Smart Dubai Expands Partnership on Retail Sector Data Project

by Zaara 08, Mar 2022

Smart Dubai Expands Partnership on Retail Sector Data Project

Smart Dubai announced that it collaborated on a new partner in the Joint Retail Sector Data Project, launched in 2019 in partnership with Dubai's Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economic) and other semi-government and private entities.

The project outlines a clear vision for decision-makers of shifting customer behaviour and purchase habits in times of emergency for citizens and residents, allowing shopping malls to provide people with healthy experiences amid maximum protection measures.

It uses its usable and comprehensive data to be analysed and optimised for value to improve retail sector experiences and services and spread happiness among residents. Also, the project aims to direct the industry into making the right investments.

One of the critical elements of the Dubai economy in the private sector, which calls for the continued prediction of evolving people's needs and providing creative solutions to meet those needs, plays a vital role in using data to grow the retail sector.

The project makes optimum use of the data available and the digital wealth it reflects on modifying the products and services offered to Dubai’s citizens and tourists by the city's malls. In turn, this takes us closer to achieving our target of transforming Dubai into the happiest and smartest city in the world.

A significant pillar of Dubai's economy is the retail sector. We recognise the importance of the retail industry, its significant contribution to Dubai's GDP, and its vital position in meeting various general needs as a government body dealing with the formulation and growth of the Emirate's economic plan by supporting different sectors.

Our strategy’s success in creating, coordinating, and encouraging the Emirates’ economy’s sustainable growth relies on stronger public-private partnerships to consolidate Dubai’s competitiveness on the global map. It aims to increase public-private cooperation opportunities and make it easier for business owners to start, develop, and manage their activities by enhancing market awareness and customer behaviour.

It helps to look forward to collaborating with Smart Dubai and sharing new ideas to meet the marketplace's changing needs and positively affect the economy.

Smart Dubai also aims to extend the project to create a more detailed profile of tourists who visit shopping malls in the Emirate of Dubai, including their buying habits and preferences for payment methods. It would also make it easier to build programmes that better meet the needs of residents and tourists.

The project strengthens the retail sector's versatility with a greater understanding of demographic diversity and people’s actions, such as buying and visiting habits. It ushers in a new approach where data collected from the city serves as the basis for developed economic policies.

It facilitates reliable data sharing in compliance with international best practices, ensures individual information protection, and ensures the seamless and equal data exchange.

The retail sector is expected to benefit from many benefits from the initiatives, such as the opportunity to recognise the tastes and trends of shoppers and critical products and services they would like to purchase from nearby shopping malls. In essence, this would make it easier for distributors to make sound choices and create air-tight promotional strategies.

The project sought to address several questions centred on the frequency of people visiting local shopping centres, their loyalty to the malls in the areas where they live, and the proportion of residents visiting these centres in each city.

The Private Sector Engagement Strategy sets four dimensions for a fully optimised, data-driven ecosystem: Governance and Regulation; Technology and Operations; Commercialisation; and People and Engagement.

The plan includes the private sector in Dubai’s smart city transformation in line with the UAE leadership’s forward-thinking vision. It enhances coordination and interaction between the public and private sectors in the Emirate.


Since its inception, the Smart Dubai Organization has initiated over 130 projects in collaboration with government and private sector organisations. The Dubai Data Plan, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, the Happiness Agenda, the Dubai AI Roadmap, and the Dubai Paperless Strategy are some of the main initiatives.

Smart Cities Global Network

The Global Smart Cities Network is an international network of stakeholders in smart cities that links cities and provides a broad global forum for exchanging views, perspectives and ideas on the best mechanisms for developing future smart cities.

Data First

The City’s Data Challenge is a challenge between Dubai’s government and semi-government data strategy partners to accelerate data collection and submission.

Artificial Intelligence Principles and Ethics

The rapid growth and breakthrough potential of AI across a variety of fields are stimulating. There is an urgent need for a comprehensive and open discussion about AI ethics, and the values organisations using this technology need to remember.

It allows business, academics and people to understand how it is possible to use AI systems responsibly. It consists of concepts and guidelines, and a tool for developers to test their platforms through self-assessment.

In cooperation with our communities, our mission is to provide cohesive guidance that is continuously enhanced. The ultimate goal is to achieve a broad consensus and follow widely accepted policies to warn not only in Dubai but also around the world of AI’s ethical use.

Startup Support

Smart Dubai and our UAE government partners can transform the UAE into a new testbed to develop and scale-up emerging technologies for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Researchers have implemented a variety of projects in the past two years and continue to run them.

Happiness Agenda

The goal of the project is to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. We have prioritised happiness as our primary objective to change Dubai’s future through smart technology and creativity. By addressing our citizens and tourists’ basic needs, we will increase the happiness and well-being of all in the short and long term and create a global benchmark for other cities to follow our lead.

AI Lab

Dubai is accelerating to become the world's smartest city with Our first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab. To boost our people’s overall quality of life, increase happiness levels, and optimise visitor satisfaction, we are harnessing the power of machine learning to implement AI into government services and city experiences.


The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will help Dubai accomplish the dream by making Dubai the happiest city on earth by making Dubai the first town entirely powered by Blockchain by 2020. The strategy would leverage three strategic pillars of government effectiveness, market growth and international leadership.


We are creating, without paper, a future. Dubai’s government will go fully paper-free in 2021, removing more than 1 billion pieces of paper used every year for government transactions. Our integrated system marks another significant step towards making Dubai a future smart city and improving workers’ and people’s satisfaction levels, saving time, money, and the environment.

For the six-month event span, Dubai will not only impact the country's businesses and industries but will bring a new wave of social growth to the country for the coming decade. For the next 10-15 years, companies in Dubai are hoping to benefit from the Expo. This event would also go beyond a worldwide exhibition of the most revolutionary technology and futuristic innovations.

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What is the aim of Smart Dubai behind joining hands with the Joint Retail Sector Data Project?

The initiative's goal is to guide the retail industry to the appropriate investments.

Why did Smart Dubai collaborate with retail sectors?

Citizens and residents alter consumer behavior and purchasing habits in times of disaster, allowing shopping malls to create safe experiences for consumers while maintaining comprehensive safety precautions.

What is the growth in the retail business in Dubai?

More than 8%.

How will Smart Dubai work with retail companies in Dubai?

It enables data to be transferred reliably and by international best standards, ensuring the protection of individual information and smooth and equitable data exchange.

How will the retail sector benefit from the Smart Dubai project?

The retail industry is expected to gain from the initiatives in several ways, including the ability to detect buyers' preferences and inclinations and the essential items and services they want from shopping malls. As a result, merchants will be able to make more informed judgments and create more effective marketing strategies.

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