How to Get an E-Trader License in Dubai?

by Zaara 04, Mar 2020

Dreaming of your own company incorporation in Dubai will poke everyone in this era, but people think the efforts are tiring. This is not the case with the online business. You can own any business like textile, cosmetics, footwear, or even online marketing. 

Can you do this legally? The answer is yes, with the E-trader License in Dubai. 

E-trader license in Dubai was introduced in 2017, which helped new investors to start their businesses online faster than before. Continue reading to learn more about this business license in Dubai.

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The DED E-Trader License

DED introduced an E-traders license to help people to do online business with ease. Having this license will help you gain the customer's trust. 

Another reason to introduce this license is to ignore the fake marketing on social media, which plays a role of authorization that build trust among people who look at it they believe that the product is not fake.

Perks of Getting an E-Trader License

The first and foremost benefit of an E-traders license in Dubai is this license helps you gain the trust of your customer online;

  • Trustworthy

E-traders license in Dubai will help you to gain your customer’s faith.

  • Banking Offers

An E-Commerce license comes with a few perks while opening a bank account.

  • Participation

Enable the project owner to participate in conferences and exhibitions.

  • Dubai Chamber Membership

Obtaining Dubai Chamber membership to facilitate export and import operations

  • Training and workshops

It opens the gate to participate in multiple training and workshops.

  • Temporary Employment Services

It gives you the opportunity to work in dubai for a particular period of time.

  • Ads on Social Media

An e-commerce license in Dubai allows you to promote your business on Social media.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for an E-Trader License in Dubai?

Here is the list of people who can apply for the trader license –

  • Individuals and home-based businesses who endorse and sell products online via websites or social media can apply for an E-trade license.
  • All online sales via a valid social media account require an E-trader license. It applies to mothers and homemakers who stay at home and sell handmade items, fashion apparel, jewelry, and other goods and services via various online platforms.
  • E-trader license in Dubai is applicable for home-business endeavors for whom office space requirement is optional as Ejari documentation is irrelevant here.
  • E-trader license is applicable for freelancers who offer various online services. A Home-based business owned by a single individual that does not necessitate a local partner can apply for an E trader license in Dubai.
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Procedure to Obtain a Dubai E-Trader License

The process of getting the E-trader license in Dubai is simple. One can easily apply for the license by following the steps-

Step 1 - Go to Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED) Trader website.

Step 2 - Create a Trader account.

Step 3 - Register with your business mail ID or the mail ID you want your business to use.

Step 4 - Finish making payments; wait until your payment is successful.

Step 5 - Provide information about your social media accounts when registering for the 


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How Can We Help with Your Company Incorporation in Dubai?

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What is an E-Trader Licence?

An E-Trader Licence is a permit issued by the DED in Dubai that allows individuals to conduct commercial activities online without needing a physical office or space. This license is aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting home-based businesses in Dubai.

Who is eligible to obtain an E-Trader Licence in Dubai?

Any UAE citizen or resident at least 18 years of age with a valid Emirates ID can apply for an E-Trader Licence in Dubai.

What is the cost of obtaining an E-Trader Licence in Dubai?

The cost of obtaining an E-Trader Licence in Dubai is AED 1,070 for a one-year license.

Can an E-Trader Licence be renewed?

An E-Trader Licence can be renewed for up to three years.

Can an E-Trader Licence holder conduct business activities outside of Dubai?

No, an E-Trader Licence holder can only conduct business activities within the Emirate of Dubai.

How can online business activities be conducted under an E-Trader Licence in Dubai?

An E-Trader Licence holder can conduct any commercial activity under Dubai's commercial laws and regulations. It includes selling products and services online, blogging, social media influencing, and freelance work.