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How to Start Forex Trading in Dubai - Set Up Your Own Company

by Zaara 19, Aug 2021

Let’s understand what a forex trading company is at first. Forex, the term itself, says the foreign exchange. This company is a platform that helps people to exchange their foreign currencies.

Starting Forex Trading in Dubai is the best idea because of the Emirate's well-established financial environment. So, start your own company today.

One more best option the Emirate gives you is the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). This is a freezone entirely based on financial services. You can also start your company on the mainland.  

Advantages of Setting Up a Forex Trading Company in Dubai 

Like other business sectors, Forex trading is a successful investment in Dubai. Numerous forex trading companies have established their brands in the industry. In addition, the following advantages ensure that your business is both trouble-free and profitable:

  • Business Flexibility

Forex trading in Dubai comes with a lot of flexibility as you don’t need an office setup for this; you can do business from anywhere and anytime. It’s just a matter of a strong internet connection, a good computer or laptop, and a good amount of knowledge about the stock market. 

  • Tax advantages and business in a booming economy

Dubai is well-known for its tax benefits. On the other hand, setting up a forex company in Dubai will earn you more profit, and you don’t have to worry about tax payments.

  • Safe and regulated

Forex trading requires a forex license in Dubai; this license is provided by the Dubai Financial Service Authority. With a license, you can do trading legally.

  • Hassle-free business setup: 

Trading company setup is simpler compared to other businesses. Setting up a trading company in Dubai with a proper license will attract people to invest in your company. Moreover, the UAE government provides a lot of benefits for trading companies.

How to Start a Forex Trading Company in Dubai?

The steps below should be followed if you want to obtain a forex trading license in Dubai. Reach out to our experts today to proceed with your forex trading Business Setup in Dubai.

  • Step 1: Know Your Needs

Before starting a trading company, be sure about your needs. If you are an experienced trader, you should know the market strategies, and if you are a fresh starter, you should be familiar with the basics and always have contact with expert forex brokers with sufficient study materials.

  • Step 2: Decide a Forex Broker

  • Brokers should have official controlling body supervision operations.
  • Marketers should know how to counterbalance the business 

  • Leverage rates
  • He/She should be aware of the margins
  • Find a broker with a narrow space 
  • He/She should have an adaptable interface
  • He/ She should always be ready to show their free demo account. 
  • For freshers, the broker should provide the relevant information with proper study materials.

Step 3: Opening an Account to Start Trading

After you are done with all the above procedures, start creating a demo account. With the help of a demo account, you can learn and earn some revenue before you start with your live account.

End Note - Obtain Your Forex Trading License in Dubai with Us

People might have a dream of starting a trading company in Dubai, but they might think it is not easy for anyone to start a forex trading company. This is not true; now, anyone can do trading with the help of experts. Contact Commitbiz to clear all your doubts.

Our professionals will assist you throughout the process of setting up a company in Dubai.


Is Dubai a suitable place to trade forex?

Yes, and it is advised forex brokers are not obliged to obtain authorization from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to accept UAE nationals as customers.

Is it possible for an Indian to open a forex trading account in Dubai?

Yes, forex trading is illegal in India, and the Indian government has outlawed forex trading sites. Therefore, you may only trade forex with regulated brokers in India.

Which forex brokers are allowed in Dubai?

AvaTrade. They are heavily regulated FX broker that supports MT4/MT5. AvaTrade is one of the few online brokers approved by the Abu Dhabi Financial Services Regulatory Authority. Aside from that, the broker is licensed by several other prominent regulatory authorities, including the FSA, ASIC, FSCA, and others.

How much does a forex trading license in Dubai cost?

To begin trading operations, create a local bank account and deposit a specified amount of money, about AED 50,000, once the approvals are received. A Forex trading license in Dubai typically costs around AED 32,000.

Is Forex trading taxed in Dubai?

Many investors launch their Forex trading company in Dubai due to its simplicity of setup, and there is no income tax or any other sort of corporate tax. As with other trading enterprises, you will quickly acquire many clients or investors. 01-May-2022.

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