The UAE - An Ideal Tourist Destination

The UAE - An Ideal Tourist Destination

by Zaara 18, Jan 2022

The UAE is famous for its relentless sunshine, its golden dunes tha roll on for miles and some of the most ambitious, opulent building projects of modern times.

But it’s not all super-tall skyscrapers and shifting sands. The country founded just 47 years ago by the late SheikhZayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is now home to more than 200 nationalities and a world pioneer in different industries.

According to the date by Dubai Chamber, the UAE’s tourism sector is expected to grow by 6.5% annually between 2011 and 2021.

Main Features of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an ideal tourist destination in so many ways. Some of its distinct features that contribute to making it an ideal tourist destination are -

  • Political and economic stability
  • Strategic location connecting the west and the east
  • Well-connected by major airlines worldwide
  • The robust infrastructure supporting tourism
  • A range of accommodation to choose from for all budgets and fancies
  • A range of events and activities that cater to all age groups and people with varied interests
  • Unique biodiversity - the UAE has deserts, oases, mountains, valleys, salt plains, mangroves, beaches and a very rich terrestrial and marine flora and fauna
  • Religiously and culturally tolerant population - the UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities from different religious and cultural backgrounds living peacefully
  • Low crime rate - the rate of premeditated murders in the UAE is 0.3 per cent for every 100,000 people as of January 2018

Things the UAE does better than anywhere else

Here are 5 things that make the Emirates special when you travel -

1. Keeping you Safe

If you are an anxious traveller, then you don’t need to worry about it in the UAE. The nation is particularly safe for solo female travellers, especially with hotels such as Dukes Dubai and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers dedicated female-only floors with an all-female staff. In fact, from the last few years, Abu Dhabi outperformed cities such as Vienna and Tokyo to be voted as the world’s safest by online crime index Numbeo.

2. Connecting the World

The UAE has quickly climber the ladder to become one of the world’s most essential and booming aviation hubs. The UAE's strategic location between Oman and Saudi Arabia makes it ideal to connect travellers heading from the West to the East and vice versa. For four consecutive years, Dubai’s International Airport has been ranked the busiest airport for international travellers, with more than 88 million passengers passing through it last year.

3. Hotels out of the World

The UAE is one of those countries where tourists outnumber residents. Last year, the number of international travellers arriving at the country was 20.7 million, and the country's many hotels offer stays that suit a diverse range of tastes. Tourists can enjoy a stay in international brand hotels or opt for unique experiences. If you are a water baby, you can book an underwater suite in Dubai.

4. Thriving Culture

Over the past 10 years, the UAE has seen an increased interest in the arts. Off the coast of Abu Dhabi lies Saadiyat Island, a piece of land dedicated to furthering the region's cultural interests. Sharjah, called the cultural capital of the UAE, is home to the country’s museum and art galleries including Sharjah's Calligraphy Museum and Museum of Islamic Civilization, it's a recommended day trip. For more quirky experiences, there's Dubai's Coffee Museum in the historic Al Fahidi district and Dubai's Women's Museum. And make sure to not miss out on Dubai's Alserkal Avenue -- an emerging art hub -- where you can book yourself a ticket for an indie film in Cinema Akil, the Arabian Peninsula's first art-house cinema.

5. Shopping Malls

During summers, the UAE can get very hot and most of the time is spent indoors in the comfort of air conditioning. This is where shopping malls come into the picture. The UAE shopping malls are designed not just for shopping, but for meeting friends, exercising, unwinding -- and shopping. The Mall of the Emirates in Dubai boasts an indoor ski park with the world's largest indoor ski slope, on an 85-meter-high indoor mountain.

Best Places to Visit in the UAE

Apart from the seven cities of the UAE, here we list down the best places to visit and things to do in the UAE to explore sightseeing and tourist attractions.

1. Al Ain

Literally translated as ‘the spring’, Al Ain was once a vital oasis on the caravan route from the UAE to Oman. It is a small and sleepy town away from the crowds of the major cities in the UAE. It is largely known for its greenery and is a beautiful sight to view in the midst of a desert.

2. Hatta

Staying true to the vision of the founders of the UAE of expanding into modern horizons while sticking to its roots, Hatta is an amalgamation of adventure and culture. It is an exclave of the Emirates and is located high above in the Hajar Mountains. Cosseted in the mighty heights, it is landlocked by Oman, Ajman and RAK. Popular for Kayaking and other adventure sports such as kayaking, hiking, climbing and camping - Hatta's economy mainly rests on tourism.

3. Madinat Zayed

It is located Abu Dhabi and is a major prominent administrative district in Al Gharbia. It is well-known for a festival that consists of a beauty pageant for camels called Al Dhafra Festival. It also features several quirky and entertaining events such as a traditional market, races and several social Emirati activities.

4. Khor Fakkan

The city of Khor Fakkan is an exclave of the Emirate of Sharjah and is nothing less than a paradise on Earth. With the Khor Fakkan Beach present on the banks of Gulf of Oman and the Bay of Khor Fakkan, the city is geographically surrounded by the Hajar Mountains on its western end. Beaches, mountains, historic castles, museums and mosques - Khor Fakkan has plenty of attractions for you to visit during your stay there.

There are many such destinations that can be visited in the UAE - we have mentioned some more in another blog.

We have also listed down the UAE tourism websites, to make your trip hassle-free.

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