Benefits of Free Zone Company In Dubai

by Zaara 22, Aug 2017

Starting a business in the UAE is a relatively quick and hassle-free procedure. However, many business people are hesitant about setting up a business in the UAE. This is because incorporating a business in the UAE requires a citizen of the UAE to own 51% of the company, which is generally referred to as a partner or sponsor. 

To ease this, UAE has developed the idea of free zones. It has opened up many free zones, which help quickly set up a business and attract companies worldwide. This, in turn, helps the country’s economy and increases business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Free Zone Dubai

The Emirates of Dubai has continuously segmented itself into various zones dedicated to specific businesses based on core business activities. Being a tax-free region, Dubai-free zones grab the attention of international investors at a faster pace. Today, Dubai holds more than thirty free zones diverging itself into all possible corners. 

  • The government has established various free zones in the UAE to attract more foreign trade investment, each regulated by its free zone authority. 

  • Free zones are allowed to draft company laws independent of the UAE (or mainland) company laws.

  • Foreign companies are permitted to own their business in a free zone completely. 

  • Out of the forty-plus free zones in UAE, most free trade zones are located in Dubai as it acts as a commercial and financial hub of UAE.

Therefore, starting a business in Dubai is effortless, especially in free zone areas offering many benefits. 

Dubai Free Trade Zone Benefits

Dubai free zone company formation offers the following benefits

Full Foreign Ownership

One of the most evident benefits of forming a free zone company in the UAE is that complete foreign ownership is possible. This means the foreign investor need not find a UAE national sponsor for company formation. The foreign person owns the entire company and has no use for any local sponsor. Foreign ownership is possible irrespective of the nationality of the investor.

No Currency Restrictions

Currency regulations are currency-related restrictions imposed by the government on the transaction of foreign currencies. There are no currency regulations of any kind in UAE free zones, so there is no restriction on using any currency, thus making the transaction process easier for foreign businessmen.

Import/Export Exemption

Import and Export duties do not apply to the free zone jurisdictions in the UAE. This will be a huge factor in saving costs and will attract import and export businesses. This helps in promoting international trade and maintaining relations with different countries.

Full Repatriation of Capital and Profits

The companies are eligible for full repatriation benefits. And this includes profits and financial assets. This means that the foreign person is qualified to take all the gains made in the business to his home country.

Easy Labour Recruitment

The Free zone companies can conduct labor recruitment formalities efficiently and cost-effectively. The companies are allowed to recruit foreign nationals.

Hassle-Free Company Incorporation

The free zone company incorporation procedures are straightforward. You may accomplish the licensing guidelines in a few days compared to other jurisdictions making the setup process a whole lot easier.

Easy Immigration Process

Immigration facilities connected with UAE Free zones are efficient and therefore save time.

There are various other benefits too, which include the following:

  • 100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains

  • Exemption from corporate tax for 15 years, with an additional renewal option for 15 years

  • No capital deposit required

  • Easy access to air, rail, and road transport systems

  • Ready consumer market across MENA and Asia regions

  • Provision of world-class infrastructure with an efficient communication system

  • Low start-up and operational cost

Dubai Free Zone Visa Benefits – In a Nutshell

  • Freedom of doing business, substantial tax savings, and a robust infrastructure lead investors and business people to set up their operations in Dubai-free zones.

  • Exploring options that a Free Zone provides for businesses can lead to finding new and better growth opportunities. 

  • The free zone helps speed up business activities and attracts companies looking to invest their capital in entrepreneurial enterprises. 

  • Apart from this, benefits of free zone companies in Dubai. Though each free zone provides unique benefits, there is a handful of common benefits like the one mentioned above. 

Dubai free zone visa benefits for employees 

Free zones offer the most fertile ground for setting up businesses, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, duty and tax exemptions, world-class business amenities, flexible government policies, and unmatched facilities. But if you think it stops with that, we have some good news for you. It benefits the employers and shows the employees so many benefits.

Free Certificate

Any employee after termination can receive a certificate that states their character, employment details, etc. This helps them to find new jobs easily and increases their credibility.


Specific free zone provides them with compensation money after their employment termination.


For employees working in free zones, gratuity payment is allocated according to the general rules.

Air Tickets

Most free zones have this rule of providing employees with to-and-fro air tickets to their homes at least once per year or, if not, provide them with air tickets to homes after termination.

How can we Help?

Free zones in Dubai provide multiple investment opportunities to investors and offer them the flexibility to select a business entity that fits their unique business needs and objectives. 

Commitbiz Business Setup Consultants, Dubai, has the expertise and resources to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it’s just for friendly advice.


How many freezones are there in Dubai?

There are more than 30 freezones in Dubai.

Why set up a company in Dubai freezone?

It is ideal for market entry as it has a physical presence in the UAE through office space and visas without the need for a local sponsor.

Are freezones exempted from audit preparations?

Certain Free zone jurisdictions are exempted from Audit preparation. Certain Free zone entities like FZE and FZCO should prepare a year-end audit.

Are virtual offices allowed in the UAE freezone?


Do freezones have Import and Export duty taxes?

Import and Export duties are not applicable to the free zone jurisdictions in the UAE. This helps in promoting international trade.