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Incorporate Your Freelance License in UAE

Our Package Includes

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  • Professional Fee
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In today’s world, life as we know it is changing at a quick pace. More and more people are looking forward to free-lance working as it not only provides a secondary income but will also provide the flexibility of working independently.
If you, too, are looking to take advantage of Freelancing, then have a look at the package provided by Commitbiz. It starts from AED 3,000 and will take a duration of 7 working days to avail of the license.

Documents Required to Setup Business in UAE Mainland

Requirement for Individual

  • Passport, Visa Page and Emirates ID of Applicant
  • Attested Education Certificate (Bachelor’s Degree minimum)
  • Experience Certificate
  • Resume/CV

How it Works

With just three simple steps, register your Business in UAE Mainland


1. How much is the package cost for a UAE freelance license?

The cost starts from AED 3,000.

2. What is required to apply for a freelance permit in the UAE?

To get a freelance permit, you'll need confirmation of your applicable skill set as well as approval from any employer if you're considering freelancing as a side business.

3. Can full-time working professionals apply for a freelance license in the Emirates?


4. Does UAE freelance work permit holders sponsor their families and allow them to stay in the countr


5. Which free zone in the Abu Dhabi Emirate provides a freelancer permit?

TwoFour54 free zone.


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