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How do you obtain a Real Estate license in Dubai?

by Jayati Gadamsetty 19, Feb 2024

Dubai is famous for its lively energy, towering skyscrapers and luxurious life. Underneath the glitz and glam is a booming real estate market that offers a number of opportunities for its investors and entrepreneurs. 

If you wish to incorporate a business and inscribe your footprints in the global real estate market, the first thing you need to think about is obtaining a real estate license in Dubai. 

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is a government body that handles the records of real estate developers, licence-related activities and real estate agents. It also issues a RERA license to aspiring real estate agents in Dubai. 

Now, let us understand the benefits and procedure of obtaining a RERA license.

Table of Contents

  1. Secure a Residency Visa (Only for Foreigners)
  2. Obtain the DREI Certification Training
  3. Complete the RERA Exam
  4. Acquire Brokers License
  • Renewal of Real Estate Broker License Dubai
  • Benefits of a Real Estate License in Dubai 

    Obtaining a RERA license in Dubai comes with its own set of benefits for real estate agents. Read below to understand them -

    1. Reliability and Clarity

    A RERA license makes an agent look trustworthy to clients and assists in buying and selling properties.

    The license also shows the agent's dedication to follow the law.

    1. Thorough Knowledge of Projects and Builders

    Agents in this industry are completely qualified for real estate projects in Dubai. You should apply for training with Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), a regulatory body of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) that provides agents with the necessary training in order to work in the real estate industry. This way, they help the clients in decision-making.  

    1. Provides Agents with a Competitive Edge

    An agent with a RERA license stands out from the crowd. Clients tend to choose agents with a license rather than agents without a license. Having a real estate license in Dubai opens doors to ample possibilities and the growth of your company. 

    1. Access to RERA Services

    A real estate broker license in Dubai is advantageous to agents as they have direct access to services from the authority. Services include -

    • Training programs
    • Educational resources
    • Updates on new practices in the real estate sector
    1. Protection by the Law

    Having a RERA Dubai real estate license guarantees -

    • Protection of real estate agents and their clients.
    • Compliance with the laws by agents.
    • Less risk of malpractice
    • Honest dealings

    RERA provides a legal framework that protects both real estate agents and their clients. Having an RERA license ensures that agents are aware of and compliant with relevant laws, reducing the risk of legal issues.

    Documents Required for a RERA License:

    To apply for a RERA License in Dubai, applicants should submit the documents listed below -
    1.  Passport-size photographs.

    2.  A copy of a residency visa or an Emirates ID.
    3.  Certificate of Good Conduct from the Dubai police.
    4. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Certificate, if available.

    5.  Proof of DREI Certified Training completion and RERA exam

    How to get RERA Approval for a Real Estate License in Dubai?

    Individuals wishing to obtain a real estate broker license in Dubai must apply through the Trakheesi system

    The Trakheesi system is an online portal controlled by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

    1. Secure a Residency Visa (Only for Foreigners)

    Expats must obtain a valid residency visa and Emirates ID by submitting the necessary documents and fees to the Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security (ICP). 

    Note: Local citizens of the UAE and the GCC are not required to do this step.

    1. Obtain the DREI Certification Training

    The Dubai Real Estate Institute is a governing body responsible for equipping real estate agents with training and certification to work in Dubai. Individuals must submit their Emirate ID or visa to enrol in the training process.

     Here are the details of the DREI Certification process -

    • It’s a four-day course
    • It can be taken in person at the DLD office and online
    • Provides in-depth information about Dubai’s real estate sector, functioning and rules.
    1. Complete the RERA Exam

    Once an individual has passed the DREI training program, they must apply for the RERA exam. The fees vary depending on whether the applicant has a bachelor's degree or not.

    1. Acquire Brokers License

    Once the applicant has passed the test, they must submit a certification of good conduct. This certificate ensures that the individual is not involved in any criminal activities.

    Submit the documents listed below to the Economic Department to secure the broker's license -

    • Good conduct certificate,
    • DREI course completion certificate,
    • Confirmation of RERA Exam Completion.

    Renewal of Real Estate Broker License Dubai

    The process of getting a RERA broker license in Dubai is simple. The agent must apply for renewal one month prior to the license expiration date. The RERA license requirements are -

    • Must redo the RERA test and 85% or more.
    • Broker’s License Certification.
    • Passport or residency visa.
    • Personal Photo.
    • Renewal fee.

    Note- The RERA license in Dubai is valid for only one year. Late renewal will lead to penalties.

    Receiving a RERA Dubai real estate license is a fantastic step towards a promising career in the real estate market. The benefits are both personally and professionally rewarding. 

    However, the process is intricate and requires the assistance of an expert to ensure a smooth transition into the world of real estate. Reach out to one of the best consultancy firms, Commitbiz

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    What are the costs associated with obtaining a real estate license in Dubai?

    The costs may vary, but typically include:

    • License issuance fees.
    • Examination fees charged by RERA.
    • Renewal fees for maintaining the license validity.
    • Training course fees from accredited institutions like DREI.

    Additional costs include visa fees and administrative charges.

    What are the different types of real estate licenses available in Dubai, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

    In Dubai, there are several types of real estate licenses available, including a broker license, a real estate agent license, and a real estate developer license, among others. The type of license you need will depend on your specific role and responsibilities within the real estate industry.

    How long does it take to obtain a real estate license in Dubai?

    The process of obtaining a real estate license in Dubai typically takes around 3 to 6 months. This timeframe includes completing the required training courses, preparing and submitting the necessary documents, passing the RERA exam, and receiving the license from the relevant authorities. However, the duration may vary depending on individual circumstances and the efficiency of the application process.

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