Start Your Own Business with Us - How to Become a Legal Translator in Dubai?

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 12, Jul 2023

Dubai is the world of opportunities; it offers so many options to entrepreneurs and to anyone who wants to set their career in Dubai. One such career in demand is a Legal Translator in Dubai. So, you can proceed with your own Company Formation in Dubai

Who Is a Certified Translator in Dubai?

Translators are who hold a certificate issued by the government of the UAE. The certified translators in Dubai have a stamp which gives them the authority to translate and stamp it to make the document legal. They are mostly used for legal purposes, and that is because only they can handle legal documents.

The certified translators in Dubai should be accurate; a small mistake by them can cause a very serious problem. The attestation (Seal and sign) of a certified translator is proof that the content in that document is the same as the original one.  

When Do You Require a Legal Translator in Dubai?

If we talk in general, the requirement for translators is all over the world, but because of the increasing number of ex-pats in Dubai, people get to do a lot of translation here for their legal works. So the documents that require translation services in Dubai are;

  • Academic Certificates
  • ID Proof/ Address Proof
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Government/ Private Contracts and Agreements
  • Transcripts of Court
  • Documents of Adoption
  • Medical Reports
  • Affidavits
  • Registration Certificates
  • License 

Set Up Your Own Business - How to Start Your Legal Translator Services in Dubai?

Certified legal translators in Dubai are governed by Cabinet Resolution 7 of 2014 promulgating the Executive Regulation of Federal Law 6 of 2012 Regulating Profession of Translators issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai.

The translator can practice in the UAE only after getting certified by the Ministry of Justice and a license from the relevant authority of the concerned emirate. 

Continue reading to learn the documents and the process involved in providing translations services Business Setup in Dubai;

To practice translation in Dubai, a translator should avail of sponsorship from any of the translation offices in Dubai and also be required to get the NOC from that particular translation office.

The translator also has to provide equivalent educational proof that state that he/she has the proper education in the concerned language to the university of secretary, ministry of foreign affairs, and UAE Embassy. This proof must be submitted to the Ministry of Education in the concerned Emirate.

Get a security permit from the concerned emirate’s headquarters of the police general.

The foreign nationals have to provide a five years experience certificate obtained from any of the translation offices in their own country. The company must be certified by Notary Public and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The above documents and 6 passport-size photos have to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice of that concerned Emirate. After submitting candidate must finish the online registration form.

The committees review the application and the documents to decide if the candidate is eligible to be certified as a legal translator in Dubai.

Note: There is no specified date for this committee meeting; this can happen at any time.

The accepted candidates will get a call from the Ministry of Justice to get informed about the examination date.

The rejected candidate can challenge the decision within 30 days from the date of the decision mentioned. And the appeal should be done legally in the court.  

Legal Translators Examination in Dubai - Note the Necessities Before Planning to Start a Company

Read the below points carefully; it explains the procedure to be followed at the time of examination. The examination is important if you want to proceed with your translation services Business Setup in UAE.

  • An exam hall contains 5 translators.
  • Translators are allowed to bring any sort of dictionary that they think will help them and are also allowed to exchange those with other translators if required.
  • The exam duration is 2 hours.
  • The exam paper contains 10 paragraphs. 5 in Arabic to English and 5 in English to Arabic.

Below are some ranking percentages according to the research done on the experience of some of the candidates who passed;



















Listing of a Legal Translator in Dubai

  • The Ministry of Justice will call the candidates to inform the passing result.
  • The Candidate must walk down to the ministry to collect the referral letter.
  • The translator has to take an oath mentioning all the legal regulations that must be followed in the translation profession in the UAE, and this oath must be taken in front of the judge.
  • The candidate then has to get a medical certificate from the concerned Emirate.
  • The translator then has to submit the documents related to his/her translation office.
  • Finally, after accomplishing all the aforementioned, the translator can practice his translation service in Dubai.

End Note - Reach Out to Us for Your Company Formation in Dubai

The blog explains everything about becoming a legal translator; if you still feel confused, contact Commitbiz. Our experts will take you through the process and be with you till the final submission so that you can start your legal translation services company in Dubai.


How can I become a certified translator in Dubai?

To become a certified translator in Dubai, you must follow specific steps. First, ensure you have the necessary qualifications and language proficiency. Typically, it would help if you had a bachelor's degree in translation or a related field.

Are there any specific language requirements for becoming a certified translator in Dubai?

You must demonstrate proficiency in the languages you wish to work with. Fluency in both the source and target languages is crucial for accurate translation.

What is the certification process for translators in Dubai?

The Dubai government has a specific certification process for translators. You must apply to the Dubai Courts or the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance and Health Services, depending on the type of translation you want to specialize in. The process involves submitting the required documents, passing an examination, and obtaining the certification.

What documents are typically required for the certification process?

The specific document requirements may vary, but you will generally need to submit copies of your educational certificates, identification documents, and a detailed resume or CV.

Is there an examination to become a certified translator in Dubai?

Yes, you must pass an examination as part of the certification process. The examination assesses your translation skills, language proficiency, and knowledge of translation techniques and principles.