Toys R Us Launches New E-Commerce Platform in the Middle East

Toys R Us Launches New E-Commerce Platform in the Middle East

by Zaara 13, Feb 2019

Setting up an e-commerce website is one of the fastest ways of growing a business, establishing a market place, spreading the awareness of your company/brand and getting easy access to develop your presence on the internet.

The Next E-Commerce Capital

Over the years, e-commerce trade has rapidly increased by a whopping 1500% across the Middle East. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states that e-commerce contributes approximately 0.4% to the region’s GDP. According to the market research firm Frost Sullivan, e-commerce sales in the UAE will hit $10 billion by 2018 and $20 billion by 2019.

In recent times, Google has revealed that the UAE also leads in smartphone penetration at 73.8%, with the internet usage of the country being 91.9%. It means that almost everyone uses the internet over there, plus the majority of the shopping is done online through mobile phones. Looking at the current scenario, it looks like it is just going to get bigger from here. The UAE is expected to generate 50% of e-commerce sales in the region.

Children’s Toy Retailer Has Launched a New Middle East E-commerce Platform

To expand the reach of the company and to grow market area, Toys "R" Us has now launched the new website. It includes marketing, customer services and personalized shipping notifications. This new website also has the facility of special gift finder, and segregates items according to age limits and budget, making it a user-friendly buying experience.

Benefits of Starting an E-Commerce Website

1. Inexpensive

An e-commerce website saves money on many factors. When it comes to being digital, it gives you an upper hand to focus more on the outcome of sales and being customer-centric.

2. Advertisement

Digital advertisements are inexpensive than traditional and have the power to reach out to a greater number of people as well as to be available to provide information whenever your customers need it.

3. Customer Connectivity

The feature of chatting has now become one of the means of getting easily in touch with customers anytime. Availability of the company virtually will be helpful to resolve any queries as such.

E-commerce is a great business opportunity because of the promise it holds. Dubai is one of the best places to start an e-commerce business if you are planning to set up your business in Asia. If you are interested in starting an e-commerce business in the UAE, you must know that the country provides a welcoming, conducive and lively business environment with abundant business opportunities. The process to apply for an e-commerce license in Dubai is simple and hassle-free.

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