All About Trade License in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Oct 2022

trade license in dubai

UAE is a country filled with opportunities for people of all odds yet more leverage is given particularly to the entrepreneurs. This makes UAE the most sought-after country for business people. 

The structure holds a decorum with different operational zones for different kinds of activities that help in setting up a stable and profitable business. These characteristics are a blessing for anybody who owns a business and no wonder people love to set up a business in UAE

Holding a Trade license in Dubai gives you the power to start your trading business. Investors who wish to start their venture in UAE, especially in Dubai, would have to undergo several procedures and one of the foremost is a license. Every business is classified under different licenses for a seamless process. 

Different Trade License Zone Dubai 

Trade License Zone Dubai is of three types and they are,

Dubai Mainland Trade License -

Dubai Mainland Trade License requires various approvals by different government entities and also a local sponsor. Mainland business set up in Dubai is one of the most powerful business setups. 

Freezone Trade License Dubai - 

Freezone trade license Dubai requires authorization from the specific free zone in Dubai

Offshore Trade License Dubai

An offshore company setup requires an offshore incorporation certificate as it cannot operate within the nation and 

Let Us Look at the Types of Trade License in Dubai

The following are the types of trade licenses in Dubai 


Trade License Dubai Fees

Trade License Dubai fees depend on the activity and the location you choose. A mainland may fall on the pricier side whereas a free zone can be cost-effective. 

Dubai Trade License Activities

When it comes to Dubai trade license activities, having a license includes export, import, and trading of clothes, furniture, accessories, electronics, and other goods and products. The wholesale business also falls under the general trade license. 

If you own a trading license, you are eligible to trade both inside Dubai and to other emirates as well. At the same time, goods like alcohol, medicines, etc. require permission from a specific authority. 

To apply for a trade license, you need to provide several documents on time and without any confusion, for easy approval.

Advantages of Getting a Trader License Dubai 

The increasing demand for business set up in Dubai clears the logic on how beneficial it would be. The taxation policies, systematic setup, technological advancements, global trade opportunities, and whatnot.  Owning a trader license in Dubai can present you with so many included benefits.

Immense trading opportunities

With a trading license in hand, your local and global trade prospects increase, thereby strengthening your profit and relations


Fewer trade restriction Generally, Dubai has only a very few trade restriction practices and if you own a license you can be worry-free about the restrictions.
Build Reputation  Having a solid license amidst fraudulence, will boost your status in the market and brings trust to your brand
Dependency becomes easy This can be considered one of the major benefits of owning a trade license. It becomes easy to sponsor dependents and make smoothen their visa processes— be it, employees or family members
Time - saving Dubai trade license takes much less time for approval compared to any other business license in UAE. With the right documents and procedures, your license is easily approved
Friendly tax regulations Dubai being an almost tax-free state, unlike other countries that impose various taxes, lets you enjoy your complete revenue 


With all the details, you would now be clear on the aspects of acquiring a trade license. But when you enter into the approach is when you will realize that it is not child’s play and you need experts to work on it. We are here to smoothen your process and give you a back seat while we take care of all the back-breaking procedures. We are experts at all the possible business set-up activities. Have ideas for business —be it your debut or a huge expansion— contact us and we will help you from the scratch.


How long is a trade license in Dubai valid?

For one year and is renewable.

How long does a Dubai trade license approval take?

It depends on the approvals required but typically it takes any time from 3 days to 4 weeks.

How long will it take to set up a trading business in Dubai?

It depends on the type of activity, the zone you choose, and most importantly, how able the consultant you choose is.

How many activities does a license allow?

A maximum of 10.

Is trading business in Dubai profitable?

Yes, Dubai is strategically placed which is very suitable for trading.

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