How to Get a Teacher License in Dubai, UAE?

How to Get a Teacher License in Dubai, UAE?

by Jayati Gadamsetty 19, Feb 2024

A teaching career in Dubai is a fruitful and thrilling journey of diversity and career development.

The legal authority of Dubai has set a high standard that any and all educators need to meet. An important step in this process is securing a teacher license in Dubai.

The license not only authenticates the applicant's qualifications but also shows dedication to providing the best education to students. Regardless of whether you are an experienced educator or a fresher excited to start a teaching career in Dubai, understanding how to get a teaching license in Dubai is essential.

This blog will guide you through the important steps to get a teaching license in Dubai. 

What are the Requirements for a Teacher License in Dubai?

Find out the conditions that need to be fulfilled to obtain a teacher license in Dubai. Read below to know more -

  • Teacher Eligibility Assessment (general teaching information)
  • Passing the Skill Test (subject-specific test)
  • Bachelor's degree in the relevant field
  • Certificate of graduation
  • No criminal record
  • Medical certificate
  • Language fluency

How to get a Teaching License in Dubai?

There is an organised procedure to obtain a teaching license in Dubai, which is beneficial to maintaining professionalism. The steps are given below -

  1. Contact the Appropriate Authorities For Registration

To apply for the teacher's registration process, submit the application form and provide the relevant information to the UAE Ministry of Education. Submission can be done online or in person. 

  1. File Necessary Documents

Gather the documents mentioned and submit them to the authorities. The documents required are given below -

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Residency visa
  • Application form
  • Result of Skill Test
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Results of Teacher Eligibility Assessment
  • Bachelor's degree certificate and transcripts
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Education (MoE) in Dubai
  1. Background Check

All applicants must undergo a background check in order to obtain a teacher license in Dubai. It is a routine procedure to ensure that an individual has no criminal record.

  1. Language Assessment

The applicant must appear for the language test, IELTS or TOEFL. English is the main language of guidance in schools, so the applicant must be well-versed in the language.

  1. Go Through the Interview Process

Individuals applying for a teacher's license must prepare for interviews with potential employers. Make sure to have good control over your chosen subject and be confident.

  1. Secure a Work Visa

Once the teacher's license is approved, apply for a work visa. The applicant will have to go through a medical examination and processing by the immigration authorities. 

  1. Employment Contract and Final Approval 

Obtain a job offer and employment contract to make the visa application process simpler. Once all the requirements are met, the Knowledge and Health Development Authority (KHDA) will issue a teacher’s license.

Now, you can enjoy your journey as an educator in Dubai. 

Protocols to be Followed After Acquiring a Teacher License in Dubai

The guidelines mentioned have to be followed by educators in Dubai to boost the growth of the educational sector.

  • Educate students about the UAE.
  • Student’s privacy must be respected
  • Good behaviour with students and parents
  • Protecting students from any kind of abuse
  • Abstain from using substances in the workplace
  • Respect the UAE’s traditions by wearing appropriate clothes and respecting the culture. 

Acquiring a teacher’s license in Dubai involves completing certain educational and professional conditions accompanied by technical tests. By providing your bachelor's degree and other essential certifications, you will be able to land a job offer with a school ready to sponsor your visa.


Getting a teacher license in Dubai is a lengthy process yet fulfilling process. The emirate is looking for the best teachers to contribute to the economy of the country and the growth of the population. The world-class amenities make it an ideal place for educators to kick-start their teaching careers.

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Is there any ongoing professional development required to maintain a teaching license in Dubai?

Yes, maintaining a teaching license in Dubai often requires ongoing professional development and training. This may include attending workshops, seminars, or courses to enhance your teaching skills and fulfilling any other requirements set by the licensing authority. Engaging in continuous professional development is crucial for keeping your teaching license valid and ensuring your effectiveness as an educator in Dubai.


Are there different types of teaching licenses available in Dubai?

Yes, there may be different types of teaching licenses available in Dubai, depending on factors such as the level of education (e.g., primary, secondary, or higher education) and the subject area of specialisation (e.g., mathematics, science, languages).

Additionally, there may be distinctions between licenses for teachers working in public schools, private schools, or international schools. It's important for individuals to determine the specific type of teaching license they require based on their qualifications and career goals and to ensure they meet the criteria for that particular license category.


Are there any additional requirements or assessments for obtaining a teaching license in Dubai?

Yes, there may be additional requirements or assessments depending on the type of teaching license and the educational institution. Some institutions may require candidates to undergo specific teacher training programs or professional development courses. Additionally, applicants may need to pass a subject-specific competency exam or demonstrate pedagogical skills through teaching demonstrations or portfolios. It's essential to check with the relevant regulatory body or educational institution for specific requirements and guidelines.

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