Types of Oman Visas

by Zaara 19, May 2020

Types of Oman Visas

Oman, a country falling in the region of the Arabian Peninsula known as the Rub' al-Khali, occupies the southern coast at the confluence of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

The north coast of Oman lies between the sea and inland mountains. Also, it serves as a port and commercial centre that commands a view of the Gulf of Oman. The diverse climatic country holds a warm and humid coast contrasting to its hot and dry interiors. Aflaj, an ancient water channel system that provides irrigation to this relatively low precipitated and vegetated land, is one of the country's 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The country that depends primarily on petroleum exports, agriculture, fishing, and overseas trading, started exporting petroleum to the world in 1967. It now has three-fourths part of its government income from the oil revenues.

Types of Visas Offered

The country offers four significant categories of visas according to the kind of one's visit.

1. Resident Sponsored Visa

Resident sponsored visa is sub-categorized based on the purpose of visit again.

a.  Oman Visas for work purpose

These Visas are for sponsored work purposes.

Type 1- Employment Visa

Oman issues these visas to workers with commercial, government, individual or foreign embassy sponsors. Employment visa is further of various types- 1A, 1B, 1C, 1J, 1D, 1O, 1E, 1F, 1K, 1H, 1I, 1M, 1N, 1G, 1P, 1Q, and 1R.

Type 2- Employment Visa with Endorsee

Oman issues these visas to sponsor a worker with the endorsee. 2A- Employment Companion Visa.

Type 9- Housemaid Visa

Oman issues these visas to a female domestic worker with an individual, individual diplomat, government or commercial sponsor. Housemaid Visas are further of many types- 9D, 9M, 9F, 9K, 9L, 9J, 9G, 9H, 9N, 9O, 9P, 9E, and 9Q.

Type 15- Investor Visa

Oman issues these visas to investors working with a local sponsor. 15A- for one year; 15B- two years on a limit of no limit renewals with the same quota; 15C- for one year; 15D- for two years.

Type 24- Short Work Visa

Oman issues these visas to commercially sponsored workers' residency in Oman for a short time. 24A- for 4 months; 24B- for 6 months; 24C- for 9 months.

b. Oman Visas for Family Purpose

These Visa types are available for sponsored family purposes.

Type 3- Family Joining Visa

Oman issues these visas to a relative of an Omani citizen, a foreign resident, or GCC national. Family joining visas are further of four types based on the kind of resident one is visiting- 3A, 3B, 3C, and 3D.

Type 14- Relative Joining Visa

Oman issues these visas to a spouse (under 21 years of age) or a newborn, or a child of a resident. Relative joining visas are of different four types- 14A, 14B, 14C, and 14D.

Type 19- Citizen's Wife, Visa

Oman issues these visas(19A) to the foreign wife of an Omani citizen.

Type 34- Property Owner Joiner's Visa

Oman issues these visas(34A) to first-degree family members to accompany the foreign owner of a housing unit.

c. Visa for Study Purpose

Type 16- Student Visa

Student visas are further of four types- 16A, 16B, 16C, and 16D. Oman issues these to students based on the duration of their studies in Oman.

2. Resident Unsponsored Visa

These Visas are available for unsponsored residential (housing) purposes.

Type 33- Property Owner Visa

The country issues a Property owner visa (33A) to a foreign owner of a housing unit in an approved tourist complex in Oman.

3. Visit Sponsored Visa

These are the seven subcategories available for a sponsored visit purpose.

a. Oman Visas for Business Purpose

Type 5- Business Visit Visa

Oman issues a Business visit visa (5A) to a professional or business person sponsored by a local sponsor.

Type 10- Businessman Visa

The country issues a Businessman visa (10A) to a business person or a professional with a local sponsor.

b. Oman Visas for Tourism Purpose

Type 6- Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are further of two types- 6A and 6B. Oman issues these visas to a tourist sponsored by a local sponsor based on the duration of their visit.

Type 32- Cruise Ship Passenger or Crew Visa

Oman issues Cruise Ship Passenger or Crew Visas to a passenger or crew member based on the duration of their visit in the following types- 32A, 32B, and 32C.

c. Oman Visas for Work Purpose

Type 7- Official Visit Visa

Oman issues these visas to a person sponsored by the Oman government based on the criterion of the fee. 7A and 7B are the types of this subcategory offered.

Type 8- Express Visa

Oman issues these visas to a person employed in certain occupations either by a foreign embassy or a local sponsor or with no fee. Express visas are further of three types- 8A, 8B, and 8C.

Type 11- Multi-Entry Visa (Sponsored)

Oman issues these visas to a professional or a business person employed on a particular occupation sponsored by a local sponsor or a foreign embassy. The multi-entry visa is further of three types- 11A, 11B, and 11C.

Type 13- Contractor Visit Visa

The country issues a contractor visa (13A) to a person who wants to undergo professional medical testing with an Oman government organization before working with a local sponsor.

Type 17- Band Visa

The country issues a Band visa (17A) to an artist to perform in the country with a local sponsor.

Type 22- Festivals Visa

Oman issues Festivals visa (22A) to a person to participate in a festival or exhibition that has the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Oman.

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d. Oman Visas for Family purpose

Type 4- Family Visit Visa

Oman issues these visas to a family member or a friend of a resident of Oman. Family visit visas are further of four types- 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D.

e. Oman Visas for Research Purpose

Type 31- Scientific Research Visa

Oman issues a scientific research visa (31A) to visit Oman for approved scientific research by agreeing on authority conducted for a local sponsor.

f. Oman Visas for Transit Purpose

Type 18- Sailor's Transit Visa

Sailor's transit visa (18A) allows a short entry for a crewman who is transiting through Oman and arriving by air and leaving by sea (or vice versa).

g. Oman Visas for Emergency Purpose

Type 30- Emergency Visa

Emergency visa (30A) allows a short visit to Oman in an emergency sponsored by a local sponsor.

4. Visit Unsponsored Visa

These are the five subcategories available for unsponsored visit purposes.

a. Oman Visas for Business Purposes

Type 25- Multi-entry Visit Visa

The multi-entry visa is further of 3 types- 25A, 25B, and 25C. Oman issues these visas to residents of either the USA or group 1 nationalities.

b. Oman Visas for Tourism Purposes

Type 20- Oman/Qatar Common Visa

Oman issues Oman/Qatar Common visas to a person on the list of eligible nationalities based on which of the two countries they want to visit first. 20A and 20B are the sub-types available.

Type 21- Dubai/Oman Common Visa

The country issues Dubai/Oman common visas (21A) to a person who currently has a tourist visa to enter the Emirates of Dubai and then wishes to enter Oman directly from Dubai.

Type 26- Tourist Visa

Oman issues tourist visa to tourists based on different criteria in the following types- 26A, 26B, 26C, 26D, 26E, 26F, 26G, 26H, 26I, 26J, 26K, 26L, 26M, and 26N.

Type 28- GCC Citizen Companion Visa

Oman issues GCC Citizen Companion visa to a person based in UAE, Qatar or Bahrain and is accompanied by a GCC Citizen. GCC Citizen Companion visa is of four types- 28A, 28B, 28C, and 28D.

Type 29- GCC Resident Visa

The country issues GCC Resident Visa to a citizen of GCC nations and belongs in approved professions.

Type 36- Visit Visa Multi-entry for one  year

The country issues these visas to tourists based on different criteria- their nationality and whether or not accompanied by a partner. Visit visa multi-entry for one year is further of four types- 36A, 36B, 36F, and 36M.

c. Oman Visas for Housing Purposes

Type 38- Off The Plan Owner Visa

Oman issues Off the plan owner visa(38A) to a foreigner off-the-plan buyer of a housing unit in an approved tourist in Oman.

d. Oman Visas for Transit Purposes

Type 23- Airport Transit Visa

Oman issues Airport transit visas (23A and 23B) to an airline passenger transiting through Oman on the way to a third country.

Type 27- Land Border Transit Visa

Oman issues this visa to a person who is either a Yemeni national or accompanying them based on either they are transiting through Oman from UAE or Yemen. Land Border transit visa is further of six types- 27A, 27B, 27C, 27D, 27E, and 27F.

e. Oman Visas for Emergency Purposes

Type 35- Patient Visa

Oman issues a 35A visa to a patient suffering from a medical problem or some other emergency.

Oman Visa Rules

  • Passport stamps of Israel may cause entry into Oman due to boycott applied by the Arab League countries. However, Israeli authorities have replaced passport stamps with an electronic gate pass.
  • Children of an Omani father can obtain Omani citizenship at birth. Oman doesn't recognize dual nationality, so dual passport holders are advised to enter and exit the territory of Oman with their Omani passports.
  • Please keep in mind that the entry requirements may change based on the decisions of the authorities, and it is strongly advised to have factual information from the local diplomatic missions in your country of residence before your departure.

Oman Visa Fees

The visa fees vary depending on the type of required visa as listed online.

Visa Type


Tourist Visa

20 Omani Riyal (approximately 51 USD)

Work/Employment Visa

50 Omani Riyal (approximately 129 USD)

Relative/ Friends’ Visit Visa

20 Omani Riyal(approximately 51 USD)

Express Visa

30 Omani Riyal (approximately 77 USD)

Student Visa

20 Omani Riyal (approximately 51 USD)

Family Joining & Family Residence Visa

20 Omani Riyal (approximately 51 USD)

The cost may vary subject to external inclinations.

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