Abu Dhabi Healthcare Strategic Plan

by Zaara 09, Apr 2021

Abu Dhabi Healthcare Strategic Plan

Health is one of the tremendous wealth an individual possesses. For existence, time and cash are considered necessary, but good health is a boon. Health problems have steadily risen in the developed world, which turns out to be a matter of considerable concern. The healthcare sector has stood as one of the most profitable businesses globally, resolving 75% of global health problems. According to a new survey, global healthcare investment is projected to rise USD 10.059 trillion by 2022, making it a thriving industry.

Considering the reality mentioned above, the United Arab Emirates has attempted to improvise its healthcare scenario. It also encourages global buyers, on the other hand, to come and grow in the healthcare sector. Starting a business in the UAE had become simpler now, which provokes the investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to invest. This article will take you through the government's Abu Dhabi Healthcare Strategy Programme, and gaining information will allow you to invest intelligently.

Abu Dhabi Healthcare Strategic Plan

In 2014, the health authority - Abu Dhabi revealed its healthcare sector strategic plan for the next several years to streamline the health industry in Abu Dhabi. The new strategic plan includes six primary objectives,  fifteen programs, and ninety-three initiatives implemented since then. The five-year strategy is an incredible challenge for Abu Dhabi to turn itself into an international medical center. The overall plan was implemented by talented people who include 11,000 Abu Dhabi Healthcare Authority staff, executives, and founders of pharmaceutical firms and insurance agencies.

The 10-year partnership will also see the takeoff of the MTA's first office in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and the hosting of the next year's World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Abu Dhabi, which is expected to be attended by hundreds of experts and organizations from over 100 nations.

Also, recruiting top-quality doctors and providing various specialty facilities are part of a global initiative to bring Abu Dhabi on the map as a hotspot for health care. The long-term plan is to get the best doctors to operate on a revolving basis in the Emirate, presenting patients with a lure to move to the UAE capital.

In addition to a priority on eHealth, HAAD’s five-year healthcare strategy includes the following priorities:

  • Increasing access along the continuum of healthcare
  • Improving the quality of healthcare
  • Attracting and retaining employees of quality healthcare experts
  • Enhancing emergency preparedness
  • Promoting wellness and prevention
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness

 Let's go-ahead to look at the divisions based on this.

Core Focused Industries

According to the set objectives, fifteen core areas have been targeted by the government.

1. Care Model Innovation

In the healthcare industry, the healthcare model has been built to rely more on strategies. The focus lies on:

  • Telemedical solutions implementation
  • Strategy formulation and addressing the demands of select patients
  • Innovative technologies in pharmacy
  • Improve your home and remote treatment
  • Grow the pharmaceutical industry
  • Improvisation of recovery centers
  • Innovate long-term care delivery

It is a tremendous challenge to manage a country's above-stated needs. These parameters have also opened up doors for industry and engineering freaks, searching for new ways to lay a foundation on a global forum for their technological advancements.

2. Prevention and Wellbeing Lifestyle

when it comes to prevention and healthcare, the primary focus  is on:

  • Developing policies and recommendations on prevention for the general population
  • Improving awareness of sanitation in schools
  • Establish and upgrade the country's vaccine program
  • Revamp the program for health education
  • Establish customized profiling of genetics

3.Safety and Environmental Health

The next step is to improve health and safety for the public. The following conditions are focused on heading forward on this:

  • Develop workplace health awareness
  • Participate in the production of policies for food and water
  • Participate in the national road safety and planning case
  • Take precautions and measures needed for catastrophe and crisis management

4. Primary Care

As one of the top priorities, primary care has been emphasized and is committed to strengthening the child's delivery process. New technologies will be made to improve maternal and child welfare and develop a comprehensive emergency response system.

5. Oral and Dental Care/ Mental Health / Management of Chronic Diseases

Awareness campaigns need to be created for the propagation of oral and dental care information. Technology infusion to establish new methods is a way forward to bring about a revolution in the dental protocol.

Similar steps are to be taken to boost the mental health of traditional and prospective patients. New policies in the country should be developed and implemented accordingly.

6. Improving Medical Tourism

Abu Dhabi has turned out to be an ideal destination for medical tourists over the years. The area has embraced new methods and strategies to improvise and uplift the medical and pharmaceutical industry with the advent of technology and research, which eventually draws foreign visitors to come forward and select Abu Dhabi as their ultimate destination in cure.

The Government has taken the requisite measures to improvise medical tourism and look forward to investing with investors.

7.Creating Centers of Excellence

Ultimately, Abu Dhabi claims that the quality of the facilities offered is superior. The area focuses on excelling on the following grounds to make a fresh transition to the Abu Dhabi Health Plan 2021 and step-in to become a global medical hub:

  • Creating Oncology COE
  • Creating Cardiovascular COE
  • Setting up Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine/ Emergency COE
  • Set up COE Neurology/ Neurosurgery
  • Establishing COE Ophthalmology
  • Promote the practices of a clinical study for relevant CEOs
  • Develop COE specialists' clinical training programs

8. Government (Regulation and the Distribution of Services)

The service needs to be established to operate on the above-stated proceedings. To build a robust system, the Government takes the following considerations:

  • Revamp and restructure of treatment facilities abroad
  • Establish funding for healthcare initiative funding
  • Uplift DHA to win more awards for excellence
  • Transforming DHA job and engaging it
  • Set up the healthcare governance system for Abu Dhabi

9. Encouraging Employment and Medical Education

New strategies for facilitating medical research and training young minds have been introduced. It further adds to the development of new avenues for the population to come forward and make their living. Steps are being taken to provide medical institutions with world-class facilities.

10. Improving Medical Technology

Medical cooperation with technology has been reflected in several miracles. Emirati’s government’s change makes medical science possible to upgrade to the next level, thus providing tremendous business owners tremendous opportunities.

11. Insurance and Funding for Healthcare

Now, you might be wondering if it might end up costing a bomb to start a company in Abu Dhabi. Well, the government has also concentrated on business finance to address the crisis. Appropriate steps outlined below have been initiated:

  • Regulate and update health care rates in Abu Dhabi
  • Establish insurance plans for travelers
  • Set up schemes of insurance for medical visitors
  • Provide detection and screening coverage
  • Implement pay for schemes for results
  • Update the fraud-detection software and enforce it

Various strategies for improving corporate relationships and developments in the area have been implemented. Well, now you might be curious about the business prospects you should explore, right? Right below is your answer.

Business Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

By now, you have a clear idea that the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Health Strategy will significantly impact the health sector. Through its modern infrastructure, vast tourism portfolio, and top-quality healthcare that helps the Emirate to offer full tourism experiences for its tourists, Abu Dhabi is increasing its reputation as a leading destination for medical tourism.  Starting a healthcare business can be a tremendous opportunity for the investors in Abu Dhabi as the government is also bringing healthcare-related benefits to the businesses. The DHC serves as one of the fastest emerging free zones in Abu Dhabi. The opportunities for business investment are not limited exclusively to the medical sector. You should focus on the following domains as well:

  • Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Goods
  • Manufacturing of Medical Instruments
  • Starting a healthcare company in Abu Dhabi,
  • Opening the Abu Dhabi Medical Store
  • Opening an Insurance Company
  • Company for Transport and Tourism
  • Starting a medical institution in Abu Dhabi

With the increased number of visitors, there will be an uplifting growth in the hospitality sector in Abu Dhabi to fulfill the demand for business and leisure. We all know that Dubai Expo 2020 is on its way, which will act as a game-changer for the entire nation.

By the end of 2020, Dubai’s business industries will be achieving a different shift as the Dubai Expo 2020 is on its way. Establishing a business in UAE turns out to be a smart option, while unaware of the legal actions might turn out to be an issue at the initial start. Having a guide by your side can make the process much easier and faster.

Through its modern infrastructure, vast tourism portfolio, and high-quality healthcare that helps the Emirate to offer full tourism experiences for its tourists, Abu Dhabi is increasing its reputation as a leading destination for medical tourism. Starting a healthcare company can be a fantastic opportunity for investors in Abu Dhabi as the government also provides firms with healthcare-related benefits.

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