Everything About Opening a Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE

by Zaara 15, Dec 2021

Everything About Opening a Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE

Digital Marketing spending is supposed to amount to $375 billion by 2021, globally. Last year, digital marketing spending in the US and Britain rose to $52 billion. That has put global marketing spend at around $100 billion. If you see the numbers, clearly this is a vast market. And it is only getting bigger.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the pattern is much the same as the digital marketing industry seeing annual growth of anywhere between 25% and 40% according to the estimates. Such a significant increase presents enormous opportunities to those in the region with the marketing skill and much-needed determination to run a successful business in this space. If that sounds like you, there are several considerations to keep in mind when you start your digital marketing agency in Dubai.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Firm in Dubai?

If you want to be your boss and run your digital marketing agency in Dubai, we can help you. Opening a digital marketing firm in Dubai can be one of the most rewarding businesses you will ever create. Here are the steps to open your business in Dubai -

Step 1

Choose and register your company name, making sure that it complies with the UAE’s naming criteria. You cannot include any offensive or profane language, nor any references to Allah or Islam in your company name. If you wish to have your name in your business name, you must use it in full rather than just your surname or initials. You must also check that your chosen name is available to be registered.

Step 2

Choose where you want to set up your business, i.e. either in mainland or free zone. If you choose a free zone, it provides various advantages like full customs tax exemption, no currency restrictions and full repatriation of capital and profits. Mainland companies cannot take advantage of all of the benefits offered by free zones. Still, they are permitted to trade directly with the local UAE market without a service agent and can also take on government contracts – both free zone businesses cannot do.

In most cases, particularly for digital marketing businesses, it is most cost-effective to establish a company in a Dubai free zone rather than opting for the mainland.

Step 3

Apply for a business license in Dubai. If you’ve decided that Dubai Mainland is a better base for your business, you’ll need to make your application directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Most of this procedure takes place online. Alternatively, if you have decided on a free zone company setup, you can make your application directly to your chosen free zone. As free zones are self-regulated, you require additional approvals to trade, making the process faster and more efficient. This is one reason why free zone company setup is often the most affordable and straightforward method of starting a business in Dubai.

Step 4

Apply for opening a corporate bank account. Dubai is home to a wide range of banking institutions, both local banks and international brands. However, bank account opening can be a complicated procedure for foreign business owners, so it is best to make your application with the help of a specialist who is well-versed in the process and its requirements.

Why Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Dubai is a strategic location that allows easy access to vast markets of the world for trade, Free Trade Zones that do not require any local sponsorship, 0% taxation on personal and corporate income and a straightforward business incorporation process–to name a few.

Apart from this, as mentioned above, the digital marketing industry brings many opportunities to an entrepreneur. And if you have a good understanding of digital marketing – from SEO to PPC to analytics to Keyword research– and nothing else. Apart from a few necessary tools such as laptops, a good internet connection and a killer web presence.

Digital marketing is a hyper-competitive space where you have to make sure that you are easily found. If you tell your potential clients that you will help them stand out in the (digital realm) crowd, then it is only logical that your business does so as well.

How can we help?

Our consultants at Commitbiz can help you with opening a Digital Marketing firm in Dubai. Starting a digital marketing agency is as simple as pie, provided, you are willing to do it right now. We ensure that you have a great start of your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE with our vast experience.

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What is the growth rate of internet users in the UAE?


Where would be a beneficial place to open a digital marketing agency in the UAE?

  • Dubai 

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Sharjah

How will opening a digital marketing agency will benefit the business?

 There are zero restrictions on currency and capital repatriation freedom.  

How many jobs are been created in the digital marketing fields?

There has been a rise of 71%.

What is the expected growth in digital ads by 2024?

42% of revenue will be generated.

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