How to Get an Instant Trade License-Dubai?

by Zaara 05, Oct 2018

Instant trade license in Dubai is a wonderful initiative for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in no time. This helps people to overcome the complexity involved in getting a license. 

Benefits of Obtaining the Instant Trade License Dubai

The procedure for obtaining any license in Dubai, UAE, is lengthy. It can take one to three months or more, depending upon the business activities, document preparation, and time and specific business requirements. Apart from this, a tenancy contract/Ejari is also mandatory for a license to be issued. That is where one can see the advantages of obtaining an Instant trade license Dubai. 

  • You can get the license in a very short time, mostly 5 to 10 mins
  • The process is done in a day
  • With an instant license Dubai, you can start your business immediately
  • No trade name registration, MOA for the first year
  • Rent contract is not needed for the first year
  • Both online or in person application is possible

Ways to Obtain Dubai Instant Trade License?

One can apply for this license in different ways. Like,

  1. Applying via e-services. Here the process does not require any additional documents. the only requirement is personal attendance with an original ID to create an account on Dubai ID SmartPass
  2. Applying via service centers like Happiness Lounge or Smart Lounge. Here, all the business partners or one of them must be present at the service centers to apply for the license. the documents to be provided include passport copies of all the license parties (partners and managers), copies of residence visa and NOC issued by the sponsor for foreign parties and copies of visit visas to foreign parties
  3. Taking help from the business setup consultants in Dubai like Commitbiz. Under this, one doesn’t have to worry about anything; the consultants will take care of the registration process while the licensing party can concentrate on the business operations.

Features of Instant Trade License Dubai

general trading license in Dubai is one of the most preferred licenses in the nation. However, it takes around 3 to 4 business days to receive the license and there is where instant license initiative comes to the rescue. 

Dubai instant trade license does not require a tenancy contract for twelve months, which allows investors to enter the market at a lower cost and enables them to review the business market before committing to more significant expenses. 

The initial license will have ‘Dubai Municipality’ listed as the office address, and once the license is renewed after twelve months, a registered commercial lease agreement must be presented.

The instant license also does away with the Trade Name and Initial Approval stage before issuance of the license for certain activities.

After getting your Instant License Dubai, you are legally permitted to begin conducting business activities immediately with a twelve-month grace period to run the company without a commercial space agreement and without obtaining the fully notarized constitutional documents for the company – Memorandum of Association (MOA).

It is vital to note that, for the company to employ people, it will need commercial space, and the Ministry of Labor must ensure that the company has sufficient space to obtain a Labor Quota. 

The company will also need to obtain the notarized MOA to convey powers to the General Manager to open the business bank account, and to open additional files with Immigration, the Ministry of Labor and other government departments that may be required for additional regulatory steps.

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Is a tenancy contract mandatory for an instant trade license in Dubai?

It is not required for the first 12 months.

When should the commercial lease agreement be presented for an instant license in Dubai?

It should be presented once after the license renewal which is after 12 months.

What is a happiness lounge?

This is an express service that lets you get a license immediately.

What is an instant trade license in Dubai?

It is an initiative by the government that lets entrepreneurs obtain licenses in 5 to 10 mins.