and the Employment visa. The applicant must have one of the two to sponsor his or her family.
  • Before submitting the expatriate's documents to the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will approve them (in mainland setup). Employees of freezone companies can sponsor family members without obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Entrepreneurs are issued investor visas, which have a three-year cap. The investor must either remain in the UAE or return within six months of leaving to bring family into the country. If these requirements are not met, a renewal application is submitted to re-enter the UAE.
  • UAE family Visa requirements are precise. The dependent's entry permit, also known as a "Pink Visa," allows them to enter the UAE and apply for a citizenship visa.

Under specific cases, the UAE govt. grants certain incentives to dependents

  • Teachers, imams, and bus drivers for educational institutions must not deposit money in a bank.
  • A wife who meets the same criteria as an employed man will sponsor her husband and children in the UAE.
  • Parents will support their sons until they reach the age of 21.
  • Parents can sponsor their daughters as long as they are not married.

UAE Family Visa Documents Required

Below are the documents required for a UAE family Visa

  • To apply for an entry permit, go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency in Dubai.
  • The applicant must apply a completed application for an entry permit to the immigration department.
  • Dependents' most recent passports, valid for at least six months
  • Photographs of dependents in passport size with a white backdrop
  • Initial contract of employment and wage certificate
  • Three-month bank statement and tenancy contract

Family Visa UAE Price and Documentation

Family Visa UAE price costs approximately around 2500 AED, and the documents to be submitted depend from one member to another.

Spouse Visa UAE

  • To get a UAE spouse Visa, you need a copy of a legally translated and attested marriage certificate
  • In a partner's case, the minimum monthly compensation must be AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation.

Children Visa UAE

The child's birth certificate, both original and copy

If the applicant's daughter is over 18, an attested document verifying her marital status is given.

Parent Visa UAE

  • The parent visa UAE requires both parents' initial passport versions, as well as a passport-sized photograph in a white background
  • If your parents are divorced, or one of them is dead, you'll need evidence.
  • A minimum monthly salary of AED 20,000 or AED 19,000+ accommodation is required in the parents’ case.
  • Proof that you are their primary source of income

Family Residence Visa UAE

Family residence visa UAE must be applied for after the dependent has entered the country. For the residency visa process to begin, the applicant must send virtually identical documents, so carrying extra copies is a wise step. Sponsoring family residency visas by expatriates requires more documents besides the paper already listed.

  • Display your entry permit.
  • Signed application form by the dependent and the sponsor.
  • Original passports of both the hanging and the sponsor are required.
  • Three passport-size images of each dependent on a white background
  • Original and copy of the sponsor's resident visa
  • Each dependent's medical fitness certificate/health card
  • Each dependent's health insurance certificate
  • Original Emirates ID card and labour card

House Maid Visa in UAE

Domestic workers sponsored by families and mothers with children in the UAE are known as maids or nannies (bachelors cannot support female nannies). The sponsor must complete several documents and send them to the local GDRFA to receive a housemaid Visa.

  • Permit for a domestic worker to stay in the country
  • Report on Medical Fitness (after entering UAE)
  • Sponsor's attestation of salary and work contract – in Arabic
  • Initial passport of the sponsor
  • Access of a maid with three passport-size pictures on a white background
  • For a non-relationship with the maid, a consulate attestation is needed.

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Can an UAE expat sponsor their family?

Yes, if the sponsor has the minimum salary and a residence visa.

What is the validity of UAE family Visa?

It depends on the dependent type and generally between 1 to 3 years

What is the minimum amount required for a woman to sponsor her family in Dubai?

A minimum of AED 10000 or AED 8000 plus accommodation is required.

When should you renew your family sponsorship in the UAE?

The family sponsorship visa must be renewed before the expiration of the visa. However, a grace period of days is granted.

Is it allowed to sponsor two wives in the UAE?

For a Muslim resident, sponsoring two wives is allowed in certain cases following strict conditions.

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