How to Set Up an Organic Farm in Dubai, UAE?

How to Set Up an Organic Farm in Dubai, UAE?

by Jayati Gadamsetty 23, Feb 2024

In an era where the environment has become a rising concern, organic farming has emerged as a ray of hope. The agriculture business in UAE is a holistic approach that values natural processes.

This blog acts as a roadmap to convert your dream of having an organic farm in Dubai into reality. Understand the process of setting up an agriculture business in Dubai and the documents required. 

How to Start an Organic Farm in Dubai?

The process of starting an organic farm in Dubai requires careful planning. Follow the steps given below to get started -

  1. Get Approval from the DED

The applicant must first apply for a trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). The process of applying for a trade license involves submitting documents and finalizing a name. 

  1. Acquire Real Estate 

To start an organic farm in Dubai, one must have to lease or buy out the land. Ensure that the land meets the farming requirements and is located in a suitable location. 

  1. Apply for Approvals

The applicant must obtain approval from the following to start organic farming in Dubai

  • Dubai Customs
  • Food Safety Department 
  • Environmental Health Section of Dubai Municipality
  1. Secure the Organic Certification

All organic farmers must secure a certification from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT). This certification is given after the assessment of the farm is successful. 

  1. Put in an Order for a Farming License

Submit necessary documents to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE). The authority will conduct a check to approve the license for organic farming in Dubai. 

Documents Required to Start Organic Farming in Dubai

Setting up an organic farm in Dubai is a quick and simple process. Obtaining licenses requires submitting important personal and work-related documents. The list of documents required are mentioned below - 

  • Land Documents
  • Insurance papers
  • Soil testing report
  • Infrastructure plan
  • Proof of water source
  • Outline of business plan
  • Organic certification proof
  • Passport copies of owner/s
  • Proof of financial resources

End Note 

Keep in mind that every entrepreneur faces challenges while setting up a company in Dubai but the rewards are ample.

 Remember the following as you move ahead with this journey -

  1. Thorough planning is essential.
  2. Creating new techniques that suit Dubai’s climate can help your business grow exponentially.
  3. Obtain necessary certificates and comply with the regulatory requirements. 
  4. Taking the help of experts. 

It is always a smart idea to consult with a business and legal pro to guide you through the Dubai business landscape. Commitbiz has assisted plenty of international clients from across the world to start their businesses in the UAE. 
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How is the organic farming industry in the UAE?

With more than 40 active organic farms in the Emirates generating more than 60 products, organic farming is also expanding there.

How does organic farming contribute to environmental advantages?

In addition to avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides that can damage the land and ecology, growing produce locally also has a lower carbon footprint than importing it. As it employs natural methods and produces healthy soil, it also contributes to maintaining a robust local ecology.

What are the primary farming activities in Dubai, UAE?

These include raising livestock, raising fish and other related animals, growing crops, and other general agricultural activities.

Which authority issues the organic certification for your product in the UAE?

The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology conducts a Conformity Assessment for the certification. If your farm passes the evaluation, you'll get a certificate of conformity, allowing you to tag your products as organic.

Which authority issues the organic farming license in Dubai?

Department of Economic Development.

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