Media Industry

Media Industry

The preparation for the world’s greatest business Expo since the last decade is going on with full force. The Expo itself is expected to contribute nearly Dh 122 Billion to UAE’s economy by the year 2031 and will impact the gross GDP of UAE to around 1.5 per cent at its peak. Expo 2020 not only aims to boost the economy of the UAE for the six month period during which the event will be hosted but sees the mega event as a long term investment for the future of the country’s economy.

The host country of the World Expo always sees the global fest as an opportunity to accelerate the country’s economy, spur growth and job creations. The efforts to boost the business and job sector in Dubai through Expo 2020 are already panning out and have resulted out very effectively.  Right from the moment when Dubai was awarded the right to host the World Expo in November 2013, several jobs are being created across the wide business sector in Dubai.

Media Industry in Dubai

The media industry in Dubai is already spread over a wide spectrum across the country, covering and reporting several major issues in the country. Dubai has various modes of media outlets varying from Print media like newspapers and magazines to digital media platforms like radio stations, televisions, internet and social media. The media industry always plays a vital role in promoting any country’s growth and success on a global level.

Dubai has been globally acclaimed for its productive business sectors, renowned infrastructures, and skyscrapers. The city has been the centre of attraction for various business investors and tourists across the globe. Dubai hosts some of the biggest business and shopping events on the international level which are attended by huge audiences across the globe. The promotion of such global events is equally crucial for the successful completion of the event apart from the regular public involvements.

Some of the prominent newspapers which are performing well in the region are :

Arabic Newspapers :

  • Al Khaleej (Sharjah)
  • Akhbar Al Arab (Abu Dhabi)
  • Al-Bayan (Dubai)
  • Al Fraj (Abu Dhabi)
  • Al-Etihad (Abu Dhabi)
  • Awraq
  • Emarat Al Youm (Dubai)

English Newspapers :

  • 7days (Dubai)
  • The Arabian Post (Dubai)
  • Dubai Standard (Dubai)
  • Emirates Business 24/7 (Dubai)
  • Emirates Today
  • Gulf News (Dubai)
  • The Gulf Today (Dubai)
  • Khaleej Times (Dubai)
  • XPRESS (Dubai)

The print media in Dubai is already helping the government and businesses in Dubai to help promote their services and spread important information across the nation. Media Groups like Gulf News, Khaleej Times were the leading firms in the print media industry making good revenues years after years.

But the arrival of online media in the country led to an extreme downfall for these print media groups. Most of the traditional print newspapers were severely affected and their revenues started to drop evidently and to date, their losses are increasing day by day. Dubai also publishes many foreign language magazines in multiple global languages like Russian, Chinese, Malayalam, Tamil, and Spanish.

The Internet and Social Media era brought a new revolution to the media industry in Dubai. The UAE is currently ranked as the 26th most networked country across the globe. Various news agencies have switched to online platforms in order to compete with other social media and news firms. In 2016, a survey by Northwestern University in Qatar found that, at an approximate of 80.6%, the United Arab Emirates has the highest mobile phone penetration in the Arab region. The survey clearly explains the increase in social media usage in the country.

How will the Expo 2020 Dubai Benefit the Media Industry?

Dubai Expo 2020 is already been in the headlines for many media industries for a long time now. Since the time the city was given the right to host the mega event, many news agencies have been alert to provide inch details of every move made for the Expo. The press media itself is now covering details from tip to toe of the event in order to fetch every minor detail relating to the Expo 2020. The word “Expo 2020” has been the major keyword for every media search for now and also for upcoming years.

The impact of Expo 2020 on other media platforms are equally significant. Almost every news and business websites are having articles, news, information, reports, and quotes related to the Expo 2020. Whenever the Expo is hosted in any city the event is expected to welcome a large number of celebrities attending and promoting the event. The involvement of celebrities with their families attracts a lot of attention from tourists as well as media houses, the media firms tend to provide every detail of the concerned celebrity to the general public.

This huge involvement of media for the Expo 2020 will spark a new layer of enthusiasm and opportunities for the various media houses that will eventually lead to the development of the Media Industry. 

How can Commitbiz help you?

The Expo 2020 will bring a whole lot of opportunities for the Media industry in Dubai with big concerts, dance competitions, and performances going to be the centre of attraction in the mega event. The media houses will get a lot of stuff to cover throughout the event and also after the event as the Expo is expected to provide a boost to the industry for the upcoming decade too. 

Setting up any media agency in Dubai can be a fruitful decision keeping the fact in mind that Dubai is not going to run out of stuff to report in the coming years. We here at Commitbiz helps you all the necessary information you need to set up any business in Dubai. Our team of experts is keen to solve all business-related queries to the concerned people. Feel free to contact us in any such case. We would love to help.


1. What are the types of marketing using online media in Dubai?

The types are:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Media Content Broadcasting

  • Influencer and Brand Ambassador Marketing

  • Digital Marketing.

2. When was the DEAL 2022 show held in Dubai?

It was held on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of March 2022.

3. Since how many years is the ‘DEAL’ show taking place?

28 consecutive years.

4. What was the estimated expectation of DEAL 2022?

It expects to attract thousands of investors from almost more than 70 countries.

5. How many awards did the UAE Government Media Office win?

The office won 16 awards at the Dubai Lynx International Creative Awards 2022.