Remote Notarization of Power of Attorneys in Dubai

by Zaara 18, Jun 2021

Remote Notarization of Power of Attorneys in Dubai

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses incapable to go about performing their normal day-to-day operations. With people stuck at home, offices lockdown, and restrictions on global travel at the place, many have found complications in ensuring that their work makes it through the pandemic.

The United Arab Emirates has taken many steps to ensure a smooth incorporation procedure of entrepreneurs stuck in the lockdown. The UAE continues to flourish in maintaining a leading economic ecosystem by doing all that it can to ensure that businesses do not face the challenges of situations such as these. One such step has been remote notarization of the power of attorneys in Dubai. It means that a Power of Attorney attestation can be done entirely online from the comforts of your home. Notarization is essential for any business to avoid fraud and to ensure proper implementation.

Recently, the Dubai Courts announced that public notary services would be available to be conducted remotely to abide by the health and safety measures put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, whilst also ensuring that business operations remain unwavering. The circular states that the following Notary Services can be conducted remotely:

  • Power of Attorney notarization
  • Notarization of legal notices
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notarization of Local Service Agent Agreements
  • Notarization of Memorandums/Articles of Association and addenda to that concerning civil companies (i.e. companies not subject to the Commercial Companies Law)

How does it work?

To proceed with remote notarization, here’s how our consultants at Commitbiz can assist you –

  1. Our concerned advisor will draft the POA professionally and precisely conveying the situation and send it to you via email
  2. You can then check the draft, and if all’s good, you can sign and send us back the document
  3. We will then send the document via email to the designated email address of the remote notary public
  4. The notary will review the document and send a BOTIM link with time for you (the client) for a virtual meeting. The application will be approved by identity verification through video call, therefore make sure that you are available during the mentioned period along with the original passport
  5. Once this meeting is done, the Notary will attest the POA, and send it back to us. We will sign for the company formation on behalf of you (the client)

With these steps, you can set up your company in UAE Mainland from your home. However, if you have any query regarding the process and how it works, do get in touch with us. Our consultants are well-versed in the legal process and answer all your queries.

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Can a document be notarised remotely?


How can the remote notary in Dubai be started?

The remote notarisation can be started by sending an email to the designated email address of the Dubai courts Notary Public.

What is the cost of a power of attorney in Dubai?

 The personal or individual power of attorney costs roughly AED 160, whereas a corporate power of attorney costs around AED 2000.

How long does the notarisation take place?

The notarisation occurs for nearly one to two weeks after the online payment.

How can I get a power of attorney in Dubai?

To apply for a power of attorney in Dubai, a person must submit the necessary documents and a POA form.

How can we pay the bill for notarisation?

Once the notarisation gets approved, you’ll receive a mail from the respective team. They will provide you with a link for the online payment. You can pay the amount with a debit or credit card.

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