Health Supplement Product Registration in Dubai

by Zaara 19, Apr 2022

Dubai is one of the most dynamic global trade centre points; many products are regularly imported and exported. The UAE government has settled an assessment system to guarantee the customer safety accompanying the product they are consuming. To ensure the safety requirements, each product requires the Dubai Municipality registration certificate (DM).

An increase in economic prosperity and business opportunities has changed the lifestyle of Dubai. The city is taking effect from a foreign culture and modern elements. Like most the other developed places, people here are also focusing on their health and fitness. This culture gives rise to the usage of health supplements on a large scale. Dubai is giving utmost importance to this new trend. That is the reason why health supplements are not considered food and they have a separate registration process.

Before beginning an import of health Supplements in Dubai, it is obligatory to register health supplements with the Dubai Municipality as a department responsible for the enrolment of health supplements in Dubai. Once the health supplements enrolment has been finished, a product can enter the United Arab Emirates with no issue.

But before that, let’s discuss more product registration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What is the Product Registration in Dubai?

Product registration is a process to ensure each product in the UAE will be safe. This procedure identifies consumer products ingredients. The manufacturing of these products must follow the minimum standardization of consumer safety. Dubai Municipality (DM) is the registration authority that will take care of the consumer products registration process.

All the consumer products are registered by the specified process and need some of the related documents. All the products are required to be registered before their import, promotion, and sale in Dubai.

Why is Product Registration necessary in the UAE?

Product Registration is important for the following reasons -

  • Product registration specifies that each product ich will be imported to Dubai for local trading should be registered in DM and get a registration certificate which may be asked at the time of shipment clearing.
  • The product registration procedure ensures that each cosmetic and packaged food product has all the essential information on its label. Hence, customers get precise info about what they are going to buy.
  • Dubai Municipality product registration process also checks the availability of any substance that may be harmful to the human body. Same for food items anything that might be restricted or not suitable will be rejected or put a remark

What is Health Supplements Registration in Dubai?

Health supplements are those products that are taken by mouth to provide supplementary nutrition to the body. These products include nutritional elements like vitamins, fats, herbs, amino acids, and dietary minerals. These nutritional supplements are available in the form of powders, liquids, tablets, and capsules. The primary purpose of the registration of health supplements in Dubai is to assure the safety of consumers. This system restricts and controls the entry of any harmful health supplement.

Why Register for Health Supplements in Dubai?

Along with all the charm that it brings, the fitness industry is also full of contradictory and misleading information. Many people sell uncontrolled products and unqualified services globally; it’s imperative to know whom to trust out there.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention issued numerous circulars warning against the use of various health supplements that may lead to hypertension or hypotension. Many health supplements and related products have been banned in the UAE. H.E Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri, the Higher Committee for Drug Pricing and Registration vice-chairman, said: “The Ministry is continuously monitoring all pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements”.

Following are the reasons for registering your health supplements product in Dubai -

  • The Dubai population is too health-conscious. Both citizens and foreign residents continuously use these products, and their usage is increasing rapidly. These products usually contain natural herbs and other such ingredients, so people are using these supplements freely even without medical advice.
  • The health supplements registration in Dubai is of international standards. It is the reason that traders and merchants can re-export these products to other countries without much nuisance.
  • You can set up your business in one of the several free zones in Dubai. Here, you can get tax-free opportunities to import and re-export your health supplements.
  • Manufacturing and re-exporting health supplements are also feasible due to low manufacturing costs and low taxes.

Health Supplement Product Registration Procedure

Dubai Municipality is the authority that deals with any product registration. The steps are -

  1. The first step is to register a trading business in Dubai. This company will obtain the required licenses from authorities to become eligible for trading in health supplements.
  2. The registration procedure for products starts with filling e-form available on the website of DM. A representative of the company can do the application process. The Dubai Municipality has facilitated a hassle-free online application process for product registration.
  3. Pay the registration fees as mentioned.
  4. A company representative will have to submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the products needed to be registered. The label assessment is essential as the Municipality needs to ensure that the product label should contain critical information, including the ingredients and country of origin.
  5. After fulfilling all the requirements, the authority will review whether the product ingredients and other information depicted in the label comply with the Municipality’s standards. If compliance is ensured, then the registration will be approved. The Dubai Municipality will then issue a registration certificate in electronic form.
  6. The owner or representative of the company can receive an original copy of the registration certificate from the DM office.

Also, know that the DM can reject your product. The ground for rejection of your product can be -

  • Presence of banned ingredients
  • Information on the label is incomprehensible
  • The ingredients are not declared on the label
  • Information about components written in languages other than Arabic, English
  • Misleading information or data that contradicts scientifically proven facts

Documents Required and Other Prerequisites

  • Manufacturer’s details
    • Company profile
    • License copy
    • Website
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Email ID
  • Product Label and Artwork
    • Product label and artwork must include the barcode, item trade name, batch number, brand name, country of origin, nutritional information, shelf life, storage condition etc.
    • The language of the label must be in English or Arabic.
    • Production and expiry dates must be mentioned on all health supplements with a shelf-life of fewer than 30 months. For health supplements with a shelf-life of more than 30 months, the period after opening (PAO) should be indicated.
  • Free Sale Certificate
    • Certificate issued from Country of Origin declaring that the product is eligible to be freely sold in the country where the health supplement is manufactured and has to be issued from the related Government authority or attested from the respective government department in the country of origin.
  • Analysis and Ingredients Report
    • A document declaring the ingredient details of the health supplements and their concentration in addition to the physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the product should be issued from the manufacturer / or brand owner.
    • Any other document or certificate can be requested (depending on the product), e.g. Safety Data Sheet, Radiation Certificate, GMP Certificate or Halal Certificate From Certified Body, EN71 Certificate. Laboratory Certificate Etc.)

Label Requirements for Supplement Registration in Dubai

  • Brand Name
  • Manufacturer Details
  • Product Name (a summarized description of the product).
  • Product’s barcode.
  • Production & expiration dates or Period After opening
  • Batch number.
  • Net weight or volume
  • The country of Origin should be declared clearly and should be specific.
  • Instructions for using the product
  • Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such requirements).
  • Ingredients list and also mentioning the ingredients which may cause hypersensitivity
  • Medical claims not allowed

Requirements to Register Health Supplements

The essential requirements for health supplements registration in Dubai are -

  • The label of health supplements must indicate that these are supplements and are not suitable as a replacement for regular food
  • Pharmaceutical companies and other registered trading companies are allowed to prepare and trade these products
  • Health supplements products companies can only sell health Supplements. These trading companies have to get a license and registration from inside the UAE
  • Dubai Municipality is the leading authority for the registration of health supplements
  • These supplements must be free from all banned flavours, colours and ingredients
  • Misleading health claims or wrong information will result in the banning of that product
  • Complete details about the manufacturing company along with elements in the food supplements are necessary for registration

The validity of Health Supplements Registration

The Health supplements registration certificate is issued after a comprehensive analysis of the Health supplement’s specifications, ingredients, and implications. If it is agreed to the recommended health & safety stipulations, the registration certificate will be issued, and it’s valid for five years from the date of issue.

How can we help you?

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For registering a health supplement, you need to look after several aspects to be compliant with the requirements of Dubai Municipality. As the health supplement registration requires professional expertise and knowledge, we would love to extend a free consulting session and ultimately help you complete your health supplement registration in Dubai.

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