Why Companies need a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

by Zaara 21, Aug 2016

Why Companies need a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

Dubai is perhaps one of the friendliest countries for doing business. But one also requires clarity, knowledge, and understanding about the marketplace, economic scenario and the procedures of starting a business in the country. The best way to ensure you start out right is to hire a reliable and experienced business consultant who can assist you with the business set up the process from start to finish. This way you can also avoid making mistakes that could cost your company a fortune.

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Dubai Business Setup Consultant

Following are the top reasons why one must partner with an established business consultancy in Dubai:

1.For Expert Guidance

It’s true you have the knowledge required to set up your business in Dubai, but you will need a qualified consultant with extensive skills and experience to guide you through the whole process. Somebody who has an inside-out perspective of establishing a business in Dubai. Somebody who is updated about market changes and has real-time knowledge about the industry, legal formalities, and business rules and regulations in the country.

2.To Save Time, Money and Effort

A consultant well versed in setting up businesses in the UAE will ensure your business complies with all the legal and financial rules and regulations of the country. This will save you the time and the hassle of doing the tedious paperwork, leaving you to focus on more pertinent business issues. Instead of spending time educating yourself about the various types of forms and applications and then figuring out which category you fit in, a consultant will present you with various options applicable to your type of business, so you mitigate unnecessary risks that could lead you to pay hefty fines later on and make a well-informed decision.

3.To Guide you with Legal and Financial Formalities

The UAE has strict laws and regulations relating to business activities. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to hire a consultancy, especially for legal and financial guidance. A single misstep could lead to serious implications like paying heavy fines or facing legal charges. Sometimes, these issues may crop up long after you have set up your company. A consultant can protect you from these problems by recommending the right type of business/legal license and guide you with correct funding or investment choices so you comply with every legal and financial rule right from the beginning.

4.To Help you Find the Right Location and Assist with Company Registration

A consultant can give you a piece of invaluable advice on where to set up your business. An offshore company, a mainland business or a free zone business, a consultant can provide excellent advice on what is better suited for your type of business and how to go about setting it up in those areas. Consultants can help you with company registration and legal formalities, help you network with the industry peers and even open bank accounts on your behalf.

5.Finding Trustworthy Connections & Business Partner

Another important thing to highlight is, that a reliable and credible consulting firm will be able to identify a trustworthy local partner for your business. A company like Commitbiz here, for example, goes a step beyond and can even offer you a corporate sponsorship for a Mainland company giving you a higher sense of financial freedom and security since the Partner is a corporate and not an individual.


The points mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg of the sheer volume of things you would have to take care of while setting up your business in Dubai. Clearly, hiring an established business consultancy is a smart choice and can prove to be highly advantageous for companies or entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their businesses in Dubai.

So now you know why you should hire an experienced business consultancy for getting started in Dubai. Here are the services we give consultation on –

  • Business incorporation
  • Office space requirements
  • Local sponsorship
  • VAT
  • Taxation
  • PRO
  • Visa

Do contact us today to know more about how we can help you set up your concern in Dubai and anywhere else in the UAE.

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