Work Remotely from Dubai: An Excellent Opportunity

by Zaara 28, Jul 2021

“Nomad,” the term itself excites everyone. Who does not want to work in our own space or work while traveling? Dubai gives you an opportunity to stay there and work like a nomade. You just have to obtain a Dubai Digital Nomad Visa, which is technically called “Work remotely from Dubai.”.

This blog will explain the benefits and the process of getting a Dubai digital nomad visa;

What is the Dubai Remote Work Visa?

“Work remotely from Dubai” is a visa that allows you to work anywhere from Dubai. The interesting fact is most of these visa holders will live in and around Down Town Dubai and Business Bay because of its best wifi connections.

Benefits of a Dubai Remote Work Visa

There are several perks of being a digital nomad; continue reading to learn about a visa called working remotely from Dubai;  

  • Attractive Tax Exemptions

As a digital nomad, you don’t have to pay any kind of tax. However, you have to pay back there in your home country but not in Dubai.

  • Better Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Dubai offers one of the best healthcare services. The best thing is both the public and private healthcare sectors are governed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHC), which takes care of everything. You can also choose to live in Dubai Healthcare City to avail all modern medical facilities.

  • Accessibility to all the Basic Facility

Dubai remort work visa comes with the Emirates ID. When you reach Dubai with Emirate ID, you can have access to all the basic amenities like public telephone, renting a house, banking, education of children, and so on.  

  • Good Internet Connection

Remote work in Dubai become much easier because of the good internet connection it provides. The wifi offered by Dubai is good enough to browse or for Zoom calls.

Process of Applying for a Dubai Digital Nomad Visa

The application is quite simple, as explained below; 

  • Keep all the Necessary Documents Ready

The documents should adhere to the requirements of the Dubai Digital Nomad Visa. Most importantly, the documents should be in English.

  • Apply through the Official Website

Go to the official Website, complete a short application with all the required details. 

  • Post Submission

After submitting the application, you will get a mail with all the subsequent processes. Read a follow carefully.

  • Submission of Documents

Remember the first point where you were asked to keep all the required documents ready? This is the phase where you use those gathered documents. You will have to send the documents to

  • Review

The application review phase is crucial because here is where everything is decided. The review is done by the Dubai Tourism and commercial marketing travel partner Al Rais Travel Agencies LLC.

  • Reply

You will get a reply if approved, asking you to pay the fees.

  • Fees Payment

The fees start from $611 + the application fee and the other processing charges, medical insurance, and Emirates ID.

  • Welcome Mail

Once you are done with the aforementioned, you will receive a welcoming mail from the Dubai government. 

  • Do a Medical Visit

this can be done after you reach Dubai, but it's always better to finish it beforehand. You will get a month's time to finish your medical appointment.

  • Off to Dubai

Get your Visa after every formality is done and travel all the way to Dubai.

  • Biometrics

When your medical appointment is made, get the certificate and go to the list of offices you are informed to go to for the biometrics.

  • Passport stamp

Get your passport stamped. It may take a day of time.

  • Residency Card

You will get a text message from the government stating that your residency card for one year has arrived at your nearest post office, and you can go and collect it.

Documents Required to Get a Dubai Digital Nomad Visa

To do remote work in Dubai, you need to have the following documents;

✅Online filled visa application form.

✅ Valid passport (min 6 months validity required).

✅ Digital passport photo (45mm/35mm).

✅ Accommodation reservation (hotel booking, rental, or lease agreement).

✅ Medical insurance.

✅ Income Certificate.

✅ Bank Statement (last 3 months).

End Note

Besides a work visa, if you want your own Business Setup in Dubai, reach out to our experts for further information on the same. It's always better to have an expert’s advice before starting any business.

So we are always available to assist you with all our expertise in the same. To know more about Dubai's digital nomad visa, contact Commitbiz.


Can I work remotely for a Dubai company?


What exactly is a remote work visa in the UAE?

A remote work visa permits you to reside in the UAE while working for your current company outside of the UAE.

How long is the remote work visa valid for?

The remote work visa is valid for one year.

What is the fee for a remote work visa?

The fee of a one-year visa in the UAE is USD 287 per applicant.

For whom is the virtual working programme designed?

 The virtual working program is designed for people living and working outside of the UAE, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of the Dubai virtual working programme?

 The Dubai virtual working program benefits are Telecommunications

  • Utilities
  • Medical and schooling
  • Seamless digital infrastructure
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Zero income tax for individuals