5 Ways That Greeting Cards Can Be a Powerful Business Marketing Tool

by Zaara 14, Feb 2020

Marketing is essential to the survival and growth of any business, and many times companies get stuck try to attract the attention of customers using the most elaborate, flashy methods possible. While there are a time and place for this type of advertising, sometimes it's more effective to simplify your marketing strategies and focus on building a relationship with your customer base instead of just fighting to get them to notice you. A practical, timeless way to do this is through greeting cards, such as business thank you cards or holiday cards.

Stand Out to New Customers

If you have a brand new client or customer that you have had minimal contact with, sending a greeting card sets a precedent for what they can expect from your business. While people are used to receiving emails and flyers that are generic and sent out for advertising purposes, a personalized greeting card with no strings attached makes customers feel valued. This can be the first step of many in establishing a strong relationship with a client, which leads to increased loyalty and trust in your company.

Strengthen Relationships With Existing Customers

Businesses must put just as much time and effort into maintaining their current relationships as they do try to attract new customers. If all your marketing strategies are aimed towards drawing people in, they're unlikely to stick with your business if they feel neglected or lose interest in what you have to offer. Sending a greeting card on birthdays or during special holidays can go a long way in reminding your clients that you value them.

Land Sales With an Included Promotion

While you don't want to fall into the trap of making every greeting card a sales pitch, it is appropriate to every now and then includes a special promotion or deal in your greeting cards. You can mention that this exclusive deal is your way of saying thank you or wishing the client happy holidays. However, you must personalize the card and include a greeting so that it doesn't just get tossed in the trash with the rest of their unused coupons.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation With Business Thank You Cards

If you have a client who assisted you in some way or attended a company event, business thank you cards are an effective way of showing them your appreciation. Saying thank you helps strengthen your relationship with that client and makes it more likely they'd be willing to pay similar favour in the future. While it's always best to keep greeting cards short and simple, make an even more substantial impact on the client by referring specifically to what you are thankful.

Bring Attention To Your Business

There is always a multitude of things fighting for a person's attention, so sometimes all your clients need is a reminder that you exist. Only posting on social media or sending out a promotional letter isn't always enough to get your client's attention. However, a custom greeting card packaged in an invitation envelope is much more likely to be opened and read. Make sure to address the envelope to the customer by name and consider handwriting the label.

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