Here’s How You Can Renew Trade License in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Feb 2020


When you decide to start a business in Dubai, one of the major requirements is having a trade license. When the license expires, every company in Dubai is required to renew their license on an annual basis. The process of renewing the trade license is simple and straightforward and has a quick turnaround time for business owners. The value of time, energy, is a priority for the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai. However, let us first understand the different types of trade licenses available in Dubai.

Types of Trade License in Dubai

There are three focal types of business licenses in Dubai through which one can start their business. They are-

  • Commercial License

A Commercial License is required by businesses that trade in certain goods and services. This trading can be done either within the country or with goods and services that can be exported. The business also can include exporting goods and services. 

  • Professional License

The Professional License is given to any individual or organisation which is based on any kind of talent, analytical or intellectual ability or any relevant experience. Examples of such business activities include designing, painting, Medical Profession, Lawyer, etc. 

  • Industrial License

The Industrial License is provided to organisations that are into the activities such as manufacturing, production, collection, packaging and industrial activities.

If you possess any of the above-mentioned licenses, then on the expiration of any of these licenses you have to renew them annually.

3 Simple Steps to Renew Trade License in Dubai

In order to keep doing performing the business activities, the management needs to renew the trade license for the business. Renewing the license is a simple three-step process. The steps are:

      1. Ensure Validity of the Tenancy Contract

It is essential to check whether your tenancy contract is valid for not less than three months from the application date. This is a crucial piece of information to be evaluated as at the time of renewing your trade license, the tenancy contract must be valid. In case the tenancy contract needs to be renewed, then the management needs to make sure that the Tenancy Contract is attested by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (EJARI).

      2. Get Activity-Specific Licensing Approvals

If you are starting your business in Dubai, there are a few activities for which you need approval from additional authorities. For example, a taxi service business needs approval from the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai; a restaurant needs consent from the Food and Safety Department, etc. It is vital to make sure you get these approvals before proceeding for the application. If your business is among those listed under, then you need to take permission of the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA).

  • Taxi Services (602201)
  • Luxury Motor Vehicles Services (602207)
  • Car Rental (711105)
  • Non-emergency transport services (602209​)
  • Out Bound Tour Operator (630411)
  • In Bound Tour Operator (630412​)

    3.  Apply for License Renewal

The final step is to apply for the license renewal. This can be done by filling in the application form and submitting the required documents to the DED Dubai. Once you apply, the DED will allot you a payment voucher. After you receive the coupon, proceed with making the payment. After the payment is made you will immediately receive your renewed business license.

Documents Required

Here is a list of documents that are required for the renewal of the Trade License:

  • A copy of the existing business trade license
  • Passport copy of all shareholders
  • A duly filled BR/1 form
  • Photocopy of Tenancy Contract and an EJARI Registration Certificate

For branches of the free zone, UAE Company, GCC, and foreign companies, a photocopy of the trade license of the parent company are mandatory. The permit must be renewed in advance of its expiry date, or you will have to pay AED 200 monthly fine after the expiry date.

Auto-Renewal Services

There are many cases in which the management misses the deadline for renewing the license and thus has to face difficulties which conducting the business. To remedy this situation, DED Dubai has launched the Auto-Renewal Service.

You can send an SMS with your license number to 6969. Renewal dues will be generated automatically, and a payment receipt will be sent to your mobile number. The client can pay online or offline through legitimate payment channels. DED will carry a print of the renewed license to the customer through SMS and a registered email address.

How can Commitbiz Help You?

The DED has provided three ways to renew your trade license, i.e., online, offline, and automatic renewal method, but even with so much effort, the new entrepreneurs may find the renewal process difficult. This is where Commitbiz comes into the picture. 

We at Commitbiz has the knowledge and experience to help you with the process of business license renewal in Dubai. Our services allow businesspersons to focus on the core areas of their industry. Whereas, we make sure smooth trade license renewal for their company at a nominal fee. For any information or query, feel free to Contact Us. We will be glad to be of assistance.