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Your Guide for Investing in Saudi Arabia

by Vishakha Agarwal 07, Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia shows enormous promise across various sectors. Due to its infrastructure, business-supporting policies, and economic growth:

  • The industries are flourishing.
  • Expatriates are getting better opportunities to make a living.
  • Foreign investments in Saudi Arabia are growing at the same time. 

According to the reports, the GDP is going to grow by 3.2% in 2024.

Do you want to invest in Saudi Arabia? Then this guide will give you the complete picture of the investing opportunities.

Why should you Invest in Saudi Arabia?

Let us understand the reasons for you to invest in Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Arabia is the largest in the MENA region. It has a strong and resilient G20 economy.
  • The Saudi government is making massive strides in attracting foreign direct investment.

One of the policies making this happen is the Saudi Vision 2030. Thanks to this program, the profits became tenfold, reaching USD 4.6 billion.

Economic Cities and Special Zone Authority (ECZA) says, Saudi has received an FDI of USD 5.5 billion. And has USD 449 billion of foreign asset reserves in the market.

  • Saudi Arabia has one of the best strategic locations from a business perspective. 13% of the global trade moves through the Red Sea, which is at the crossroads of three countries. Plus, Saudi gives you easy access to over 40 successful marketplaces.
  • It has a modern infrastructure. This includes over 5,590 km of railways, 71,500 km of roads, 10 seaports, 28 airports, and much more. This is drawing more investments in Saudi Arabia than ever.
  • The country is showing great promise for growth. And if you are investing in a growing economy, the sky's the limit when talking about the returns.

These are the reasons for the increase in the popularity of business setup in Saudi Arabia.

Amazing Benefits of Investing in Saudi Arabia 

Investing in Saudi Arabia is going to pay you rich dividends in the long run. Here are the amazing benefits you will get to enjoy as a business owner and investor:

  1. Other Sectors to Invest

The Saudi government is leaving no stone unturned for growing the economy. One of the main steps is reducing Saudi Arabia's dependency on oil. This gives you the opportunity to invest in sectors like:

  • Media
  • Tourism
  • Technology, etc. 

We will talk about them soon.

  1. Government Programs

The government is launching programs like the Saudi Vision 2030. Vision 2030 is instrumental in the country's economic development. As the economy is growing at a rapid pace, foreign investments are fueling this growth.

  1. Tax Reliefs

If you are running a business in Saudi, you will enjoy low tax rates or tax exemptions. As a business owner, what could you ask for better?

This is going to increase your margins and thus help your business grow faster.

  1. Massive Capital

Another benefit you get is the massive investments and backing from the government. And the foreign direct investments are the cherry on the top. These investments are pacing the developments of the non-oil sectors.

Now, let us go through the hidden gems. The sectors that have the potential to blow up.

The right Sectors for investing in Saudi Arabia 

There are many profitable sectors like real estate, IT, and agriculture. But here we will cover the top 5 sectors you should consider for investing.

  1. Tourism Sector:

Saudi Arabia is causing waves around the globe for its tourism sector. One of the primary attractions is the two holy mosques. The country houses huge religious markets, which helps boost the tourism sector revenues.

  1. Energy Sector:

The government authorities are focussing on:

  • Renewables,
  • Sustainability,
  • And energy efficiency.

And they have set a strong foundation for growing thi sector. One of the pillars is the Vision 2030.

The Saudi government has plans to meet over 50% of its energy needs through renewables. Seeing the obvious decline in the use of oil as an energy source, Saudi Arabia's renewable market is bound to grow.

The energy sector has the potential to become your best investment in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Industrial and Manufacturing Sector:

It is among the fastest-growing sectors to invest in Saudi Arabia. The average growth rate is 7.5%.

According to Invest Saudi, this sector is the 3rd largest non-oil industry in Saudi Arabia.  

  1. Transport and Logistics Sector:

Saudi Arabia is in the heart of the Asia-Europe trade route and the Red Sea. It connects the major international trade routes. And with Vision 2030, Saudi is becoming an international logistics centre. The goods get sent to Saudi, and around the globe, whether it’s the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, or East Africa.

With a valuation of USD 20.4 billion, it stands tall as one of the best sectors in Saudi Arabia to invest in.

  1. Mining and Metallurgy Sector:

It is among the most thriving ones when it comes to cost, resources, and infrastructure. Despite the heavy capital requirement, it is a cornerstone of Saudi's economic growth. If you want to invest in this sector, the opportunities are enormous.

These are the Saudi sectors for long-term investments. You should pick a sector you have the most understanding of.

Ending Thoughts 

Now, you are no longer privy to the pulsating opportunities waiting for you in Saudi Arabia. But, when it comes to setting up a company in Saudi Arabia, there is a lot to learn:

  • The business rules and regulations.
  • You need to submit the documents to the authorities.
  • The step-by-step process for setting up your business.

You should reach out to business setup consultants. They will take care of all the setup-related work so you can put your feet up.

Commitbiz is giving calls to answer your doubts. If you are serious about investing in Saudi Arabia, then book the call now.


How can foreign investors establish a presence in Saudi Arabia?

Foreign investors can establish a presence in Saudi Arabia through various means, such as setting up a joint venture with a local partner, forming a wholly-owned subsidiary, or acquiring an existing Saudi company.

Are there any incentives for foreign investors in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudi Arabia offers several incentives to attract foreign investment, including tax incentives, customs duty exemptions, land grants, and access to government support and services.

What are the regulations governing foreign investment in Saudi Arabia?

Foreign investment in Saudi Arabia is governed by the Foreign Investment Law, which provides the legal framework for investment activities, including ownership rights, repatriation of profits, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

What are the challenges of investing in Saudi Arabia?

While Saudi Arabia offers numerous investment opportunities, foreign investors may encounter challenges such as bureaucratic hurdles, cultural differences, regulatory complexities, and legal uncertainties. It's crucial for investors to conduct thorough due diligence and seek professional advice to navigate these challenges effectively.

How does Saudi Arabia facilitate the repatriation of profits for foreign investors?

Repatriating profits is an essential consideration for investors. Saudi Arabia allows foreign investors to repatriate profits freely, subject to applicable taxes and regulatory requirements. Understanding the repatriation process, including currency conversion and documentation, is important for investors.

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