How to Grow your Travel Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 24, Jul 2019

The Travel Business attracts many Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business companies to invest in this sector. Dubai, due to its mesmerising cultural heritage and growing industries, is catching the eye of many tourists. Dubai ranked on 4th rank among the most visited tourist destinations of the world. Some of the major attractions of Dubai are World Trade Centre, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, Deira Clockwater, Palm Island, Dubai Creek and Dubai Aquarium, Ski Dubai, Dubai Marina and Global Village etc.

With Expo2020 coming around, several tourists are visiting Dubai. Dubai is all set to welcome approximately 20 million Visitors in the year 2020-2021. According to the survey conducted in the year 2016, Dubai had 14.9 million visitors overnight. This makes a massive opportunity for all the investors and entrepreneurs to involve themselves in the tourism business and earn an enormous profit. With the increase of several tourists every year, Dubai has become the business hub for growing Travel and Tourism Business.

Travel Business in Dubai

In Dubai, one of the most fast growing sectors is Travel business. This industry is a never-dying industry across the globe. The travel and tourism industry around the years will be at its peak in the coming years. The travel industry has one of the easiest business setups.

Conditions to be Followed while Setting up of Travel Company

  1. Establish a Company
  1. Decide on the Location
  1. Complete all the formalities as to company set up
  1. Type of Travel agency
  1. Obtain a license according to the kind of Travel agency activities
  1. Verification of Documents by the concerned Authorities
  1. Approvals from Authorities
  1. Submit the prescribed fees

Licenses of travel companies are approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai. The payment to be submitted for the grant of license is around Dh100, 000-200,000 in Dubai. Obtaining a travel company license also depends upon the type of company you want to register in Dubai, whether it is an inbound travel operator, outbound travel operator, tour guide operator.

Any person with the required qualifications can work as a tour operator or a tour guide. The duties of a tour operator include guiding them, accompanying them, to various historical and archaeological sites around Dubai.

Steps to Grow your Travel Company

After you set up your travel company, the most crucial part is to sustain it. Travel business can be easily set up, but to grow your travel company is challenging. The competition in this sector is rough. To gain several customers and expand your business requires a lot of effort and planning.  Maintaining a consistent customer rate and building a reputation is the most challenging target. The basis of any business is to improve the client base. 

1.Highlight your Specialities

To outshine all the other travel agencies, you must have a unique feature which no other travel agency is offering. Instead of trying to compete with others, you should focus on pointing out the unique feature of your company. You should show the customers how the services provided by your company will benefit them.

2.Add a Personal Effect

All the travel companies have cut-throat competition. To make your company stand out, you should always add a special personal touch which the competitors are not offering. The personal effect makes the customer feel more special and attracts several clients. Adding a personal touch does not always mean to do something more unique but instead do the same thing in a friendly manner, for instance, be still available for the customers or have personal feedback and interactions often.


The most important medium to increase your client base is through ads. Advertising plays an essential role in the branding of your Company. The more you advertise, the number of people get attracted to your company. The best platform to advertise is through social media. Social media has a significant influence on the lives of people. Advertising through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc., can boost your sales rate in a short period.

4.Marketing and Strategic Alliances

Marketing is vital to boost your company in society. As for strategic planning, first, look at what you are not offering and what are the needs of your customer.  After analyzing their needs, you should consider and target what the audience wants.

5.Public Relations and Connectivity

One of the most important things to grow your business is to maintain ties with other people and customers. Making connections with other people who might help you with other services and which can, in turn, benefit your business is also an essential part of expanding your company.

6.Offers and Combos

One of the essential parts is to give reasonable offers and combos to the customers. Offers attract the attention of customers, which can help you gain the loyalty of customers.

Above mentioned are some of the tips which you need to follow to expand your business. Travel and tourism business is at its peak so if you are planning to set up or have any difficulty then we at commitbiz, are here to help.  If you have any problem with your businesses, feel free to contact us. If you have any doubt or need any advice, we are here to help.


Which are the best Travel companies in Dubai?

  • Rayna Tours

  • Green Apple Travel And Tourism

  • Regal Tours

  • Seaman Tours

  • HIS Travel And Tourism

What are the most profitable business opportunities for tourism companies in Dubai?

  • Start selling packages for adventure travelling

  • Car rental service

  • Selling railway, bus & flight tickets

  • Travel insurance business

  • Accommodation services

  • Visa related service

What are the types of licenses in Dubai travel tourism industry?

  • Travel Agent License - For helping companies conduct the vendor like business activities like visa work, travelling accommodation, etc.

  • Outbound Tourist License - For enabling businesses to sell their traveling packages outside UAE.

  • Inbound Tour Operator License - For helping companies conduct its business activities within the city.

Which type of companies need to acquire a tourism license in Dubai?

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Car Rental company

  • Travel agents & Travel firms