What is a Non-Usage Office/ Flexi Desk in Dubai?

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 30, Mar 2023

Confused after reading the topic? Continue reading for a better understanding. Co-working space, flexi desk, and non-usage office space one meaning with different terms. Just a game of synonyms. Now the question is, what is a flexi desk in Dubai? 

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Understand What is Flexi Desk for Your Company Formation in UAE

Technically several businesses under one shelter are the concept of a co-working space. You will get a space that you need to share with the other businesses. The next question would be, where can I set up the flexi desk in Dubai?

You can find your working space anywhere in the mainland and freezones of Dubai at a very affordable price. These co-working spaces can be beneficial for start-ups who require an address for their office.

Business Without a Co-Working Space in Dubai

Focus on the activity of your business before your business setup in Dubai without a co-working space because having an office space or not depends on the business activity.

Note: Office space is mandatory to open a bank account in Dubai

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Perks of having a Co-Working Space

Read the perks of owning a co-working space for your business setup in UAE;

  • This co-working office space is best for start-ups because they are the one who requires an address for their business.
  • It plays the role of a physical workstation.
  • If you are someone who loves to work in an office atmosphere and cares about the address for your business, then a co-working space or flexi desk is the best option.
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Everything you need to know about Flexi Desk Office in Dubai

Below are the things you need to know about setting up a flexi desk in Dubai;



Required office space - 200 sq ft

You don’t require an office space. One can opt for it if required.

You can have a flexi desk, but consider having your own office space for lease because when opening a bank account, the mandatory document is required in Ejari, also called the lease agreement.

Not mandatory in all freezones.

Cost to Setup a Flexi Desk in Dubai

The answer is very simple; it completely depends on the place you choose to start your office. But to make you less confused, here are the general prices.

  • Freezone - AED 6,300
  • Mainland - AED 7000
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What exactly is a flexi-zone in Dubai?

A flexi desk is a method of renting a chair and a desk in a free zone's coworking area; it simply implies that you have access to space and services in a coworking area. You will be conducting hot-desking with a flexi desk license.

What is the difference between a flex zone and a fixed zone in Dubai?

If you're not planning to use the coworking space daily, a flexible seating arrangement will save you money. Fixed seats must be reserved for a longer time, while flexi- desks is for a day.

What is the Important factor for Flexible Office Space?

The essential factors for flexible office space in Dubai are:

  • Location
  • Facilities

How could having a Flexi desk in Dubai benefit your company?

  • Owners and staff can have a furnished base with all office requirements.
  • You're seeking a prestigious location with a strong demand for long-term office space.
  • Workers thrive in a coworking atmosphere with like-minded individuals.
  • It will provide you with a physical office space outside of the area in which you want to operate your business.