Things to Look For After Starting a Restaurant in Dubai

by Zaara 21, Oct 2019

The restaurant business is one of the most economical and feasible options of the lot. It is a constant source of money and crowds flock to good restaurants to get a taste of the food served. However, a restaurant depends on sustainability. It cannot depend on new customers only. It needs to build a reputation and make it a go-to for the residents in the area as well. For those looking to start a restaurant in Dubai, the target should be a good balance of residents and tourists.

Checklist for a Successful Restaurant Business in Dubai

1. Business Plan

A detailed plan laying out the structure of success is important for any restaurant. This plan must mandatorily include market research. A balanced amount of Competitor analysis, target audience analysis, financial and budgeting projection as well. It is always advisable to seek help from a business advisory to streamline the process.  Industry trends are also to be looked into, and trends might change, tastes might change; therefore, it is important to keep up with the ongoing trend. This is not with respect to just food but the ambience, music and every other aspect of the restaurant.

2. Legalities

Many successful restaurants have closed down only because of not keeping up with the legal formalities. If the restaurant is likely to serve pork, then a pork permit is a must. If the authorities do penalise the restaurant for any violation, the image of the restaurant is likely to drop. It is also important to pay taxes if required without any mismatch. All receipts and accounts must be maintained accurately.

3. Staff

The Staff at a restaurant play the most important role in the operations of the restaurant.While looking to start a restaurant in Dubai especially Staff to be recruited  are easy to find but they must be diligent and customer friendly. Well behaved staff may build friendly relations, thereby making it a pleasant environment for the returning customers or the regulars. Staff who are courteous and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure all functions runs smoothly are the ones who should be in place.  Identification of staff and giving them better roles is as important. This will reduce the burden on the owner and thereby provide more time for decision making and other essential activities. (Menu expansion, research, competitive analysis and customer analysis).

4. Hygiene

The authorities will regularly have random checks on the premises of the restaurant, and it is essential that the restaurant is cleaned daily without fail. Pest control and cleanliness are mandatory for any restaurant. Any violation of these conditions will result in closing down, and this will be a huge hit to the revenue as well as the goodwill of the restaurant. One single mistake can make sure a client never returns to a restaurant. It is extremely important to keep the restaurant free from any sort of mishaps. All restaurants in Dubai maintain a very hygienic kitchen as well as clean their premises as and when possible.

5. Marketing and Promotions

A well-marketed restaurant will have more customers no matter what. It is therefore beneficial for the restaurant to organise events and to set up stalls at exhibitions. There is no better marketing than word of mouth and exhibitions, events and meets are a great place to promote the restaurant. Also keeping food challenges and fun events on a daily basis will only bring in more crowd.

For, E.g. Having a monster burger challenge, spicy wings challenge etc.

People are going to flock to such places just to witness these events. It is also good if there are live performances occasionally. Food shouldn't be the only criteria for people to come. Certain offers on certain days also are good ways of increasing revenue. Marketing for a restaurant in Dubai works well if done right.

6. Customer Relations

A  customer is always happy to return to a restaurant where he knows he is welcome. As a restaurant owner, it is so important to maintain good relations and interact with customers on a daily basis to get an idea of the different tastes and what can be improved at the restaurant. Always greeting the customer and treating the regular customers occasionally by giving them a free drink sometimes is one of the ways of maintaining customer relations. A restaurant in Dubai has higher chances of being visited by celebrities or royals, this might make a restaurant very famous thereby making it successful.

7. Consistency

The importance of consistency cannot be stressed upon. If a restaurant serves good food today, it supposed to do so every day. Consistency is vital in any success.  Service, food and other services must always be top notch, and there be no compromise when it comes to these things. A restaurant in Dubai can only become successful with consistency.

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