Investing in Dubai’s "Heart of Europe"

by Zaara 09, Aug 2018

“The Heart of Europe” is a jewel that got added to the crown of Dubai along with its modern infrastructures and mesmerizing skyscrapers. So this is the reason why the scope will get wider if you are Investing in Dubai.

Kleindienst Groups, property developers in Dubai, are engaged in developing man-made islands that will look exactly like Europe, with structures and cultures resembling Europe. The world’s best architects and engineers are hired to finish this unimaginable island.

Feature of the "Heart of Europe"

The Heart of Europe is a luxury project that includes the following; 

  • 4000 residential villas
  • Townhouses, apartments
  • Hotel
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial properties
  • This artificial island has the best connectivity. It has a bridge that connects with the mainland.
  • European food and beverages
  • World's first 'rain and snow' lined streets
  • Underwater surrounded by a beautiful lagoon environment
  • World's most exciting events
  • European-style nightlife experience
  • Taste of World's leading lavish hotels
  • A variety of entertainment programs from various European artists
  • Playful moments with aquatic animals

Business Opportunities in the Dubai’s Heart of Europe

As we already know, this is going to be a replica of Europe, so this is very obvious that it will have all the high-tech facilities with the best infrastructure and accessibility. So this place will be the better place for a business setup in Dubai

The Heart of Europe is a huge project that has the potential to carry forward many businesses With the extraordinary location, it also offers various business opportunities such as;

  • Tourism

Dubai is one of the most visited places by tourists, and the tourism industry of Dubai is a widespread industry. A forecast shows that this industry will increase the economy over the next ten years by AED 74.5 billion, which was previously 26.2 billion. The Heart of Europe project will play a vital role in the business of the tourism industry’s economy.

  • Hospitality and Food

The hospitality and food industry is interlinked with tourism, so if tourism increases, the hospitality and food industry will also increase simultaneously. 

  • Retail

Being a place for the young generation and a tourist hub, Dubai always presents scope for retail shops and shopping malls. Therefore, this new project with top-class infrastructure is a gateway to success for every growth-oriented retail investor wishing to set up a retail business in Dubai, UAE.

  • Event Management

Dubai is a land of events and parties, so the project heart of Europe will increase the scope of event management. 

Benefits of Investing in Dubai's Heart of Europe

Below mentioned are the benefits of investing in the Emirate and obtain your business license in Dubai.

  • Strategic location

The project heart of Europe has the best connectivity with Europe, Asia, and Africa it is easily accessible to the mainland. 

  • Tax benefits

Dubai is known for its tax benefits. It does not have a personal tax or corporate income tax.

  • Strong economic growth

The heart of Europe is created with the aim of attracting more and more investors and having the best economic growth. 

  • Innovation and sustainability

The Heart of Europe project aims to create sustainable and innovative development that will set a new standard for real estate projects in the region. 

  • Diversification

This man-made island will give the investors to be in a diversified culture with diversified opportunities,

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How can the guests and visitors access Heart Island Dubai?

Dubai can be accessed through sustainably operated ferries, water taxis, sailboats, seaplanes, or helicopters. A frequent shuttle service with assigned pick-up points, and club cars, alongside clearly signposted walking routes.

What is the location of the Heart of Europe Project Dubai?

It is present on the World Island which is 4 km from the Dubai coastline.

Who is the developer of the World Island?

Kleindienst Group.

What is the specialty of the islands’ tourism?

It would be the world’s first ‘zero-discharge’ tourism project, being a noise and pollution-free destination with no discharge of waste into the sea.

Why is THOE project is an investor’s haven?

This project will set a new milestone for innovation and sustainability – incorporating solar power, green features, and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the Heart of Europe, Dubai, is set to become one of the most environmentally and forward-thinking destinations worldwide.