Oman visa types

Types of Oman Visas

by Vidhya Sethuraman 06, Dec 2023

Oman is popular for its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse landscape. Its modern infrastructure and colorful culture make Oman a center for tourists. The heritage and business opportunities attract individuals, entrepreneurs, and investors to work here. Acquiring a visa makes it easy for people to live and work in Oman.

This article includes all the details about the types of Oman visas and their categories. 

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Visa Types in Oman -

There are different visas for different activities. Let's talk about the 4 main types of Oman visas –

A) Resident-Sponsored Visa:

A sponsored visa allows an individual to live in Oman with sponsorship from a resident or a local entity. The sponsor is a family member, employer, or another eligible entity willing to take responsibility for the individual during their stay.

There are various categories and types of resident-sponsored visas. Let's discuss them –

i) Visa Types in Oman for Work Purposes –

a) Employment Visa:

An employment visa allows foreign nationals to work and live in Oman with the sponsorship of an Omani employer or company. Once you get the visa, you're permitted to work in Oman for a specified period. The employer takes responsibility during their stay in the country.

b) Employment Visa with Endorsee:

An employment visa with an endorsee is a type of visa that Oman issues to sponsor a worker with the endorsee. An endorsee is a person who accompanies the worker and is dependent on him or her, such as a spouse or a child. This visa is also known as the 2A- Employment Companion Visa.

c) Housemaid Visa:

The housemaid visa under registered sponsored visa in Oman is a type of visa that allows non-citizens who have a sponsor in Oman, such as an employer, family member, or partner, to work as domestic help in the country.

d) Investor Visa:

There are two types of Oman visas for an investor depending on the amount and duration of the investment. 

  • Investor Residency Program – It offers two tiers of residency permits – 5 years and 10 years. 
  • E-2 Visa – This visa is available for citizens of Oman who have signed a treaty with the USA. This visa allows the investor to move to the US to establish and manage a business.

For an investor visa, the holder must get approval from The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

e) Short Work Visa:

This visa is for foreigners who are coming to Oman for temporary work. This visa gets approved at the request and responsibility of the employer. They're required to carry necessary visas and permits by The Ministry of Manpower.

ii) Visa Types in Oman for Family Purposes – 

a) Family Joining Visa:

The family joining visa is given to an expatriate employee's spouse and children below 21 years of age. It's also granted to a foreign wife of an Omani citizen at his request, according to a Ministry of Interior's certificate validating their marriage. This visa is a multi-entry visa, and it's valid for two years. 

b) Relative Joining Visa:

This visa is a type of visa that allows a foreign resident in Oman to bring their relatives to live with them. There are different types of relative joining visas depending on the relationship and nationality of the applicant and sponsor.

c) Citizen’s Wife Visa:

Under the types of Oman visas, this visa is also known as the family joining visa. It's given to the wife of a foreigner who is a resident of Oman as well as children who are below 21 years old. 

d) Property Owner Joiner’s Visa:

It's a type of resident sponsor visa allowing a foreigner who owns a property in Oman to sponsor their spouse and children to join them in Oman. The sponsor needs to be a citizen or legal resident of Oman.

iii) Visa Types in Oman for Study Purposes –

a) Student Visa:

A student visa allows you to study in Oman for a period of up to two years. A sponsor with a valid resident permit in Oman is needed. This sponsor can be a relative, a friend, or an educational institution.

b) Resident-Unsponsored Visa:

A resident unsponsored visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to stay in Oman for a longer duration without the need for a sponsor. To get this visa, you must meet certain needs, like being a retired person, owning property, or possessing a valid GCC residence permit. 

The type of Oman visas under resident–unsponsored visa is –

c) Property Owner Visa:

This visa allows residency in Oman for a foreign owner of a housing unit in an approved tourist complex. 

d) Visit-Sponsored Visa:

A visit-sponsored visa is a type of visa that allows foreigners to visit Oman for personal, tourism, or employment purposes. They need sponsorship from an Omani entity.

There are various Oman visa categories and sub-categories under visit-sponsored visa. They're listed below –

i) Oman Visa for Business Purposes – 

a) Business Visit Visa:

A business visit visa allows foreign nationals to enter Oman for business-related purposes. Such as completing the company registration in Oman. It's granted by the request of a local sponsor in Oman, who handles the visa application. The sponsor can be a company, an organization, or an individual.

ii) Types of Oman Visas for Tourism Purposes –

a) Tourist Visa:

There are different types of tourist visas to Oman, depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. Tourist visas are for individuals who plan to visit Oman for fun or refreshment. This visa is valid for short periods to engage in tourism activities, sightseeing, etc.

b) Crew Visa:

This visa is required for individuals who are transiting or performing their duties in a foreign country. These individuals are a part of the crew of an international airline or shipping company. Crew members may include pilots, flight attendants, or maritime crew. The purpose of a crew visa is to allow these individuals to enter the country for the duration of their work-related duties, such as operating flights or managing maritime activities.

iii) Oman Visas for Work Purposes –

a) Official Visit Visa:

It's for people who are visiting a country for official or diplomatic purposes. This type of Oman visa is for governmental officials, diplomats, and individuals representing their country on official business.

b) Express Visa:

Oman issues these visas to a person employed in certain occupations either by a foreign embassy or a local sponsor or with no fee.

c) Multi-Entry Visa:

Oman issues this visa to a professional or a business person from a particular occupation sponsored by a local sponsor or a foreign embassy.

d) Contract Visit Visa:

The country issues a contractor visa to a person who wants to undergo professional medical testing with an Oman government organization before working with a local sponsor.

e) Band Visa:

This visa is given to musicians, band members, or performers visiting the place for events, concerts, or other cultural activities. 

f) Festivals Visa:

Oman issues a festival visa for taking part in a festival or exhibition. The festival should have the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Oman.

iv) Types of Oman Visa for Family Purposes –

a) Family Visa:

A family visa allows individuals to visit their family members who are citizens of Oman. The purpose of this visa is to help family reunification and to allow family members to spend time together.

v) Oman Visa for Research Purpose –

a) Scientific Visa:

Oman issues a scientific research visa for visiting Oman for approved scientific research. They have to agree with the authority conducted for a local sponsor.

vi) Oman Visa for Transit Purpose –

a) Sailor’s Transit Visa:

This visa is for individuals working on ships or vessels who need to transit through a country. 

vii) Types of Oman Visas for Emergency Purposes –

a) Emergency Visa:

This visa is given in situations where there's an urgent need for travel due to uncertain situations. For instance, medical emergencies, family crises, etc.

D) Visit-Unsponsored Visa:

These visas are for foreigners who do not have a sponsor in Oman but are eligible to apply online or upon arrival. It's valid for tourism, business travel, or transiting through the country. Eligibility for this visa requires a valid passport, a digital photo, and a valid email address.

There are certain types of Oman visas under this head, and they are as follows –

i) Oman Visa for Business Purposes –

a) Multi-entry Visit Visa:

A multi-entry visit visa allows the holder to enter and exit the country many times within a specified period. This visa isn't tied to a specific sponsor. This allows the visa holder greater flexibility in their travel plans.

ii) Oman Visa for Tourist Purposes –

a) Oman/Qatar Common Visa:

Oman and Qatar have a joint tourist visa agreement that allows citizens of 33 countries to visit both countries for up to 30 days with a single visa. This is the Oman/Qatar common visa.

b) Dubai/Oman Common Visa:

The Dubai/ Oman common visa allows eligible passport holders to enter Oman for up to 21 days without paying any fee. If they have a valid tourist visa for Dubai. This visa is also known as the Dubai/Oman joint visa.

c) GCC Citizen Companion Visa:

Oman issues a GCC Citizen Companion visa to a person based in UAE, Qatar, or Bahrain. It's accompanied by a GCC Citizen. 

d) GCC Resident Visa:

A GCC resident visa is for a citizen of the GCC nations belonging to approved professions.

iii) Types of Oman Visa for Housing Purposes –

a) Off-the-Plan Owner Visa:

Oman issues it to a foreigner off-the-plan buyer of a housing unit in an approved tourist in Oman.

iv) Oman Visa for Transit Purpose

a) Airport Transit Visa:

Oman issues this visa to airline passengers transiting through Oman on the way to a third country.

b) Land Border Transit Visa:

This visa allows tourists to enter Oman by land for a specific period. You don't need to get sponsored by a local host or company.

v) Oman Visa for Emergency Purpose –

a) Patient Visa:

This visa allows a foreigner to enter Oman for medical treatment. 

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Oman is a beautiful country with various tourist spots and a radiant culture. It attracts entrepreneurs and investors across the globe due to its business opportunities. These individuals need many types of Oman visas according to their respective activities. These visas consist of their own eligibility criteria, registration process, and requirements. 

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What are the four significant categories of Oman Visas?

The four categories are:

  • Resident Sponsored Visa
  • Resident Unsponsored Visa
  • Oman Visit Visa (Sponsored)
  • Oman Visit Visa (Unsponsored).

What is the approximate cost of an Oman tourist visa?

20 OMR.

Does Oman recognize dual nationality?


Does Oman issue visas in the case of an emergency?

Oman issues a 35A visa to a patient suffering from a medical problem or some other emergency.

What is the approximate cost of an Omani express visa?

30 OMR.