Your Ultimate Guide to Spa Business in Dubai 2019

by Zaara 15, May 2019

The United Arab Emirates has become a tourist destination for the foreigners around the world. One of its cities, Dubai, is currently the hot shop for every expat. Whether for starting a company, have a relaxing holiday, or for shopping, Dubai has got it all. In fact, according to the reports, Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world for tourists seeking healthy holidays for rest and relaxation. That is where spa industry comes into light. The annual growth in spa industry is estimated to be 20% per year. Due to the population having a high standard of living it clearly indicates that there is a bundle of demand for such business activities. At present, large number of spa business are present in the Dubai market operating in different corners, but, there also is a larger space for people who want to establish their spa business due to constant arrival of tourists in the country.

How to Open a Spa Business in Dubai?

Before getting to the crux of the matter, you must know that the authority in Dubai responsible for this business is the Health and Safety Department. The business setup process in Dubai is easy and simplified. But before getting to the process let us first understand the requirements laid by the authority for operating this business.

Health/ Hygiene Requirements to Open a Spa Business in Dubai

  • The owner must have a Occupational Health Card from Dubai Municipalities Clinic and Community Health
  • Personal hygiene of staff
  • Light colored uniforms must be worn by employees. Dark colored for hair coloring
  • Hands must be washed after attending each customer
  • Avoid dealing with customers having skin problems
  • All staff must be properly trained
  • Sufficient number of towels and aprons must be there to avoid re-use
  • Presence of sufficient number of hair and personal care tools that are made of non-rust materials, free of cracks and sediments  with high quality
  • Hair dyes, cosmetics, and personal care products must be registered from Consumer Products Safety Section in Dubai Municipality
  • Pest control record from an approved third party should be available in the facility
  • Waste bin with cover for waste collection
  • Commitment towards general cleaning throughout the premises. The facility should implement effective cleaning and disinfection in all areas (not limited to cabinets/drawers/shelves) to ensure hygiene within the facility. Daily cleaning checklist for the entire premises should be provided
  • A cupboard for keeping clothes
  • Disposable bed sheet roles to cover the massage beds after each use
  • Plastic laundry basket for collection of soiled towels/aprons/uniforms must be available
  • Disposable slippers in each massage room

Specific Requirements to Open a Spa Business in Dubai

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality must approve the location of the Spa
  • There must be a sign board positioned in front of the facility
  • The must be ample sources of lighting and the furniture used must be sanitary and proper
  • Dressing chair should meet the specific size of 3.0m wide * 3.5m length and must not be less than that
  • There must be a separate area designated for beauty treatments such as pedicure, manicure, hair removal, and henna application
  • Rooms must not be less than 2×3 meters with fitted walls for proper partition. There should be no temporary partition with curtains or accordions.
  • Fireproof supplies must be used for the preparation of hair removing materials.
  • The spa must necessarily have a water heater in place.
  • The Dubai Health Authority must first permit the usage of any machine
  • If you wish to have the Spa at your residential premises, you will require permission from the Dubai Economic Development Department
  • Each Spa Centre should provide services to one gender only (male or female) and the staff who offer these services should be from same gender (male staff to male clients, female staff to female clients)
  • If the Spa Centre provides services for both males and females, separate entrance (with separate reception) must be available for each gender, and the centre must mention working hours timings for each gender in the entrance of the premise
  • The door between gents and ladies facility should be closed permanently
  • Special permit /approval to work after 12 midnight should be obtained
  • Internal announcement (Arabic and English) must be displayed at noticeable area covering the following points-
  • Indicate that the centre is not for healthcare, and does not provide medical services for patients
  • Informing clients to seek medical advices from the doctor in case of sickness before receiving the service
  • Caution/restriction on pregnant people from taking the service.

License Requirements to Open a Spa Business in Dubai

  • A valid trade license issued by Trakhees should be secured and displayed in the facility
  • Commercial name should reflect the service provided by the centre and must not reflect any medical activity
  • A valid Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license for all the staff should be secured if applicable
  • Updated staff list and OHC Inspection form must be available
  • Assigned staff should obtain Occupational Health Card (OHC) issued by Trakhees- Public Health and Safety Section
  • Only the activities which are permitted in the license are allowed to be performed by the facility
  • NOC from commercial control section must be secured

Once you follow up on all the requirements, you shall register for the spa business with the authority. It includes registering the trade name, applying for initial approval with the DED, getting license from the Dubai Health Authority, and starting your business.

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