Ajman Strategic Plan for Tourism

by Zaara 17, Feb 2022

Recognized as one of the United Arab Emirates' smallest but strongest emirates, the Ajman area is located along the Persian Gulf, contributing a significant portion to the nation's growth. The oil economy supports the region, which in 2018 added over 90 percent. Understanding the need to exploit the non-oil market, the Government of the United Arab Emirates has intended to improve the non-oil segment in order to leverage its contribution to the nation's growth in line with the Ajman Government. Ajman 2021 is one of the required measures that have been initiated.

Ajman is the right place for you if you are looking to grow your business entity or to incorporate a business in the UAE. Before that, however, let's look at the Ajman 2021 framework and what it holds for the investors and owners of the venture.

The Move: Ajman 2021

The UAE government has been focusing on Ajman to uplift the Emirate and establish a well-regulated system that would increase business investors' chances of coming forward and investing in the place. One of the game-changing moves that will involve the following tactics is the Ajman 2021 move:

  • Building a culture of happiness and cohesion
  • Revolutionize the Ajman region as a Green Economy
  • To uplift the Emirate and synchronise the plans with UAE Vision 2021
  • Develop smart policies with applicable laws and frameworks
  • To reinforce the departments of the Ajman Government

The implementation of the above-mentioned strategic movements will allow the Emirate to develop and establish itself as one of the world's best performing business areas. The Ajman 2021 central emphasis takes the following industries into account:

  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Outsourcing Business Activities
  • Media

The above-mentioned measures have already been placed in motion, and thus it turns out to be one of the possibilities for business investors to come forward and invest in Ajman.

Ajman Strategic Plan for Tourism 2015 – 2021

The Ajman Strategic Plan for Tourism's primary objective is to concentrate on the growth of tourism in the Emirates. This strategic planning will concentrate more on creating productive partnerships that will allow new and creative ideas to expand. In developing Ajman as the destination of choice for tourists of all kinds, the Strategic Plan will support.

The Ajman Strategic Tourism Plan's goal is to grow and maintain its tourism sector in order to become the preferred destination for all types of tourists through successful strategic partnerships and ongoing innovation.

  • It will be focused on:
  • Improving the experience of customers and delivering value-added services
  • Improving sustainability and growth
  • Effectiveness of service
  • Workforce motivated in an innovative work environment
  • Fair investments and optimum financial capital investment.

Ajman 2021

  • A happy society that leads to the development of a green economy funded by
  • In accordance with the Spirit of the Union by a distinguished nation.

A Society Pleasure

A positive spirit and mindset, a cohesive community, proud of its history and traditions, and responsible contact with elements of its environment. Members of society are informed, optimistic and participate actively in the achievement of a comprehensive and sustainable growth.

Green Economy

An active economic movement that contributes to the promotion of sustainable development with a view to achieving prosperity in different areas. In order to protect natural resources and contribute to social standards, the green economy responds in a responsible and wise way. It opens broad horizons to accept information- and technology-empowered national energies. Modern and robust governance policies and incentives should help the Green Economy.

Distinguished Government

The actions of the government in Ajman are successful and represent the demands of society and the business climate. The departments of the Ajman government are headed by qualified national cadres with experience and ambition. The government departments of Ajman provide programmes that are consistent with recent changes and the attractiveness of the sector. Their options are wisely crafted and plans are cleverly drowned out.

The Union Spirit

The Ajman Emirate's comprehensive development plans are in line with the vision and national agenda of the UAE. Local government functions are complementary to the position of the Union of the UAE. Local rules, legislation and policies also comply with the Constitution of the UAE and administrative laws.

In the Ajman area, there has been a big increase in theme parks, cultural attractions and medical tourism, which has led to the creation and development of more space for growing footfalls. The Ajman understood that the growth of the hospitality industry would help the country's economy and has provided different tourism incentives, such as a growing quality of service, the renovation of old venues and the growth of new infrastructure.

For the entire economy of the country, the arrival of a more substantial number of tourists is a piece of good news as the number of tourists means more input of funds into the marketplace. This rise in funds will contribute to the country's growth and development, and will also help to expand services and enhance infrastructure so that more visitors can be drawn.

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