Why You Should Consider Hiring Millennials

Why You Should Consider Hiring Millennials

by Zaara 27, Jun 2018

Millennials. Just the term puts a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it? Why this generation has gotten an infamous rep of being lazy, disloyal, and picky is beyond us, as it really couldn’t be further from the truth. Thankfully, the tide is turning for this generation, and people are starting to realize their value. In fact, there are a ton of positive things that are likely going to come from this facet of the population, which is why you should consider hiring millennials for your business. Find out why below.

1. They work well with others

The last thing you need in your department is a person who feels he/she can only handle things herself lest certain disaster happen. They won’t delegate because they think they’re the only one that can do things right and, because of this, they often come in late on projects. The Dubai Millennials have grown up working together, side by side—sharing is caring, and all that good spirit. And while there has been a lot of flak for the generation of “participation trophies”, you’d be hard put to find people who are better at working together for the greater good.

2. They’re educated to the highest degree

This is the most educated generation to enter the workforce. Not only that, but they are constantly seeking out more information and further advancing their skills through online courses. As this article also points out, “their intimate understanding of technology—having been born into a time when advancements in the world of technology seemed to be happening on a daily basis—have allowed them unprecedented advantages over the men and women in the current workforce.”

Hiring Millennials

3. They’re seeking more than just a paycheck

This is where they’ve kind of gotten the bad rep, as some have said this generation doesn’t have company loyalty. And while it’s true that they are not likely to stick with one company throughout their whole career like the boomers, there’s a method to what some think is madness.

This is a generation that has grown up as very socially conscious, so they want to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. You could very well pay them well, but if your company culture doesn’t align with their beliefs, they may go looking for a place where it does.

4. They’ll get you out of your ‘same old-same old’ mentality

Let’s face it – if all of your workers are, ahem, middle-aged and up – finding new solutions to the inevitable new problems might be challenging. Work experience is a valuable asset, but sometimes what your company needs is a fresh perspective. Millennials not only bring that, but they also bring their social media knowledge and technical prowess. It’s like getting a twofer, which is never a bad thing.

5. You get free advertising

Because this generation is so socially savvy, they share everything – for better or for worse. If you’re on social media, however, you’ll notice that it’s not all cat videos and new dance moves. They share anything that interests them, and many times, it’s things that are going on at work. How can you argue with free advertising? That’s right – you can’t.

6. They have less baggage

This is particularly helpful if your company has a lengthy training program. You don’t want employees who take half the program to change their way of thinking from their last employer. These folks come in and their brains are ready to mold to your company’s way of doing business. This can be a huge advantage over your competition.

If you have any concerns about their past, you can hire a company to vet your candidates for you – no sweat off your brow. Running a Transunion background check with ShareAble for hires means getting access to the info you need to make a confident hiring decision; it’s online and can be completed in minutes, making it convenient for both you and your tech-savvy Millennial job candidate.

7. You’ll save money

As previously mentioned, this generation is seeking more than just a paycheck. Not only that, but it’s typically considered the norm in most industries to pay new workers less anyway. This generation will consider the whole package. Will they have a good work/life balance? Are there perks other than a huge salary? Will they get invaluable work experience working at your company? Does your company have a stake in cause marketing? In fact, as this article notes, “Over 60 percent said that social responsibility plays a significant role in choosing where to work.” These are all things they’ll consider when deciding whether to accept your offer, and the bottom line for you is getting more for less.

It’s time we did away with the negative connotation that comes with the term ‘millennials’, as this generation is eager, willing, and savvy in ways that many of the others aren’t.

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