Set up an Accounting Training Center in Dubai

by Zaara 13, Aug 2021

Set up an Accounting Training Center in Dubai

Do you want to set up an accounting training center in Dubai? Are you thinking about how to get a training institute license in Dubai? If yes, then you are reading in the right direction.

The first thing you must know before doing a business in Dubai is that the training centers in Dubai have to get the approval of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai(KHDA). Once you finalize the location, the outline for the facility has to be submitted for initial approval as per KHDA specifications.

The training center material is also required to be approved, along with the experience of the trainer. Once the KHDA approves, then the appropriate licensing authority issues the trade license.

How to Get the License of a Training Institute in Dubai?

To start an accounting training center in Dubai, you will have to get a license for the Training center. You can set up a business in Dubai, such as a training institute in Dubai mainland or in one of the various Dubai free zones such as :

  • Dubai Academic city
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Studio City
  • International City Dubai
  • Dubai design district

Following are the steps to follow for getting a training center license in Dubai:

Step – 1 Initial Phase of the Department of Economic Development (DED)

  • Get the initial approval
  • Trade name reservation is must

Step – 2 Starting Phase of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

  • Application form
  • Course list
  • Registration plan
  • Passport copies & notarized signature of all Shareholders and manager
  • You need to nominate a manager who should be qualified. You should have the attested certificates
  • The business plan will be passed on to the strategy department of KHDA for review.
  • KHDA will either allow or reject the application.
  • The fee of AED 30,000 will be charged for getting permits, and NOC will be issued by KHDA.

Step – 3 Second Phase of DED

  • You have to apply for the Professional License
  • Then you need to submit the documents and paperwork from the Initial Phase.

Step – 4 Second Phase of KHDA

  • You need to submit a copy of the professional license
  • Copy of tenancy contract
  • Civil defence certificate

Similarities OF Obtaining License in Dubai Mainland And Freezones

The process of getting an accounting center license in freezones is different from Dubai mainland. Furthermore, the process of obtaining an accounting center license from freezone to freezone also varies.

The KHDA approvals are same for both the commercial entities, be it Dubai free zone or mainland, and play a vital role. After having received the pre-approval from the Dubai free zone authority or mainland, authorization from the KHDA is mandatory.

These involve

  • The business plan and outline for the facility must be given to KHDA for initial approval.
  • The training center materials that will be required in the training institute will also need to be given for approval.
  • The documents for the training center's teacher and instructor are also required to be given.
  • Once KHDA issues the approval, the license shall then be furnished by the respective supervising authority freezone or Dubai mainland.

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