MOFA Attestation in Dubai

MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation, UAE

As per the UAE Federal Labour Law, those applying for a resident permit in UAE need to furnish attested Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of their origin. Say if you want to move over to UAE from India, your documents have to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs and respective State Home Departments and then submitted to the UAE embassy in Delhi. Educational documents, however, have to be attested by the Education Ministry of the concerned state before the attestation by 'External Affairs'. MOFA attestation is the final procedure to be done in a certificate and is done after completing other important procedures like HRD, MEA, and Embassy attestation.

Once you are done with the attestations from the country of Issuance, you need to approach the MOFA office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the attestation by MoFA, UAE. You will be required to carry original (attested) certificates, the relevant fee, and passport of the individual.

Outbound Documents

Those moving out of the UAE also need to get their documents attested from the government of UAE. The MoFA, UAE is the apex body with the authority to attest documents pertaining to all activities in the land. Besides birth and marriage certificates, the department also attests certificates related to withdrawal of partnership, clearance documents, maid contracts, etc. As per the rules, the concerned individual must first visit Dubai Courts Notary Public, followed by the Ministry of Justice and finally The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Commitbiz specializes in MOFA and Embassy attestation services for both inbound and outbound documents. Our services are independent by nature i.e. it does not require your presence, and is completed expeditiously, irrespective of the number of rounds it has to make through government departments.

We provide MOFA Attestation services in UAE for certificates such as:

  • Educational Certificate: Matriculation, HSc, Diploma, Degree, Master Degree, Phd etc.
  • Private Diplomas: Technical Diplomas, Computer Diplomas, HVAC, Fire & Safety, Lift Technician etc.
  • Commercial Documents: MOU, Invoice, Registration documents, Partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Commercial Register, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys etc..
  • Non-Educational Documents: Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, PCC, Registrations, TC, Fingerprint, Divorce etc.

Why Choose Commitbiz?

Commitbiz helps entrepreneurs and firms in setting up a company in Dubai through company registration, incorporation and legal consulting services. We have been involved with MOFA attestation in UAE, ever since our inception. Over the years, we have earned a name for fast turnaround time and competitive rates. The hallmark of our services lies in the safe handling of documents, complete tracking of documents, and genuine attestation.

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