Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus - Stimulating Innovations and Start-ups

by Zaara 30, Nov 2021

The Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Campus (Dtec) was started by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA). It is a government-owned industry which is based on modern technology splurging the in-house business services and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

All about the Dtec

The Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Campus (Dtec) is attracting hundreds of start-ups around the world. It is the largest technology campus based on entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

Dtec is the home to Startupbootcamp, Intel center, intelak incubator, around 800 start-ups, and many other tech resources.

The second phase for the Intel Innovation center has been recently disclosed, with all the succeeding technologies counting artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Insights and Perks of the Dtec

To embrace hundreds of start-ups from around the world and provide a home for innovations in technology to build an innovative ecosystem, the Dtec is creatively designed to host all the new ventures, technology entrepreneurs, and SMEs from different parts of the world.

This enables the propagation of ideas, innovation, and creativity in work.

The workspace proffers some amenities for the budding ideas in the ecosystem, including meeting spaces, high-speed internet, corporate lab spaces, game rooms, free beverages, plenty of parking, onsite cafes, complete business setups, storage lockers, and access to workshops and events.

Opportunities for Start-ups

Dubai has always welcomed new ventures and has been open to innovations and ideas to revolutionize traditional entrepreneurship to overcome new challenges.

The key source of innovation is start-ups, as seen in Dubai. The main reason being the progressive solutions that the start-ups add to the market.

As seen in years, Dubai's economy has a massive impact on the start-up culture that has reinforced the entire innovation and tech ecosystem in Dubai.

Expo 2020 Developing Opportunities in Dubai

The Expo 2020 is seen as a significant event to bolster the falling economy of Dubai since the COVID-19 pandemic, so aligning the startups with it and creating competition will build future opportunities for Dubai and its start-ups.

This idea is viewed to position Dubai as a leader in innovation, as quoted by H. E. Al Shirawi, according to a press release.

The technology hub in Dubai was optimistic about the growth of the tech ecosystem because of the Dubai Expo 2020 organized to be held in the coming months.

The investment manager at Dtec, Julien Plouzeau, also said that the tech hub expects the window of opportunities to open after the Dubai Expo 2020.

Expectations from Expo 2020

Soon after Dubai had won the Expo for the year 2020, considerable beliefs in people started to germinate regarding the expansion of the tech ecosystem.

Plouzeau quoted in a blog on Dtec’s website that the year 2020 is seen to break records and build new ones.

The year 2020 is seen to dig out several new colors from the rainbow of innovation and contribute to Dubai's economy and growth.

2019 also turned out to be a promising year when it comes to investments and start-ups. A total funding of $704 million was made through 564 transactions, out of which 23% was directly from UAE itself.

Due to the uplift in fundings last year, a lot has been expected from 2020 in terms of grants and more.

It is anticipated that 2020 will continue to elevate the velocity based on the inflow of assets.

Also, more determined and innovative entrepreneurs are envisioned for the role in 2020.

It is foreseen that soon, this start-up ecosystem will take off to be a mature ecosystem with deeper roots of stability and room for innovations.

If you are looking forward to starting a new venture in Dubai, it might turn out as an excellent opportunity for you.

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