A Guide to Dubai Healthcare Strategy

by Zaara 15, Nov 2021

A Guide to Dubai Healthcare Strategy

Health is one of the tremendous assets possessed by a person. For life, time and resources are considered necessary, however, good health stands as a boon. Health concerns have been increasingly growing in the western world, which turns out to be a matter of great concern. The healthcare sector has stood as one of the most profitable businesses on the global front, addressing almost 75 percent of global health problems. Healthcare sector spending is expected to hit USD 10,059 trillion by 2022, according to a recent survey, which makes it a booming industry.

Despite the above-mentioned reality, the United Arab Emirates have attempted to improvise the country's healthcare scenario. It also encourages international investors, on the other hand, to come and invest in the healthcare sector. It has been made easier to start a company in the UAE now which causes investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to come forward and invest.

The strategy comprises four main approaches, six priorities, 15 programs, and 93 projects, all of which are expected to leap in the next five years. The goal is to provide patients with chronic illnesses with the highest level of medical care, foster a culture of early detection, and raise awareness of the value of routine check-ups.

The 4 approaches are health and lifestyle, service delivery excellence, smart healthcare, and governance.

The 6 goals include:

  • Ensuring a safe and stable atmosphere for the citizens of Dubai
  • Ensuring the availability of a robust and integrated health care system of high quality
  • Innovation Accomplishment
  • Improving the quality of healthcare delivery
  • Establishing an interactive database to be used in decision-making for smart government policies

This article will take you through the government's Dubai Healthcare Plan, and getting knowledge of it will allow you to invest smartly.

Dubai Health Strategy 2016-2021

The Dubai Health Strategy 2021 was launched in 2016 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum to streamline the healthcare industry in Dubai. Four key approaches, six priorities, fifteen projects, and ninety-three measures have been introduced since then in this new strategy. The five-year plan is an outstanding challenge for Dubai to turn itself into an international medical centre. The overall plan has been drawn up by creative minds that include 11,000 Dubai Healthcare Authority personnel, directors, and owners of pharmaceutical firms, insurance agencies. Let's go ahead and take a concentrated look at the divisions.

Core Focused Sectors

According to the priorities set, the government has initiated fifteen core areas.

1.Care Model Innovation

In the healthcare sector, the treatment model has been built to rely more on creative techniques. The emphasis lies on:

  • Telemedical solutions introduction
  • Strategy formulation and addressing the needs of special patients
  • Innovative technologies in medicine
  • Improve your home and remote treatment
  • Grow the pharmaceutical industry
  • Improvisation of rehabilitation centres
  • Innovative and creative long-term care delivery

To meet the above-stated needs of a nation becomes a great challenge. These demands have also opened up doors for business and technology freaks who are looking for new ways to lay a foundation on a global forum for their technical developments.

2. Preventive and Wellbeing Lifestyle

The primary priority when it comes to prevention and healthcare is on:

  • Developing policies and recommendations on prevention for the general population
  • Improving awareness of hygiene in schools
  • Establish and upgrade the country's vaccination program
  • Revamp the program for health education
  • Establish personalized profiling of genetics

3. Public Health and Safety

The next step is to improve health and safety for the public. The following criteria are based on going forward on this:

  • Develop workplace health awareness
  • Participate in the production of strategies for food and water
  • Participate in the national road safety and policy case
  • Take precautions and measures needed for disaster and crisis management

4.Primary Therapy

As one of the top priorities, primary care has been emphasized and is committed to improving the child's delivery process. New technologies will be made to strengthen maternal and child health and to develop a comprehensive emergency response system.

5. Dental and Oral Care/ Mental Health/ Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Awareness campaigns should be established to disseminate oral and dental care information. Technology infusion to develop new methods is a way forward to bring about a change in the dental protocol.

Similar steps to strengthen the mental health of current and new patients should be taken. New methods in the country are to be developed and implemented accordingly.

6. Improving Medical Tourism

Dubai has turned out to be an outstanding destination for medical tourism over the years. The area has embraced new methods and techniques to improvise and uplift the medical and pharmaceutical industry with the development of technology and research, which eventually attracts foreign tourists to come forward and select Dubai as their ultimate destination of cure.

The Government has taken the requisite measures to improvise the business of medical tourism and also looks forward to investing with investors.

7. Creating Centers of Excellence

Undoubtedly, Dubai claims that the quality of the services offered is superior. The area focuses on excelling on the following grounds to make a new transition to the Dubai Health Strategy 2021, and step-in to become a global medical hub:

  • Oncology COE Establishing
  • Cardiovascular COE Establishing
  • Setting up Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine/ Trauma COE
  • Set up COE Neurology/ Neurosurgery
  • Establishing COE Ophthalmology
  • Boost the activities of clinical research for relevant CEOs
  • Develop COE specialists' clinical training programs

8. Administration (Regulation and Service Delivery)

The network needs to be established to operate on the above-stated proceedings. To build a robust system, the Government takes the following considerations:

  • Revamp and restructure of treatment facilities abroad
  • Establish funds for healthcare initiative funding
  • Uplift DHA to win more awards for excellence
  • Transforming DHA job and engaging it
  • Set up the healthcare governance system for Dubai

9. Promoting Medical Education and Workforce

New programs to encourage medical education and train young minds have been introduced. This often ties into the construction of new ways for the workers to come forward and make their living. Steps are being taken to provide medical facilities with world-class infrastructure.

10. Improving Medical Technology

Medical cooperation with technology has been reflected in several miracles. This change by the government of Emirati makes it possible for medical science to upgrade to the next level, and also creates tremendous opportunities for business owners.

11. Insurance and Funding for Health

Now you might be wondering if it would end up costing a bomb to start a company in Dubai. Well, the government has also concentrated on business funding to solve the issue. Specific steps listed below have been initiated:

  • Regulate and update healthcare provider rates across Dubai
  • Establish insurance plans for tourists
  • Set up packages of insurance for medical tourists
  • Provide preventive and screening coverage
  • Implement pay for schemes for results
  • Update the fraud-detection software and enforce it

Various strategies for improving business relationships and investments in the area have been implemented. Ok, now you might be curious about the business opportunities you should explore, right? Right below is your answer.

Business Opportunities in Dubai

So far, you have a good idea that the incorporation of the Dubai Health Plan 2021  would have a significant effect on the medical industry. The country has a designated area known as "Dubai Healthcare City," which holds numerous opportunities for business establishments. The DHC is considered one of the fastest expanding free zones in Dubai. The opportunities for business investment are not confined exclusively to the medical sector. You should concentrate on the following domains as well:

  • Pharmaceutical Device Processing
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
  • In Dubai, starting a hospital company
  • Opening a Dubai Medical Shop
  • Opening an Insurance Company
  • Company for Transport and Tourism
  • Opening a Dubai Medical Institution

A different change will be accomplished by the business sectors in Dubai by the end of 2020 as the Dubai Expo 2020 is on its way. Setting up a business in the UAE turns out to be a wise choice, although at the initial start, being ignorant of the legal proceedings could turn out to be a problem. It will make the process much simpler and quicker to have a reference by your side.

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