Microsoft Collaborate with Etihad Airways to Form AI Academy

Microsoft Collaborate with Etihad Airways to Form AI Academy

by Zaara 27, Feb 2020

Artificial Intelligence technology is gradually taking over traditional work ethics at various workplaces around the world. The future insights of artificial intelligence are looking very progressing. The reasons for such vast opportunities in the field can be very obvious that technology has and will enhance human activities to a good extent in the coming generations.

Artificial Intelligence is basically an intelligence technology that is applied to various machines and computer software. It is a kind of computer science branch and research is being performed on it constantly. From the last two decades, research and implementation work on it have been done on a significant level.

Manufacturing industries and service providers have been greatly influenced by growth in the AI industry. AI technology has been used in various application areas like science, engineering, businesses, medical sector, weather forecasting. With the use of AI, many industries and businesses aspire to reduce the extra workload and resources that are used at a quite higher extent nowadays. Certain paper transactions done at businesses can be done paperless through this technology, thus saving both time and resources.

How will AI Academy Help Etihad’s Services?

Microsoft which is already a leading tech giant is collaborating with the world-famous airline company Etihad Airways in order to provide better skills and workforce to the employees working with the company. The aim of the collaboration is to revolutionize the present work culture by introducing new technology to the industry. AI academy will help the company to reach out to more customers by upgrading the work techniques, optimizing various operational activities and earn more revenue through alternate options also. 

The foremost aim of the company will be training the already working employees with better resources. In the AI academy, the employees will learn through an online training program and instructor-led classes providing the company with maximum AI literacy. A few series of AI workshops will also be conducted by professionals from Microsoft who will brief the employees with business tactics that can be used through this technology. The employees will be given hand-on access to technical labs through which they will be able to identify various business challenges that can be work upon with the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Etihad is currently aspiring to make a digital transformation to the company’s working culture. The company sees introducing new technology as the step to enhance the capacity and quality of its services to nearly 20 million it serves every year. The Etihad Aviation Group CEO Tony Douglas while praising the relationship with the tech giant said,” There is a simple reason that we are long-term partners with Microsoft - we think alike”. He was quoted praising their collaboration and sees this approach as a decision that will help the employees and the company to grow at even further level. He further added,” Our people make us who we are. By upskilling them to use technology powered by AI, we are future-proofing our organization. We believe that human interaction augmented by technology delivers an enhanced experience for our guests which will give us a competitive edge.”

AI academy will help them bring more interest to the technology in the country, thus will eventually help the company serve customers more efficiently. The tech giant also sees this as an opportunity to spread new technology on a global level. The chief operating and marketing officer of Microsoft, Gulf Ihsan Anabtawi was quoted saying,” In a world where every company is becoming a digital company, it is great to see Etihad and its leadership set an example by investing in their people, and in embracing what we refer to at Microsoft at tech intensity,”.

Future Outlook of AI in the UAE

The Land of Deserts is an ever-growing center for businesses. The country offers various advantages and resources that are required for any organization. The introduction of the AI revolution in the country’s business sector will give more boost to the economy and attract more investors to trade their money in the region.

The chief operating and marketing officer of Microsoft, Gulf Ihsan Anabtawi was quoted recognizing the eminence of AI technology in the business sector. He said,” AI is one of the technologies that will transform every industry, and we’re proud to be partners with Etihad in readying and upskilling their world-class team and organization, which is foundational to achieving their transformation vision and digital outcomes.”

Microsoft recently hosted a survey in which they predicted that more than 72 percent of the region’s companies are planning to spend on AI technology by 2019, and already established businesses are also looking for further investments. This shows that the future of technology in the country is very demanding and progressing.

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