Getting attested by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in the UAE

by Zaara 04, Oct 2016

Getting attested by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in the UAE

Attestation is required for documents that have been provided by institutions to confirm them as true and genuine. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Judicial Rulings, Statements, Power of attorney, and various business licenses come into use often and require attestation from time to time in the United Arab Emirates for various purposes.

All invoices that have been produced outside the UAE have to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin as well as legalization from the UAE Embassy in the country according to a rate card pre-decided by the UAE MEA. Invoices that are issued in the UAE as well have to be stamped and signed by the chambers of commerce and a fee is charged according to rates decided by the UAE MEA.

Various types of certificates require different types of attestation, and the process may sound simple but can be complex and cumbersome. The cost of non-compliance in the UAE is high and if your documents have not been correctly attested according to the correct process, you are likely to end up wasting time redoing a lot of work. The opportunity cost of missing out on the critical work that needs to be done is high.

It’s best to consult with experts who can help you with the process of attestation of your documents so you can focus on what you are here to do; your business. Get in touch with us for support on all your attestation needs.


What is document attestation?

To ensure that the legal documents you provide are original, the documents are attested by your home country’s authorities.

Is the apostille applicable in the UAE?

It is applicable only to Hague member countries and UAE is a non-member.

What documents can be attested

Degree certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, commercial documents, educational certificate etc. depending upon what you are applying for.

Why is document attestation necessary?

Attestation is proof that shows your credibility to the UAE government. You have to get your documents attested before setting up a business or taking a job in UAE.

Can attestation be done in photocopy?

Attestation is done at the back of the original ID.

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