Expand Your Business in Dubai In 7 Easy Ways

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 18, Apr 2023

Dubai is the only place where the sky is not the limit; this quote explains the endless opportunity Dubai offers to investors and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business in Dubai.  It attracts businesses with its strategic & favorable location, business-friendly environment, and hi-tech infrastructure, making Dubai one of the best places to set up and expand your business.

Continue reading to learn more about how to expand your business in Dubai in 7 easy ways and proceed with the business registration process.

How to Expand Your Business in Dubai?

Dive in to know the best 7 steps to expand your business in Dubai without any hassle;

Why choose a tough step when you have the easier one in front of you? Choose freezone as your chosen business jurisdiction to expand your business in Dubai. Before deciding, an investor should be aware of jurisdictions like which emirate offers what jurisdiction; please refer to the table given below;







Ras Al Khaimah








Abu Dhabi

















Here are some advantages of setting up or expanding business in Dubai freezone company setup include the following;

✅100% ownership without needing a UAE sponsor.  

✅Quick and easy company creation.

✅100% repatriation of cash and profits. 

✅100% exemption from import and export tariffs. 

✅Relatively simple recruitment policy.

This is the next easier way to expand your business is by setting up a branch office in Dubai. With this, you can expand your existing business with the parent company in another country.

Here are the reasons why you should consider setting up a branch office in dubai;

✅Cost effective

✅100% ownership

✅Cost Effective

✅Strategic Location

Setting up a new company can be a hassle; instead, you can partner with a local company this is one of the best ways to expand your business in Dubai. It can be a joint venture or through a local sponsor.

Acquiring business in Dubai can also be an option to expand your business in Dubai. You can merge your company with some existing company in Dubai or acquire a running company and maintain the already established customer base. 

Start building an online network to expand your business in Dubai. Build an e-commerce website and start marketing through social media platforms. Use online platforms to promote your product and services and to reach customers.

To expand your business in Dubai, you require local knowledge and expertise; hire a logical service agent to take handle all the legalities between the company and Dubai government. Dubai is a hub of talented professionals hiring the right person can be the key to your success.  

Always prioritize your customer's satisfaction. Keep your service exceptional by understanding and meeting specific customer needs. Happy customers will always become unsaid brand ambassadors.

Why Should You Consider Expanding Your Business in the UAE?

Below is the list of things that a business setup in Dubai and UAE offers;

  • Perfect & Strategic location
  • Tax exemption
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Supportive government
  • Jurisdiction choices
  • Cultural diversity
  • World-class infrastructure
  • High-tech technologies
  • Stable economy
  • Growing market
  • Comparatively easy company formation

End Note - Choose Us for Your Business Registration in Dubai

With a lot of benefits, expanding the business in Dubai is easier comparatively, to make it easier to get the assistance of experts. Here is Commitbiz, your one-stop solution to assist you through the process. Our business setup consultants in Dubai will guide you in setting up and expanding your business in the Emirate 

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What are the legalities for setting up a business in Dubai?

The legalities for setting up a business in Dubai differ on the type of business and the location. Generally, businesses need to register with the Department of Economic Development, obtain a trade license, and lease office space. Foreign investors also need a local partner or sponsor to hold most of the company.

What are the business entities in Dubai?

Dubai has several business entities, including limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and branches of foreign companies.

What are the tax implications of doing business in Dubai?

Dubai has a favorable tax policy, with no corporate or personal income tax, no value-added tax (VAT) on many goods and services, and no customs duties on imports or exports. However, businesses still need to comply with tax laws in their home country.

What are the business opportunities in Dubai?

Dubai offers business opportunities in several industries, including tourism, healthcare, logistics, and technology. The government has also launched initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

What is the cost of starting a business in Dubai?

The cost of doing business in Dubai varies on many factors, such as the type of business, location, and size. However, Dubai is generally considered affordable compared to other global business hubs.