All you must know about Renting an Office Space in Dubai

by Zaara 05, Jan 2021

Your office is much more than a collection of cubicles. As entrepreneurs, the office spaces for rent in Dubai you choose are incredibly crucial to your business. Not only does the location and type of property affect your day to day operations, but it also affects your brand image.

Setting up a new business in Dubai involves renting an office space. Be it Dubai Mainland Limited Liability Company or Free Zone Company, a physical presence is mandatory. Getting office space for rent is necessary for most of the trade licenses in the region.

Office Space Options in Dubai

The type of office you require will depend on several factors like -

  1. Are you registered in a free zone?
  2. Do you need room to expand?
  3. Do you need any inclusive services?
  4. How long a lease do you need?
  5. Do you need to be in a particular location? And so on.

Once these questions are answered, the next step involves choosing one of the many office spaces options.

Serviced Office

A serviced office in Dubai is owned and managed by a third party. These types of offices give entrepreneurs everything that they need to run their business. It includes- desks, phone, internet access, reception cover, etc. in return for a monthly sum that usually makes up part of the rent. A serviced office is one of the most economical ways to achieve a professional and sleek office presence.

Free Zone Office

The free zone offices are located within a free zone. Most free zones need businesses set up there to take an office space of some kind based on your activity, visa eligibility, and licensing jurisdiction. If you have employees, there are also rules concerning the minimum amount of space you are obliged to rent.

Onshore Office

For onshore businesses – those not located within a free zone – there are many more options open. Just like serviced offices, onshore companies can pick from mixed-use dwellings (buildings with residential and commercial tenants), shell and core (empty offices that require fitting and decorating), and sublets.

Basic Guidelines to Choose your Office Space in Dubai

Here are a few things you must know before choosing an ideal office space for your business in Dubai.

  • Location - The location of your office serves best in regards to convenience and approachability. Before you rent business centres in Dubai, you must check the accessibility of the location and the contributory it would serve.
  • Connectivity - An office must be centrally located and conveniently connected to other parts of the city. It is also essential that the office is close to banks, airports, metro, shops, malls, etc.
  • Services - An office space must include a wide range of services right from Wi-Fi and internet services; conference and meeting rooms; reception and administrational assistance; to the pantry and free beverages; etc.
  • Cost - Cost is an essential factor as your business is new; the cost-cutting is a crucial part of sustaining in the market. But worry not, renting business centres in Dubai is much cheaper than getting a self-owned office space on rent. Infrastructure, furniture, and several other such services are facilitated. Thus you could just walk-in and get down to business from day one.

Why Choose Commitbiz for Office Spaces in Dubai?

Acquiring an office space for rent in Dubai is difficult for someone who has lesser knowledge about the laws and regulations in Dubai, or for someone who has many tasks to complete for their business. Also, leasing or renting an office in Dubai requires entrepreneurs to undergo a chaotic routine of certifications, approvals, and logistics.

That is where we come into the picture. We have designed our offices, keeping in mind the needs of a typical professional. So all-encompassing is our office that you can step in and get to work right away. Our business centers in Dubai are equipped with the following facilities:

  • Fully-furnished office space
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free pantry and coffee machine
  • IT support
  • Reserved parking
  • Shared printer and fax machine (100 pages/month complimentary printout)
  • Meeting rooms (8 hours per room per month complimentary) and much more.

Contact us today for more information.


What are the office facilities offered by DAFZA?

The office facilities offered by DAFZA are, 

  • Flexi-desk space

  • Executive office

  • Storage areas

  •  Warehouses

Who issues a license for setting up an onshore company?

The Dubai Economic Development

Who was eligible for renting commercial office space in Dubai?

A person who has a valid trade license in Dubai is eligible for renting a commercial office space in Dubai.

How many visas were allowed for a company operating on the Flexi desk?

Up to three visas were allowed for a company operating on the Flexi desk.

How many visas were permitted for a company with a serviced office?

Up to five visas were allowed for a company with a serviced office.