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Healthcare Industry in Dubai Expo 2020

Healthcare Industry in Dubai is all set to welcome one of the most talked events currently - World Expo 2020. This mega event will help the healthcare sector of the Emirates to reach out to a wider audience with an aim to make this world a better place to live.

Expo 2020 Dubai will host the world for 173 days, each one brimming with new experiences. With this event, Dubai will go a step further in inspiring  the next generation to spark innovations that will underline the next 50 years of human progress. Expo 2020 targets to drive attention over 180 participating nations, multi-national as well as small and medium-sized corporates, and millions of people into the UAE and the Emirate of Dubai, in order to celebrate human innovation of technology. For such a huge number of visitors, there is a management risk, but the aim is not only to face the challenge to deal with such a huge number of visitors but also to identify the risk and cure for all people over the country.

Healthcare Industry in Dubai

The UAE has always been the hub for medical tourism. People across the world are coming in this country for treatment because of its high-quality technology and innovative methodology. Dubai has already shown its strategies in public as well as private sectors. With the availability of specialized free zones and modern creative infrastructural facilities, setting up a business in Dubai Healthcare sector shows that it is not lagging behind any country.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle by the population of Emirates people all over the country are facing many health-hazardous situations. To overcome such a disastrous condition, the government of the UAE is showing its trump card in the healthcare industries. Many pharma companies are showing their interest in setting up their business ventures all over the UAE. Other factors triggering the boom in the health care industries are the growing essentiality because of its population, the rise in the number of people above 60 years in the population who need a special kind of treatments, the disposable income that those staying for long have their intention to spend on luxury and wellness. The UAE Government is also liberalizing policies to attract foreign investments in order to improvise the healthcare standard and boost the healthcare industry. Our holistic research and analysis depict that the healthcare market of UAE will grow at a CAGR of around 8.5% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023.

The authority responsible for the health services of the national population includes residents and visitors in Dubai is the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). As most visitors across the world are expected to fly into Dubai and make this Emirate their base of landing during the visit, it is expected that DHA will definitely face the challenge of ensuring it caters for the delivery of health services.

Role of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in Expo 2020

The Dubai Health Authority is committed to providing the customers, investors, and visitors with all the information on health insurance, health care services, medical tourism, and highlighting Dubai as a leading health care centre before they arrive at the Emirate using all channels of communication.

As part of its advance planning, DHA has developed an Expo 2020 DHA Contribution and Support Framework planning ahead in order to be suitably prepared and resourced to provide the best health and organizational services. This framework identifies key strategic objectives which are directly linked to the objectives of the Expo.

  • Position Dubai as a global medical destination by introducing a value-based, comprehensive, integrated and high-quality service delivery system;
  • Direct resources to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the Dubai population
  • Promote public and private collaboration in Healthcare
  • Foster innovation across the continuum of care
  • Revamp the governance structure of DHA; and
  • Establish efficient decision support systems by ensuring an integrated data platform

DHA is going to serve all the medical wellness services in an innovative way to ensure that the experience of the service and the result is fast and efficient. DHA will provide all the primary healthcare services, emergency services, and specialized medical services through its well-integrated hospital networks and all kinds of facilities and clinics. It is also expected to have a clinic on-site at Expo 2020, which again will link all medical reports with the unified electronic file system and the public health control system.

How will Expo 2020 Dubai Benefit Healthcare Industry?

With the rising population, people are facing many disorders and diseases. In  Expo 2020, many countries are participating many technologies, innovative ideas, remedy for a vast number of incurable diseases that are going to be the key result of the exhibition. So Expo 2020 is going to affect the healthcare facility in remarkable ways.

With the hype that Expo is offering to the world and especially to the healthcare sector,  more and more numbers of the pharma giants will be eager to invest in the health care industries in Dubai. New technology will be helpful for treatment. Dubai is one of the major oil producers, so people are having asthma, pulmonary diseases, and other dangerous life risk disorders. This new technology and creative ideas are going to be a powerful weapon. Hundreds of new hospitals, clinics, pathological labs, wellness centres, and healthcare service centres will be established after the Dubai Expo 2020 with the best infrastructure.

With Expo, Dubai is all set to take its healthcare sector to a new level.

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