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Dubai To Have Its Own Legoland Hotel

by Zaara 02, Jan 2020

DXB Entertainments, the company that owns the famous Dubai Parks and Resorts, is teaming up with Merlin Enterprises, the company that handles the operations of places with massive visitor attractions like Madame Tussauds, LEGOLAND THEME PARKS are on their way to open the Dubai LEGOLAND Hotel in UAE's which is the 7th under the company.


Becoming a boon for the hotel business setup in Dubai, LEGOLAND is a theme park chain focused on family entertainment whose main theme is based on the toy LEGO. Merlin Entertainments operate all the LEGOLAND PARKS and RESORTS. These parks are meant for children aged from 3-12. 

There are various attractions in these parks, including roller coasters which are not too extreme, and these parks have laid a greater emphasis on rides suitable for children. It also focuses on Education and Learning, and various parks have rides or areas where gardens, driving schools, boating schools, and fire academies exist, thereby giving a wholesome experience to its visitors. 

The rides are made to appear as though they were built using LEGO bricks. The driving school, for example, is a popular ride where children can drive tiny electric cars that give mock driving licenses after completion.

While Dubai has its own LEGO-based THEME PARK known as LEGOLAND Dubai, which is said to have over 40 rides, while the LEGOLAND Water Park has 20 slides, the Hotel is under development and is expected to be up and running by mid-2020. The said Hotel is to be built around 300,000 square feet. 

This will mean that guests at the park will have sufficient accommodation as the Hotel is said to have 250 rooms with toys in the room as well. The already existing LEGOLAND HOTEL rooms have a disposition of different themes from pirates, castles, and medieval themes with artistic structures with great detail. It is also said to have a disco elevator as well. 

The Dubai Parks and Resorts welcomed over 750,000 visitors during the first quarter of 2019. This new one-of-a-kind Hotel in UAE is most likely to be packed during the vacation period.

What Will the Dubai Legoland Hotel Look Like?

Although no photos have been released, DXB Entertainments released an artistic sketch of the upcoming Hotel. The candy-colored Hotel is most likely to attract a lot of visitors. At the entrance, Oli, the smoke-breathing Lego Dragon, is said to welcome its guests from its tower.

This is good news for the visitors as they won't have to book accommodation around LEGOLAND Dubai but can stay in the Hotel which is attached to the LEGOLAND Theme Park. The guests of the Hotel will have various discounts and added benefits if they are to visit the theme park.

"We will have more than 1,300 hotel rooms available by 2020, as the Rove Hotel opened in 2019 and Legoland Hotel opened in 2020," said Mohamed Almulla who is the CEO and MD of DXB Entertainments

There are three other theme parks in the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex, so visitors of the LEGOLAND Hotel will have a wide choice of experiences to choose from, like Hollywood-inspired Motion gate and Bollywood parks Dubai whose rides are based on Bollywood movies.

The need to accommodate various tourists from all over the world is in demand, and this would make such attraction places in Dubai an ideal destination to start a multi-cuisine eatery catering to all ages.

The Future of Hospitality is Bright with the Dubai Legoland

The report also said that this boom will be a boon to the hospitality business in Dubai, UAE and will provide a significant boost for hoteliers. The forecast was made using the existing data available with respect to admissions to Ferrari World, Water World, and other theme parks.

"Theme parks are a new addition to the tourism landscape here in the GCC, and it's important that destinations are positioned to take full advantage of the benefits they can bring." Said Simon Press, Senior exhibition director.

He further added, "Theme parks are a new addition to the tourism landscape here in the GCC, and it's important that destinations are positioned to take full advantage of the benefits they can bring. This is the UAE's chance to position itself as a major leisure destination on a global scale, and there are many businesses in the tourism and leisure industries that should position themselves to take advantage of this. With more attractions than ever before, the UAE, and particularly Dubai, are making clear progress towards achieving their tourist arrival targets."

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Which company owns the Dubai Parks and Resorts?

DXB Entertainments owns it.

Who operates all the Legoland Parks and Resorts?

Merlin Entertainments operates them.

How many rides are there in the Park Legoland Dubai?

 It has over 40 rides.

How many slides does the Legoland Water Park has?

It has 20 slides.

How many overnight visitors were welcomed by Dubai during 2018?

15.92 million.

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