Starting an Offshore Company in Ajman

by Zaara 31, Jul 2016

Starting an Offshore Company in Ajman

Ajman Offshore is regulated by the Ajman Free Zone Authority, and similar to other offshore jurisdictions there are no taxes and the company’s confidentiality is kept intact as the address is that of the registered agent.

Some other benefits of Ajman Offshore are that there is no requirement of registration with the Chamber of Commerce and there is also no requirement of renting an office or any industrial premises at Ajman. Over and above these, founders and directors of an Ajman Offshore company are not required to have a residence visa. However, directors and/or shareholders also are not eligible to get a residence visa from the offshore company they are a part of. There is only one director required for registering a company at Ajman Offshore. Shareholders are not expected to be present in person in front of the Ajman Offshore authority to start the process of company formation.

A key advantage of Ajman Offshore company formation is that since it is a new offshore entity, formed in 2014, their process for the company formation and amendment is much faster and simple compared to other offshore jurisdictions.

If you are someone interested in evaluating Ajman as an option for starting your business in the UAE, here is a list of the few activities allowed at Ajman Offshore (includes but not limited to):

  • Shipping and Ship Management
  • Professional Services
  • International Services
  • Investments and Joint Investments Company
  • Holding Company (For buying/holding/selling other companies)
  • Consulting and Advisory services
  • General Trading
  • Commission Agents Company – to act as intermediary brokers

In Ajman, as elsewhere in the UAE, the legal regulations are quite thorough and solid, and the cost of non-compliance is high. To be on top of all these, the best way would be to engage the services of a high quality, well-experienced, and cost-effective UAE based consultant like

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