Why Start a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 08, Jun 2020

The reputation of Bitcoin triggered a worldwide wave of interest in not just cryptocurrency but blockchain technology as a whole. The most renowned cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but there are hundreds of other ‘altcoin’ cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency businesses develop all of these.

While cryptocurrency as an acknowledged payment method is still in its infancy, businesses around the globe are getting on board. The list includes major companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Lionsgate Films, WordPress, Virgin Galactic, Expedia and payment merchants like Stripe and PayPal.

The most notable characteristics of cryptocurrency are that it is not controlled by one authority, like a government or financial institution. This decentralisation is brought about by peer-to-peer transactions facilitated by blockchain technology, which confirms the processes involved in the transfer and records them in a ledger viewable by the public.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency for your Business

When individuals decide to get into cryptocurrency, they only have to think about their financial risk and goals, as well as a few technical particulars like which type of wallet to use. However, companies have a lot more at stake. There are more people involved and if the investment fails, the entire company could be at risk. At the same time, businesses have a lot more options for getting involved in cryptocurrency than private individuals. The advantages are as under –

1.Brand Visibility

The companies that accept cryptocurrency are the exception. By announcing the acceptance of cryptocurrency, one instantly distinguishes your business from the competition. What’s more, cryptocurrency has an ardent community of operators.  This community will be acute in supporting and purchasing from a company that is not afraid to experiment in this new mode of payment.

2.Low Cost

Payment made in cryptocurrency doesn’t need a processing fee. Transactions are borderless and expected in near real-time regardless of the senders and recipient’s geographical location. The absence of cross-border barriers is the main reason cryptocurrency payments are much cheaper than credit card transactions.

3.Reduction in Scam

Credit cards have been the instrument behind the development of eCommerce. By giving a means for making a payment that doesn’t necessitate the buyer to be physically present, credit cards have permitted online businesses to involve with customers wherever they may be. Since cryptocurrencies transactions cannot be repudiated, they provide much higher reassurance when making international payments.

4.Blockchain Knowledge

The adoption of cryptocurrency has only sustained to grow. If the existing momentum holds, blockchain technology will ultimately become typical. As with any evolving trend, early adopters will enjoy a substantial benefit over those who join the bandwagon later.

5.Customer Privacy

Every year, the hacking of millions of consumer records at a foremost organisation hits worldwide headlines. Such loss of personally distinguishable information leaves the affected consumers vulnerable to identity theft and eventually the loss of their hard-earned finances. One of the most persuasive drivers of cryptocurrency has been the greater secrecy of the payment process. The buyer can choose to offer only as much information as they want to.

Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies in Dubai may unlock future development in technology in use for the advantage of businesses who wish to break from the conventional business structure. However, for those who choose to invest their businesses wealth in this way should be aware of the changing legal implications.

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