Why You Need to Start Your Business in Dubai Right Away

by Zaara 25, Nov 2015

Why You Need to Start Your Business in Dubai Right Away

If you are planning to start business operations in Dubai, there can’t be a better time than now. Dubai is in a preparatory mood, as it takes slow strides towards the mega 2020 World Expo, — a milestone event which immense potential to transform the fortune of the city. Businesses, the world over, are in a tearing rush to make their presence felt much before the Expo kicks off. It’s time you cash in on the ongoing frenzy and be one of the first to set up a business in the run-up to the grand event.

The big advantage of starting a business in Dubai now is that you can leverage the noise and cry around the event to be at the center of the world’s media. This stands particularly true for services or products that are recognized across the global level, such as restaurants and luxury hotels. If your brand is esoteric, this is the right time to position your business before the world and earn a distinctive identity. At the same time, this is the most opportune time to expose your business to the city.

Opportunities galore are arising as a result of the Expo which is why there are more chances of business ownership. The one thing that is bound to happen over the next few years is an increase in the tourism industry. So businesses related to tourism will get a phenomenal boost. So this is the right time to start businesses like setting up a travel agency or opening restaurants or small lodging accommodations. It’s also the right time for IT Companies to have their offices opened up in the city because like other companies operating in the region, they can piggyback on the media attention towards improving their global image. Likewise, real estate companies can make the most of the ongoing developments as analysts forecast a doubling or trebling of house prices by 2020.

With many of new businesses expected to flood the market in almost no time, there will be an increase in the need for business solutions such as Accounting Services, Business Management or Marketing Management, which many of them will be outsourcing to smaller firms. If you specialize in any of these solutions, this is the time to sow the seeds for a rich harvest.

Given that you have to set up your business in the shortest possible time, you need the service of experts to guide you through the detailed and complicated process of market study and legal compliance. Commitbiz has the experience to guide you through the process seamlessly and help you get your business up and running in no time.

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