Fifth Edition of UAE Maritime Week is here

by Zaara 24, Feb 2020

UAE Maritime Week is returning to Dubai with its fifth edition from 22nd to 26th September 2019. The UAE Maritime Week 2019 is set to endorse the UAE’s worldwide position as a first-class maritime destination and highpoint Dubai’s place as the maritime access for global trade.

The event is hosted by Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), and will highlight the native maritime sector’s achievements on the global stage, and will once again provide an integrated platform to tackle the maritime industry’s future backed by innovation, smart transformation, and knowledge. The UAE Maritime Week 2019 tactical focus will be on maritime trade and commerce. The Week will have a series of world-class proceedings such as; the Seatrade Maritime Awards, Dubai Maritime Agenda 2019 the Middle East, Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats exhibition, Indian Subcontinent & Africa; and conference; Marine Insurance Conference Seatrade, and ShipTech Middle East.

UAE Maritime Week will Promote Sector Growth

This year, the event will continue to see the initiative by some of the world’s best-in-class infrastructure and logistics facilities, highly innovative services, and pioneering development in maritime arbitration, among others.

UAE Maritime Week has continued to become an essential and open venue for discussion and constructive dialogue on many local, regional, and international matters. This has proved highly valuable for all investors in charting the path of the future of the maritime industry following the unparalleled universal changes around us. There is a conscious struggle within the sector to explore research and development, as well as innovation and technology to find answers to today’s challenges.

The upcoming maritime event is a reflection of the Emirates continued prominence as a preferred global destination for a leading maritime event that has tremendously contributed and sustained the local, regional and international interest on maritime issues and trends, as well as opened many opportunities and addressed challenges.

UAE Maritime to Showcase Role of Dubai in Global Trade

The DMCA authority is set to discuss the fundamentals of the maritime community amid the rapid global changes as well as the significant efforts to catapult Dubai into one of the world’s best maritime centres at the Dubai Maritime Agenda 2019.  The DMCA will tackle the international community’s readiness to implement the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) directives to decrease the sulfur content of marine fuels used in open seas and adopt alternative fuels as part of the global movement to build a carbon-free future. To start strong through the first session, the Dubai Maritime Agenda will cover a range of maritime issues of global importance, from operational efficiency and environmental sustainability to regional and worldwide laws and treaties.

At a Glance

The Dubai Maritime Agenda 2019 will hold four sessions titled ‘Commercial uncertainty: China, Brexit, and maritime market fundamentals;’ ‘Artificial Intelligence/Blockchain Technologies and Maritime Trade;’ ‘Globalization and Consolidation: Two Irreversible Trends for the Industry;’ and ‘Regional Maritime Growth and Trade opportunities.’ Among the expected attendees are maritime leaders, decision-makers, regional and international experts, government officials, policymakers, and representatives of major global maritime companies.

The Dubai Maritime Agenda 2019 is one of the main highlights of the UAE Maritime Week 2019. The UAE Maritime Week is a unified platform for global maritime industry leaders to discuss the future of the maritime community driven by knowledge, innovation, and smart transformation. It is taking place amid the rapid changes in the 21st century. The event will explore growth prospects in the maritime trade as well as provide a venue for sharing of the best practices and experiences. Dubai, in particular, will share its efforts to become a major maritime hub for global trade.

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1. Who hosted the 2021 edition of UAE Maritime Week?

The event was hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

2. What did the event provide?

It provided an exciting environment for participants to connect, develop new networks, and collaborate to explore the maritime prospects that lie ahead in the UAE.

3. For whom is the event held?

The event is for the ones who work in the regional maritime sector.

4. When will the UAE marine week take place?

It will be held in 2022.

5. What is the Dubai Maritime Agenda?

Bringing together several influential international officials, leading regional and international experts, decision-makers, and maritime leaders, the Dubai Maritime Agenda is based on the pillars of creativity and local and global maritime affairs. It provides a platform that emphasizes its position as a key player in industrial progress, innovation, excellence, education, and human investment.